Friday, February 23, 2007

Hacken attracts ‘Aunties’

Caption: A fan took the opportunity to take a photograph with Hacken when he was bending down. However, Hacken’s
position is a little weird, thus showing a bit of awkwardness on his face.

2007 Feb 22

There is still a strong and vibrant Chinese New Year atmosphere in Las Vegas. Last night (Hong Kong time), the Wynn Hotel organised a special Chinese New Year Concert and invited guests like Hacken Lee, Dao Lang and Rene Liu Ruoying to perform. The reception to the performance given by Hacken and Dao Lang, was a world of difference. While Hacken received ecstatic applause from the 3000 strong crowd, Dao Lang did not receive any when he was performing.

Wynn Hotel organised a Chinese New Year dinner. The dinner had 200 over tables with close to 3000 guests attending the event. The hosts for the night were Eric Tseng, Yuan Shao Xiang, Sherming Yiu and Cutie Mui while performers included Hacken Lee, Dao Lang and Rene Liu. Among the guests were many other rich and famous people – some successful businessmen, and other stars like Lam Hiu Fung and his wife.

Dao Lang’s Performance

Dao Lang was the opening act, singing his hit song, ‘The First Snow in 2002’. However, he received rather cold reaction to his performance as there was no applause. Some of the guests were busy posing for photographs with the decorations instead of with the singer. During the time between songs, there was a awkward silence as all one could hear was the sound of the guests cutting their lobster. [It’s like a dinner concert.] Thus, after Dao Lang’s second song, Eric Tseng went on stage to liven up the atmosphere and get some audience reaction by announcing that it was time for the lucky draw while Dao Lang took the opportunity to leave the stage.

Hacken’s Performance

On the other hand, Hacken was the closing act and was highly popular. This was in contrast to the reception Dao Lang received earlier. When a big group of married ladies [xi lai – term for middle-aged married ladies] saw Hacken appearing on stage, they immediately went up and started screaming and taking pictures. There was an instance where Hacken bent down on stage and one of them took the opportunity to run over so as to take a photo with him. Hacken appeared a little embarrassed, but still allowed them to take the pictures. Hacken sang three songs: Yat Sang But Been - I’ll Never Change, Hup Gou Bi Fen - Long Time together will Marry, and City Surrounded by Heaven and Water. The audience gave huge round of applause for his performance and female fans even presented flowers to him.

Rene Liu’s performance

Perhaps upon seeing the unresponsiveness of the crowd towards Dao Lang, Rene Liu decided to engage the crowd at once when she appeared on stage. She went down the stage to shake hands with the audience. Later, she even mentioned that she lost US$200 when she went gambling the night before at the casinos.

[Sources: , Apple Daily] [translated by Gillian]

[hahaha. so funny how all the 'aunties' went crazy over hacken!! i'm not surprised---sure hacken has female fans of all ages!! =P no wonder we couldn't find a place that sold tickets, only 4 rich ppl!! oh well...maybe it will be aired sometime later on jadeworld.... -kate]

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