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Charmaine Learns to Cook for Hacken in 'Lady Iron Chef'

[source: TVBSpace News Roundup, http://tvbspace.blogspot.com/, pics from Apple Daily and Tom.com] [translated by Em]

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/02/07]

Charmaine Learns to Cook for Hacken in 'Lady Iron Chef'

Movie "Lady Iron Chef" will be released in the second batch of new year films in Hong Kong on 8th March and this film stars Hacken Lee, Charmaine Sheh, Yumiko Cheng, Yuen Chau, Wong Jing and Liu Yang. In the film, Hacken plays the heir to a restaurant business and after a kidnapping, he manages to escape when he is rescued by Mongkok girl Charmaine. As Hacken's character is a rich boy, he grows tired of this life and he decides to experience life in the working classes.

In one scene, Hacken pleads with Charmaine to stay at her home overnight and originally she is very unwilling, but Hacken tempts her with $300,000, so she agrees and makes him some instant noodles, but as Charmaine cannot cook, they end up in quite a mess. In real life, Charmaine says that after filming this movie, she has decided to learn how to cook for real because Hacken keeps laughing at her, saying that if she cannot cook, then she will never marry. He also gave her the nickname of "Cook from Hell", so as a result, she has decided to learn to cook and clear her name.


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Hacken Lee: A soccer fan’s diary of TV productions (2006 TVB magazine article)

[THANKS, Hianez for the translation of this long article!! i haven't even read it cuz it's so long, but scrolled thru it to edit (spelling or grammar, typos)/bold/italize stuff and i REALLY ENJOYED SEEING ALL THE 'how awesome is he'S !!! haha. hacken is really AWESOME!! (**click on the scans above to see the FULL SIZE pics!**all magazine articles, do that 2 make sure u see the big pics. ALSO, IN THE REGULAR NEWS pics, MAKE SURE U CLICK ON IT 2 KNOW IF U'RE SEEING THE FULL VERSION!) -kate]

[Sources: TVB Magazine, Issue 460 (Pages 54 to 58), scans from www.leehacken.com]

2006 April 11

Hacken Lee: A soccer fan’s diary of TV productions

The World Cup which occurs once every 4 years is kicking off soon. This has stirred up the World Cup fever in Hong Kong. This year’s host for the World Cup programme is the Most Welcomed Male Singer, Hacken Lee. Why him? Besides the fact that he is a soccer fan, and can even forget about eating when it comes to soccer, it’s also because of the word, “Awesome”.

How “Awesome” is he? Before the World Cup, Hacken has decided to reminisce his past productions with TVB, to let us know that his performance has always been “Awesome”. So with him as the host, it’s the most “Awesome” choice. For this month, the theme for TVB’s Classical Channel is The Month of Hacken Lee. The channel will be broadcasting Master of Martial Arts, A Life of His Own and many more of his series. Till then, we will be able to see if Hacken Lee is really “Awesome”.

Awesome teenager:

When Hacken Lee first entered the entertainment circle, he gave people the impression that he’s just a young lad. The roles he played were centered on student and university graduate.

1988 Teenagers No More – Starred as Mai Ka Yong

What is the show about?
It is about how a group of teenagers face studies, relationships, family and other problems.

Awesome lover:

Having grown up, getting involved in love and relationships is inevitable. Besides having Miss Hong Kong as his girlfriend, the ladies who acted as Hacken Lee’s lover were either the queen of the entertainment or the best actresses. It’s true indeed that he’s Awesome as well when it comes to going steady.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says”This as the first time I was filming a drama series. I was a newbie and I don’t know about a lot of things. I only remembered that the whole bunch of us teenagers had laughter while we worked, it was very fun indeed. Though I was just a newbie, I could take up the role of a major character already. How can you say I’m not Awesome?

1989 Two of a Kind – Starred as Cha Xing Yu

What is the show about?
The show revolves around the happiness, anger, sadness and fun that teenagers experience. The teenagers kept trying to overcome obstacles and this show was out to inspire teenagers to be brave and not be intimidated by obstacles they face.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “I was the twin brother of Huang Gui Zhong. There was also Huang Jia Qiang and Aaron Kwok who have yet to enter the entertainment industry. When we are free, we’ll sit together and discuss about music. So, this drama can be termed the “development” of the music industry newbies. Not only did we overcome many obstacles in the show, we were also Awesome in developing our career in the music industry.

1990 When the Sun Shines

What is the show about?
The show revolves around 3 men’s ambitions and wishes. As the story was largely related to life, it was a very popular series back them.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “The whole series had 150 episodes, all the casts such as Roger Kwok met everyday and we often had meals together. The entertainment news often report artiste having conflicts, but back then we seemed to have known each other for very long. Don’t you think we were very Awesome?

1991 A Life of His Own – Starred as Jiang Jie

What is the show about?
Hacken starred as the wealthy boy Jiang Jie and gets to know an interior design faculty student played by Sammi Cheng. Although both of them have varying family background, they turned lovers and their love story unfolds.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “This show is a classic to many audiences because the relationship with Sammi is inseparable. Everyone, please do not think that only Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng are lovers on screen, actually I’ve acted as lovers with Sammi much earlier before Andy. Ha! I’m even Awesome than Heavenly King Andy Lau!”

1992 Angel’s Call – Starred as Wu Fu Ji

What is the show about?

Wu Fu Ji dreams of becoming wealthy overnight. One day, he met an angel who was hit by a satellite and landed on Earth. He thought that heaven had granted him the God of Fortune. After that, he realizes that besides having an amazing memory, the angel had nothing else and created many problems for him instead.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “Miss Hong Kong champion 1990 Anita Yuen had not even filmed movies like C'est la vie, mon chéri and He's a Woman, She's a Man to be crowned the movie queen and I’ve already collaborated with her. Is this considered Awesome at having luck first?

The Awesome Professional:

As Hacken becomes matured, the roles he played became more Awesome. He either played a professional or someone who have brains.

1997 As Sure As Fate – Starred as Lee Siu Sam

What is the show about?
Joyce Tang starred a Murong Fei whose boyfriend got into a relationship with Lee’s finance. The 2 of them planned a getaway. As Fei and Lee searched for their lovers, they fell in love with each other.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “There was much laughter when we were filming. Everybody wanted to make this good and helped each other. It was a battle of the Awesomes. No wonder after we filmed the series, everyone said that their IQ has increased.”

2000 Street Fighters – Starred as Yeung Doi Bo

What is the show about?
Yeung was kidnapped when he was young, then adopted and lived at Temple Street. Years later, his biological mother came to acknowledge him and Yeung had a feud with his twin brother due to a misunderstanding. His adopted father got betrayed by his son who created turmoil for Temple Street. At the end, Yeung and his brother worked together to restore Temple Street.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says ”Yeung’s character is like the kind you find in the marketplace, he’s also the kind who creates comedy. When acting, I think of speeches which have a variety of tones to improve the quality. Although Yeung’s knowledge is not as awesome as his police twin brother Edmond Leung, he still has the intelligence to challenge him. From this, you can tell how Awesome I am!”

2002 Legal Entanglement – Starred as Mark

What is the show about?
Mark has caused Hee (played by Kenix Kwok) to lose the custody of her son and thus she decided to work and study law at the same time to fight the case herself. Five years later, she became a lawyer for a law firm and once again, she encountered Mark. After having worked together, both of them developed a deeper understanding of each other and from enemies, they turned loves.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “Actually, this is my first time playing the role of a lawyer and I was quite nervous, especially when I had to play solo when making the final statements in the court room. There were many other casts who act as the audience, so every time I’d memorize the script well and try not to have NG so I will not delay others. In the end, I was able to perform well each time and my partners said I was Awesome too.”

Awesome in Post-Modern series:

Besides being Awesome in acing modern characters, Hacken knows how to handle post-modern characters too.

1992 Eastern Hero – Starred as Zhuan Jia Bao

What is the show about?
Bao, who was brought up by his adopted father, likes to fool others but he is actually kind by nature. Fate brought him and his biological father together and the acknowledge each other. However, his father was killed by villains. To have his revenge, he decided to become the disciple of the Eastern Hero who despises evil.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “On the surface, this series seems like a comedy. Many commented that it was funny to see the serious looking me thinking of funny speeches, such as “Name, it’s not important. It’s just that at dawn (Leon Lai), I like to appear at Kwok Fu City (Aaron Kwok), my real name is Andy Lau. From this you should know how Awesome I’m at when it comes to creating humour!” [Leon Lai’s Chinese name sounds like dawn, Aaron Kwok’s sounds like the name of a city, as for using Andy Lau, his name does not mean anything in that line,]

The original line:名字,是不重要的。我只不过喜欢在黎明时分,出现在郭富城,我的真名叫刘德华。

1994- Master of Martial Arts – Starred as Leung Foon

What is the show about?
Foon’s parents passed away when he was very young and he always gets bullied. He decides to use martial arts to challenge those in control and becomes the disciple of Huang Fei Hong, learning martial arts from him. He always stirs up trouble, but got inspired by his master later on.

How Awesome is he?

Hacken says “Leung Foon’s role required me to fight almost every day. I don’t know martial arts, and had to rely on the martial arts director. I did not do too badly at the fighting scenes and some people even thought I could actually fight. So I’m Awesome in a way that I was able to learn and imitate well. However, I had some regrets. James Wong wrote the theme song for me to sing, it’s a disappointment that it wasn’t really a hit, I’ve got a little bit of disappointment.”

Awesome at hosting too:

From drama serials, we watch Hacken Lee grow and mature. No matter which role he plays, he changes his character to suit it. Besides drama serials, Hacken brings his Awesomeness further in the programmes he hosts.

1992 – The century of great people (rough translation) [
Talk of the Century (AKA Smart Person in the New Century)]

What is the show about?
The programme introduces people who excel in different areas and was very popular when it was aired. A sequel was filmed later.

How Awesome?

Hacken says “Joey Leung and I were the hosts. As we are familiar with each other, we had the chemistry. The other party could always understand and get what the other was getting to. If both partners are not as Awesome, it is hard for us to have a smooth co-operation.

1998 – World Cup

What is the show about?
TVB got Hacken Lee to be the host for the World Cup since 1998. Being the host again this year, he is sure to be familiar.

How Awesome?

Hacken says “I love soccer, TVB gets me to be the host of World Cup, of course I’m happy!” Also, there’s Lam Sheung Yee and Ah Lek to have ball talk with. This is more like entertainment than work. I’m used to going to bed early and waking up early. For the World Cup, I have to work many late nights. This kind of perseverance deserves to be termed Awesome.”

1999 – Jade Solid Gold

What is the show about?
TVB got Hacken and Lui Fong to be the host in 1999. Hacken’s hosting and singing are great, and singers who attend the programme are dare not let down their guards!

How Awesome?

Hacken says “I get in touch with lots of new songs while hosting the programme, so I can update my knowledge on music, chat with people and talk about the pop culture of Hong Kong’s music industry. When it comes to which singer is ‘hitting’ which song and the latest popular songs, no one is as Awesome as me on these.”

2005 – Minutes to Fame

What is the show about?
Last year’s classic game show not only lasted in Hong Kong, the MTF fever has reached overseas countries. And the 2 words “Yat Ding” has become a popular phrase.

How Awesome?

Hacken says “I really have to thank General Manager Mr. Chan who got me and Joey Leung to be the hosts for MTF. I think that this programme can become successful due to all the Awesome people who competed. Only then can we continue to host and it’s also how the programmes can become popular. Of course, if the hosts aren’t Awesome, how can we attract competitors?”

Kelly Chen can’t forget receiving Red Packets (laisee) during Hacken’s Concert

2007 Feb 23

Kelly Chen Wai Lum looks forward to Chinese New Year every year as she gets the chance to rest for at least one week during this period so that she can re-charge; this year is no exception. This year however, Kelly decides to stay in Hong Kong and enjoy Chinese New Year with her family. Kelly said ‘After entering the industry, I have been going on a holiday almost every year during this period. However, this year, I wanted to spend more time with my family members. On the first day, I went to my grandmother’s house to offer my greetings. Every time we do it, we would have to kneel on the floor and kowtow (traditional way of sending Chinese New Year wishes). After that, all the grandchildren would drink red date and lotus seed tea. In addition, there will also be red packets (laisee) to collect!

On the topic of laisee, Kelly divulged that the largest amount she ever received in a single red packet was $10,000 – given to her by her mum as Kelly bought a lot of presents for her mum that year. As for the most unforgettable experience, Kelly said that it was last year when she was a guest performer at Hacken’s solo concert. She collected a few hundred red packets. After she had finished singing, she still had not collected a lot of red packets, thus, Hacken asked her to continue collecting them while he carried on singing. It was pretty funny.

[translated by Gillian]

[Source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070223.html]

[wow, kelly got a few 100 packets!! hacken is so funny, letting her keep collecting while he sings!! -kate]

Hacken attracts ‘Aunties’

Caption: A fan took the opportunity to take a photograph with Hacken when he was bending down. However, Hacken’s
position is a little weird, thus showing a bit of awkwardness on his face.

2007 Feb 22

There is still a strong and vibrant Chinese New Year atmosphere in Las Vegas. Last night (Hong Kong time), the Wynn Hotel organised a special Chinese New Year Concert and invited guests like Hacken Lee, Dao Lang and Rene Liu Ruoying to perform. The reception to the performance given by Hacken and Dao Lang, was a world of difference. While Hacken received ecstatic applause from the 3000 strong crowd, Dao Lang did not receive any when he was performing.

Wynn Hotel organised a Chinese New Year dinner. The dinner had 200 over tables with close to 3000 guests attending the event. The hosts for the night were Eric Tseng, Yuan Shao Xiang, Sherming Yiu and Cutie Mui while performers included Hacken Lee, Dao Lang and Rene Liu. Among the guests were many other rich and famous people – some successful businessmen, and other stars like Lam Hiu Fung and his wife.

Dao Lang’s Performance

Dao Lang was the opening act, singing his hit song, ‘The First Snow in 2002’. However, he received rather cold reaction to his performance as there was no applause. Some of the guests were busy posing for photographs with the decorations instead of with the singer. During the time between songs, there was a awkward silence as all one could hear was the sound of the guests cutting their lobster. [It’s like a dinner concert.] Thus, after Dao Lang’s second song, Eric Tseng went on stage to liven up the atmosphere and get some audience reaction by announcing that it was time for the lucky draw while Dao Lang took the opportunity to leave the stage.

Hacken’s Performance

On the other hand, Hacken was the closing act and was highly popular. This was in contrast to the reception Dao Lang received earlier. When a big group of married ladies [xi lai – term for middle-aged married ladies] saw Hacken appearing on stage, they immediately went up and started screaming and taking pictures. There was an instance where Hacken bent down on stage and one of them took the opportunity to run over so as to take a photo with him. Hacken appeared a little embarrassed, but still allowed them to take the pictures. Hacken sang three songs: Yat Sang But Been - I’ll Never Change, Hup Gou Bi Fen - Long Time together will Marry, and City Surrounded by Heaven and Water. The audience gave huge round of applause for his performance and female fans even presented flowers to him.

Rene Liu’s performance

Perhaps upon seeing the unresponsiveness of the crowd towards Dao Lang, Rene Liu decided to engage the crowd at once when she appeared on stage. She went down the stage to shake hands with the audience. Later, she even mentioned that she lost US$200 when she went gambling the night before at the casinos.

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070222.html , Apple Daily] [translated by Gillian]

[hahaha. so funny how all the 'aunties' went crazy over hacken!! i'm not surprised---sure hacken has female fans of all ages!! =P no wonder we couldn't find a place that sold tickets, only 4 rich ppl!! oh well...maybe it will be aired sometime later on jadeworld.... -kate]

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Hacken Lee is the spokesperson for QunHao & will be one of the hosts for TVB for the 2008 Olympics

some info on the brand Qunhao and hacken as the spokesperon from the website:

Hacken Lee is the one and only spokesperson for QunHao, and Qunhao is the only apparel company in mainland that has a spokesperson.

When asked why he chose Hacken, the director of the company said
" I admire and agree a lot with his passion for music. He's singing career wasn't peaceful all along, at times of difficulties he did not give up his belief. With his passion, he became what he is today. This is the same for the culture of Qunhao, that's why i chose him.

When asked which song represents the brand, Hacken says its not a bad idea to wear this clothes and be a 'Flower Protector'(one of his songs) whereas Red Day associates the brand with warmth and comfort.

Hacken reveals that he has been invited to be the host for TVB for the 2008 Olympics. He will be heading for Beijing, the heart of the Oylmpics, and bring us first hand news. He hopes that Qunhao can release more fashionable sports wear, and then he will be able to wear a brand he endorse and be at his country's capital city and report about the results that his country's sportsmen have achieved.

Hacken also reveals that there are increasing products for this brand. However, he hopes that the company will continue to release more products [clothing styles?] despite its already wide range of products. He hopes the company can release clothes for different functions. "It'll be great if there's apparel for golf..." The director beside him replied "Hacken, don't worry."

The photoshoot was like a graduation picture due to the overwhelming amount of people present!

[source: http://www.queuehero.com/, pics from http://en.beijing2008.cn/ and http://www.queuehero.com/] [translated by Hianez]

Prosperity for Pig Year from Hacken, Andy and Eason

February 18, 2007

[Oriental Daily 18/02/07]

Prosperity for Pig Year from Hacken, Andy and Eason

Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee are the leaders in the music industry and on this the first day of the new year,they hold up the lion heads to greet everyone and hope that all your wishes come true! The now married Hacken and Eason pull in the early fortunes as they each present Andy with their lucky packets!

Andy, Eason and Hacken are well at ease with a microphone, but they are equally fine with the heavy lion heads, with Andy leading the dance and directing Hacken and Eason how to give the greatest poses.

Afterwards, Hacken and Eason then turn into the "Most Popular Fortune Gods" as they present Andy with some lucky packets. Andy greets Hacken: "I hope that your firstborn will be a son and have a mini-Hacken that has the looks and brains of Emily." Then he greets Eason: "I hope that you will continue to shine brightly and warmly along your musical path." Eason and Hacken then greeted Andy in return: "Find a wife soon and have kids, then you can hand out lucky packets too!" With the three men full of warm greetings for each other, it looks like this will be a prosperous year all round!

[sources: Em's TVBSpace News Roundup: http://tvbspace.blogspot.com/, http://orientaldaily.on.cc/ent/ent_a01cnt.html ] [translated by Em]

What similarities do Hacken Lee and Roger Kwok share?


[Sources: TVB Weekly Issue 448 (Pages 34 to 39)
, scans from www.leehacken.com] [translated by Hianez]

2006 Jan 10

Cover page details:
This year "Wong" and "Ding" are getting married
("Wong" refers to Roger's role as Ah Wong in Life made simple, and "ding" refers to hacken who host Minutes to fame, where they always "ding" people away. When these 2 words are put together, I think it means Lucky People in Cantonese)

Page 34:

From the black box on the top left hand corner:
- Hacken's hairstyle is styled by Adolph Bow
- Hacken's clothes are sponsored by PRADA and Artist's Own

What similarities do Hacken Lee and Roger Kwok share?

Hacken replies: I'm the opposite of him. Singing is my primary career, filming is secondary. As for Roger, his primary career is filming, and in the middle of it he steals the singers' rice bowl by singing. The only similarity is that we've both been through several ups and downs.

Page 35:

Both of them have an average age of about forty, and have been rushed by fans and the media to get married. Roger says "Since everyone wants to see us married, we can have it on the stage and fulfill everyone's wishes!" On the stage? Yes, the truth is that Hacken will be holding his concert in the coming Chinese New Year and has invited Roger to be the guest.

Page 36:

The both of them coming together, it's because while watching Life Made Simple, Hacken suddenly had an idea to have Roger play the funny role in his concert.

Hacken: Last time, Joey Leung and Alan Tam will take care of the comedy, but it is different this year. As I was preparing for my concert, Life Made Simple was airing and it suddenly occur to me that I should get Roger to be my guest. I feel that there will be new sparks. Moreover, the concert will be held during the Chinese New Year and "Wong" (Lucky) has a good meaning which is suitable for the Chinese.

Roger: When you approached me, I thought it was because of the role Ah Wong which I played in Life Made Simple, because one of the sections in your concert is to bring happiness to the audience.

Hacken: I got you through the manager. I was just trying to ask for your opinion. I didn't know that you'd agree at once. The Chinese New Year is a good time for be on stage.

The truth is, both of them exchanged numbers on the day of the photo shoot. So, some things that are discussed below might jolly well appear on stage during his concert…

Hacken: The theme is Happiness and Laughter, and also to bring up the strange things that happened in the entertainment circle last year. Why can White Flower oil be used to play badminton? Why must one hold a cat in front of oneself when taking a photo? Some things are best said in the identity of Ah Wong. I also thought that Ah Wong can teach Joey Leung a lesson in a funny manner.

Roger: We can also hold a wedding in the Hong Kong Coliseum, get Joey Leung to sacrifice himself and pretend to be Ha Ri-Su. Anyway I'm Ah Wong and can marry anyone, at the same time fulfilling everyone's wishes.

Hacken: Why not get the audience to boo Joey Leung? Whenever they boo, he has to kneel down and let's see how many times he can do that. On that day, Joey Leung has to be prepared; making fun of him is inevitable. If you're willing to open your "golden mouth" it'd be even better. What will you sing?

Roger: I guess will choose your Da Hui Tang Yan Zou Ting (Big concert hall) and the recent Qing Fei Shou Er (Love not in Seoul). Actually, I hope to perform magic. If I be like Cyril who's very popular in Japan right now, it'd be great.

Both of them are leaders in their career, and appreciate each other. Besides this, which skills do they wish to obtain from the other?

Hacken: He's more of the silent type and is not flowery with his speech. I feel that he can be himself. Both of us won't appear at Lan Kwai Fong [a place in HK full of bars and night clubs].

Roger: I admire his ability to write lyrics, and his clear and bright vocals.

Hacken: Besides acting skills, the thing that I want most to snatch away from Ah Wong is his hairstyle. Because it's something that very few artist will style. I remember once when I was getting my hair done Central, and saw that he's the only one with such a hairstyle. This hairstyle is indeed convenient.

Roger: I admire your shape! His shape is suitable for the recent fashion, and is also compatible with it. He can wear more clothes and won't look swelled up. I look fat when I wear 2 pieces of clothing.

Hacken: In fact, I hope to have a body like yours which can slim down after
getting fat. While filming Life Made Simple your weight increase by 20 pounds but now you're back to your handsome looks. If you ask me to increase 20 pounds, it's easy but if you ask me to slim down, it's difficult.

Page 37:

The two of them actually have some ties. 15 years ago, they have collaborated in a comedy and Roger says that the first time they met was even before this.

H: I think the first time that we collaborated was for the show Tong Ju San Ren Zu, as a guest star for about 20 episodes. We began to know each other from then, and I still remember that we have dined together before.

R: Haha! I remember that after we have collaborated for only a few days, he invited me to a Beijing Cuisine restaurant located at Li Shun Street and said "I like their food a lot." to me. He has given me a CD with signature.

H: I've forgotten. To me, the only thing that was related to us is my first album Ming Yun Fu Hao. Someone told me that the 2 people on the cover of the album look alike. Haha!

R: I just remembered, the first time that we met was not for the filming of Tong Ju San Ren Zu, but when I was recording Wen Ruan Ji for a radio station. One day, at the recording studio, the director introduced Hacken who is singing the theme song, to me.

H: Really? After that, we did not have time to meet up and did not have much contact with each other.

Page 38:

Hacken Lee – Doesn't want to register in Hong Kong

When is he getting married?
I haven't thought about it. I will consider it seriously after the concert. She's busy with helping me with the clothes for my concert and is not free to discuss this.

Initially, I did not plan to invite relatives or friends to my wedding. I just wanted both of our families but many of my friends should be happy for me. As for the wedding banquet, I think it's quite old fashioned. I wish to just set up something like the lighting ceremony during TVB's annual celebration at Penfold Park and that's all. In monetary terms, not holding a wedding banquet but receiving money from the others will mean bigger red packets. It'd be better to have a fusion kind of ceremony.

Marriage Tour
I dare not comment if we will do that, only that we don't want to register in Hong Kong. We don't want to stir things up.

About having children
Yes, we do want to have children. As for when, I do not know. It doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl. A boy would be better; a girl would be more frustrating for us. We will fear that she's not pretty enough and no one would marry her when she grows up. If she's too pretty, we'll be afraid that she has too many suitors, it's really frustrating!

Page 39

A test to determine a good husband

Do you have a lot of female friends?
H: A lot, usually I have lots of friends of the opposite gender.

When relieving yourself in the toilet (big business), your habit is…
H: Relax myself, and enjoy the feeling

When rain occurs suddenly when you're shopping outside…
H: If the rain is not too big, I'll still go and take a look

The weather gets harsh and you see the news reporting that those stranded have no place to call home, how do you feel?
H: I'm especially concerned about touching news, and will try to help in some way.

Have you ever made the first move when wooing a girl and not let surroundings affect you?
H: When the feeling develops after being together, I will begin to date her.

Will you spend a lot of time on something that interests you?
H: I will plan the time properly; will not let it affect my everyday life.

Which type of person do you want to be most?
H: A doctor or lawyer with high income.

Hacken's score after the test: 20 points.
He is a gentle husband.
Hacken's comment: Ok lah, let's not say whether to be a good man or not (in reply to Roger who said he will try his best to be a good man), the main thing is whether you are suitable for each other or not.

Some pointers on scoring
A Gentle Husband:
You are very concerned towards ladies, but your other half might flare up for no reason sometimes and make you unbearable and affect your marriage. For the benefit of the other, you should speak of whatever that you cannot take to prevent building a trigger for future quarrels.

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Lady Iron Chef CNY dinner

February 15, 2007(Picture: Hacken and Zhou Chung watch Charmaine cook dumplings)

In the movie Lady Iron Chef is a scene where male lead Hacken's pants fall off. When asked about the scene, female lead Charmaine replied that she didn't see anything, and it was Hacken that was in danger, having to do wire scenes for a whole night. When asked if she would try for Best Actress (movies) award after winning Best TV Actress, she stated: "this is a very long way away. I hope to film more movies because they're heaps of fun, especially the atmosphere when filming comedies."

(I'm not translating the rest as it's not relevant to Hacken...that and the fact i've got to rush to work now! But the rest of the article was just about Charmaine =])

[sources: http://hacken-sphere.blogspot.com/,
http://www.takungpao.com.hk/news/07/02/15/UL-693325.htm] [translated by Niyiaw]

Hacken finds it difficult to film movies where his 'pants' fall off

February 15, 2007

Before the premiere of "Beautiful Cooking" stars celebrated with a traditional Chinese New Year celebration, where boss Wong Jing distributed many red packets as prizes. Amongst those present were Hacken, Yuan Chau, Tat Ming, Zhou Chung, Lau Yeung, etc. Everyone waited for Charmaine to come from the TVB CNY dinner before events started, with the game making 'tong yuen' (glutinous rice balls) competition with new actor Lau Yeung. Hacken, Yuen Chau and Zhou Sheng were asked to judge the competition, but they were busy trying out the sharks fin and asked for a break for them to finish the sharks fin before they went on stage.

The Yumiko Incident

The movie will premiere on March 8th, which is also International Women's Day. Male lead Hacken said that the most lasting impression from this movie, apart from his strange wig, is that it's his first time where his pants fell off on the silver screen. Initially when he saw the script he couldn't bring himself to do the scene - however, he then realized that as an actor he shouldn't have any burdens about this, so he decided to lock away his "idol singer persona" for this movie.

The scene where Hacken's pants fall off talks of Hacken falling from the balcony to the street, with Charmaine grabbing his legs in midair trying to save him, but pulling off his pants in the process. This scene is very similar to Yumiko's accident (at the TVB charity show), to which he replied: "There is no relation between what's in the script and what happened to her". Yumiko, who didn't appear last night, is also in this movie, but Hacken said that he hadn't talked about this scene with her.

In order to avoid unnecessary exposure, Hacken took all precautions before hand, wearing two pairs of underwear as well as boxer shorts. When it came time to film the scene, staff on the set also gave him two pairs of boxer shorts, so when audiences see this scene, he's in fact wearing five pairs of underwear! However he is still slightly embarassed: at the end of the day, he's still an introvert.

He said: "I'm not filming a martial arts film, I don't know why everytime I film a movie there's always a "wire" scene! That scene took an entire night to film, and my pants had to keep falling off, the feeling was very strange and not comfortable, the only time that would normally happen is if i've got food poisoning! (Was Charmaine uncomfortable with the scene?) I don't think she was, and it's easier just to not talk about it! Actually, it wasn't that bad, I was wearing so many layers of underwear."

Topic then changed to filming when crew cleared a street in Mong Kok to film a scene, to which Hacken said he hasn't had a chance to walk the streets of Mong Kok so happily, and that this was a test for them. He said that there wasn't a single incident where they were "asked after" (sworn at) on the street, indicating people were aware who they were and this made him happy. The unhappiest thing for him during the entire filming was that he became ill, and even today he still has a slight cough.

Unsure if he's hosting "Minutes to Fame"

Later, reporters asked if Hacken would continue to host "Minutes to Fame", and he replied honestly that he didn't know. Hacken said that if fate let him do it, he would do it, but at the moment TVB was still considering its options. Perhaps TVB has many hosts in mind, and he was only one of the potential choices. Regarding the rumors that TVB would only choose either him or Joey Leung and not both of them, Hacken once again indicated that he had no idea. Hacken stated that it is like the initial Minutes to Fame series: initially, he didn't have time to host, but at the end he found he could do it, and both him and Joey ended up "picking up the job" after someone else.

[sources: http://hacken-sphere.blogspot.com/, www.yule.soho.com,
http://www.takungpao.com.hk/news/07/02/15/UL-693326.htm] [translated by Niyiaw]

Hacken Lee talks about Emme Wong getting Shawn Yue Drunk

February 11, 2007

In the Chinese New Year, Hacken will be performing on stage in Las Vegas. Other performing artists include Dou Long and Lau Yek Ying. Hacken's wife Emily will also be there.

Hacken admits he's very traditional and likes to spend New Years in Hong Kong. He recalls "One year, I invited all my colleagues back to my new house for dinner. And then Shawn got really drunk and threw up all over the floor!" When asked if anyone kept getting Shawn to drink, Hacken responded with "Emme did it!".

This year is the first year that Hacken is married and will have to hand out red packets. When asked how much he managed to receive, Hackne said that it was more or less the same as last year. He just has to prepare more red packets to give out this year as he will be giving out two instead of one.

[sources: http://hacken-sphere.blogspot.com/,
http://leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070211.htm] [translated by Niyiaw]

Hacken goes to Gambling City in New Year to make money

February 11, 2007

Yesterday, Hacken, Janice and Kevin Kwan attended the "Let's build a better quality building" event (I hope I translated it right).

In the Chinese New Year, Hacken will be going overseas to make money. He will be performing on stage at Las Vegas, along with Dou Long and Lau Yek Ying. There will be a show on 3rd day of the Chinese New Year and he will be back in Hong Kong on the 7th or 8th to watch the Wynner's concert. When asked if he will take his family with him overseas, Hacken said that at most he will take his wife. He also says that he prefers to spend Chinese New Years in Hong Kong.

This is the first New Years, that Hacken will have to give out red packets since he's married and even though he will not be back in Hong Kong until the 7th or 8th of the New Year, he will still hand them out regardless. He doesn't mind as he has been handing them out before he was married anyway and will not, because of the rises and falls of the Hong Kong economy, give more or less.

Every year Hacken invites his colleagues to his place to celebrate. Once, he invited them to his new house and unfortunately Shawn Yue got so drunk he threw up all over the floor. When asked if Hacken got Shawn drunk, Hacken replied "No it wasn't me, it was Emme Wong.".

Not afraid of management changes within Univeral Music Group

Talking about the management changes within Universal Music Group and its effects, Hacken indicates that its effects are unknown as of yet. "I've been through a lot of changes, even through changing bosses. But this time it's just switching a few people around so it's not that big a deal. Many of my colleagues have worked together before. The year that I went from Polygram to Star was a really big change, yet everyone stil got past it. I've decided to continue with Universal, there's just a few more things to sort out."

[sources: http://hacken-sphere.blogspot.com/, http://www.takungpao.com/news/07/02/12/UL-691800.htm] [translated by Tirami]

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Total awards list 2006

[picture of awards Hacken has won from http://www.umg.com.hk/]

Hacken won 10 awards from the top 4 radio stations' awards shows. Less than last year, in which he won about 14 or 15 awards.

JSG 1st Quarter 2006:

-Top 12 Gold Songs: Woman Before Marriage


2006 Ming Pao Weekly 38th Annual Show Business Driving Force Award:

-Most Outstanding Album: Concert Hall
[edit: forgot this one!]
"9+2 Music Charts" Music Awards
-Best Albums: Concert Hall

Metro Radio Hits Awards

-Most Explosive (popular) Songs: Woman Before Marriage
-Most Explosive (popular) Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water (tin sui wai sing)
-Most Original Commercial Songs: I'm wearing Number 10
-Album of the Year: Concert Hall II
-[edit]: Most Creative Marketing: Concert Hall I & II
-Asian Singer Award (tied with Andy Lau)

[thanks to Hianez for posting & translating the results!]

JSG Top Ten Awards Show 2006

-Top 10 Gold Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water

RTHK Awards:

- Top 10 Outstanding Singers Award
- Top 10 Gold Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water
- Best-selling Male Singer



-SINA MUSIC AWARDS 2006, Best International Male Singer
[He lost to Aaron Kwok in the LAST 2 HOURS of online voting when Aaron's votes suddenly shot up at an impossible rate!]

-SOME awards at Chik Chak (CRHK Awards) and Roadshow!

-SOME awards at the JSG 2nd and 3rd quarter
(He couldn't show up to those awards shows.)

(testing something, excuse me....)