Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hacken and Joey modestly said it is difficult to sing well

2007 March 22

"Music Exhibition" Opens, Industry people takes the opportunity

The 2nd annual "Hong Kong Music Exhibition" held the opening ceremony yesterday, Guests of Honor include:
Civil administration affairs office bureau chief, Ho Ji Ping
People's Republic of China cultural market department vice-director, Cheung Sang Kin
Legislature congressman, Fok Jun Ting,
Hong Kong trade development bureau assistant President, Yip Jak Si,
The Hong Kong and Taiwan assistant broadcasts department head, Tai Kin Man
International record industry association (Hong Kong Branch), Hung Dic,
Hong Kong Music Exhibition Committee President, Ng Yu
Singers include: Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Fiona Sit, Hins Cheung, Twins.

The 3 days event "Hong Kong Music Exhibition" Will be able to assist the field to develop the cross media music opportunity, exhibiting a variety of commemorative pieces.

The exhibition theme includes, popular music, tv, movies, chinese opera, broadway musicals, among them includes: Anita Mui, Sam Hui, and other artists' stage clothes; There is also the past Wong Ka Kui's guitar, Yam Bak's Classic Albums, Danny Chan's music sheet for "Tears fall for you."


The committee also invited 10 singers to record "Gold Songs Medley" Limited Edition AVCD, the songs include top hits from other singers, as a salute to the music industry, this medley will also be broadcasted in the mainland. a portion of the singers were present on stage to share their feelings, and they all feel very lucky and fortunate to take part. Hacken will be performing Anita Mui's "Years Rolling like a stream," Hacken feels that when you have to sing someone's song it is very difficult, it is like a good opportunity in front of you, I think many singers feel the same way, although they hope to perform with some of their personality in it, but the song has already made a strong impression on the audience, so it is hard to wipe that away from them, therefore, Hacken will sing this song with a reflection of Anita Mui's personality.

~ Wen Wei Pao] [translated by Jane]
[wow, i'm glad fiona and hins also got to sang parts of the song!! it will probably a very good song, since so many good singers took part in singing it! this must be the song Vivian was talking about at the forum! -kate]

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