Thursday, March 8, 2007

MAGAZINE article: Hacken is well supported by many well-known individuals

24th February 2007

Jacky Cheung held 2 concerts in Las Vegas, although bringing his wife and children over to celebrate the Lunar New Year together, but there was no sight of all three ladies throughout the journey. Conversely, Hacken Lee, who was also at Vegas having a show also brought his wife, Emily Lo along, but the couple mixed both work and pleasure - after the concert, both of them went to a casino to try their luck.

On Wednesday night, (21st Feb 2007), Hacken was a guest at a special Lunar New Year concert held at Wynn Hotel. This concert was mainly opened to VIPs and his fees for the concert went up to a six-figure sum.

At three in the afternoon, Hacken reached the venue for a rehearsal pulling a rather long face, apparently not being in a very good mood. Later, when there were problems with the sound system which affected his performance, Hacken was quite disgruntled and was using his fingers to point at the technicians.

Couple plays at Jackpot Machine

Immediately after the show, Hacken accompanied his wife to the casino. Although it was very warm seeing both of them playing together, but throughout the time they were there, Emily looked rather fierce - perhaps they were losing money?

[source:] [translated by Gillian]
[hmm...u can't trust everything u read from the HK magazines, but i wouldn't be surprised if hacken was a little cranky, because of jetlag. at least he and emily got 2 spend some time together, like a mini-vacation! hacken said in a message at his website that he did go see 2 shows, Le Reve and Zumanity. i THINK he also went to the NBA All-Star game, cuz he got a picture taken with magic johnson!! =P -kate]

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