Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hacken "blows snow, raising smelly feet"

2007 March 21

Alan cheats, Pang Kin Sang says foul word,
Nat, hosting game show, gives goods to buddies

TVB's new show, "Olympic plays smart Pre-game" was recorded last night, the host, Nat gives goods to buddies, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Pang Kin Sang, Kenny Bee, who were playing for 1 carat diamond prize. Although in the end no one won the prize, but 10 guests each received $10,000 cash prize. All the guests played seriously---Alan was a bad role model because he was cheating, Pang Kin Sang used a foul word, "Till"; Nat echoed him using "Dill" (vulture). It is a good thing that it is a pre-recorded show, the foul words part will be cut.

The show's played by the guests being split up into two groups, besides question and answer, they also played bow & arrow, basketball, and airgun. When Alan played basketball he was cheating, he wanted to rush forward to put the ball in the basket so he used his hand to block Nat, eventually making one in the basket. Nat laughs and says that Alan's first name is "Mau" (Which means cheater). During question and answer, Pang Kin Sang gives a wrong answer and says a foul word "Till". Ng Ka Lok copies a posture from Felix Wong Yat Wah in "Legend of the Condor Heroes". Nat comments that what Felix did is like the vulture, but what Ka Lok did only one word "Dill".

After the show, Alan laughs that Pang Kin Sang rarely says foul words, but this time he really says it quite well, is the correct Cantonese pronounciation! But Pang Kin Sang denies that he said a foul word, even if it is wrong, he is only saying the english word "Till."

~ Ming Pao] [translated by Jane]
[haha, they R all so competitive!! at least every1 won some $!! i like hacken's outfit! -kate]

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Haha..they all are very funny!
Hmm...this article didnt mention much about Hacken.