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Johnnie Walker China Tour’s guest Hacken Lee talks about the Olympics

August 11, 2007

On August 10, Hacken Lee, together with various artistes performed for the Johnnie Walker show and created high tides for the crowd. Hacken instructed over 200 dancers with his vocals and within 3 minutes, they were able to form a complicated pattern which looked like the spirit of Johnnie Walker (a brand of Scotch Whisky) – Keep Walking. After the event, Hacken was interviewed by Sina and expressed his hopes for the Beijing Olympics Games 2008 as well.

“In actual fact, attending this performance is a challenge. Hong Kong’s still having a typhoon and driving towards here was scary. To me, the challenge is to Keep Walking. When I began my singing career more than 10 years ago, I hosted and acted as well. I kept challenging myself, and kept walking on.”

“This performance is significant to me as well. 2 days ago, I attended the countdown at Tiananmen. After that, I performed at Bai Yun Airport and I felt emotional. As for the 2008 Olympics, I’m looking forward to it myself. The 2008 Olympics is something major to every Chinese citizen. Back in 1996, I went to Atlanta for the Olympics and hosted the show together with Andy Lau. Every time I saw that China received Gold, I felt passionate and almost cried. This is unforgettable. I hope that the 2008 Olympics will arouse these feelings again.”

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070811.html,Sina Web – Beijing]
[translated by Hianez]

A few more comments about Hacken's solo Malaysia concert

August 9, 2007
Vol 273 Yeah! Magazine

Hacken Lee, without Alan Tam this time, had his first solo concert in Malaysia. He has been in the entertainment circle for 22 years and is going to become a father soon. The venue which could hold about 8,000 people was fully crowded.

The concert lasted about 3 hours, in which he sang almost 40 songs and mixed together with fans (i think they mean he interacted with fans...such as talking 2 them, or went into the audience to shake hands with them).


August 11, 2007
Vol 194 LifeTV Magazine

“Looking at the unwilling-to-depart fans when the concert had ended is something happy to the person on stage……this kind of feeling is like receiving an award during the award ceremonies.”

NOTE: Michelle has sent the news for us from Malaysia so that fans in HK can share the unforgettable night together. Many thanks!-leehacken.com Admin]
[translated by Hianez]

Malaysia fans were too passionate and didn’t want to part with Hacken – 2 Encores!!

August 3, 2007

Volume 117 ePop

Great songs from Hacken Lee.
Concert brings back past memories…
Malaysia fans were too passionate and didn’t want to part with Hacken – 2 Encores!!

“When I had concerts back in Hong Kong, I often talked more. I hope that this time round in Malaysia, I can sing more than talk.” Hacken said, and the audience applauded him, showing their support.

When Hacken sang 合久必婚 "Marriage after being together for long", all of the audience clapped to the rhythm. No doubt that this is the song that fans love to sing. This brought back the 90's feelings of TVB dramas.

On the song 情比纸薄 "Feelings thinner than paper", he said that he likes the song very much though it’s not a hit. He will choose to sing it in big events. This song is composed by Ivana Wong who appeared as guest for Hacken’s concert that night. Both of them finally had the chance to perform this song together on stage!

As Ivana has a childlike voice, Hacken could not stop himself from imitating her and said “I don’t know why but every time I work with you, I will speak more gentlemanly. Every time I release an album, you must compose a song for me!” Every one started laughing!

Hacken said that he had worked with many female artistes throughout his career and had sang quite a lot of drama themes. When he sang several familiar songs, the big screens on both sides showed his scenes from TVB dramas that he acted in. Looking at past images of him, everyone reminisces about those times.

Hacken is one of the singers who is punctual! The concert started exactly at 8pm while there were some audience members who had just entered!

His flashy costumes made him looked like a star on stage! He changed 4 to 5 costumes, but the attention was placed on the costume which shined most.

When a fan handed him flowers from below, she called him handsome. Hacken said “Of course!” And the audience prompted him to kiss the fan! Hacken, who wanted to avoid embarrassment, quickly turned to his wits and said “Have you all asked her if she wants to?”

Whenever fans dedicate comments from below, Hacken accepted them sincerely with thanks. He is considered as one of the overseas singers who received the most flowers during his concerts! Hacken, on joking to his fans, asked if she opens a floral shop or funeral shop. That is how creative Hacken is when it comes to speech.
Hacken says “Every time when I hold a concert fans would request through the internet or blogs on what songs they hope to hear. Some want to hear new songs, as they’ve heard too many older songs; some want to hear older songs as they are classics. Hence, this time I picked old, not so old and new songs. If fans don’t leave, I’ll continue to sing!”

As Hacken went backstage to rest and prepare, Ivana Wong performed "I’m really hurt", a song which she composed for Jacky Cheung and "Mask". When her natural voice came out, the audience focused on her. They were all touched by her clear voice.

Hacken’s Concert Hall series were one of the high peaks in his career. Hence, he invited a violinist from Japan to perform while he sang. Later on, songs like "Moonlight Melody", "Love Not In Seoul" and "Woman Before Marriage" had the Erhu and violin playing as music accompaniment. Together with Hacken’s clear voice, it was like an international performance!

As fans urged for an encore, Hacken emerged from the crowd all of a sudden and sang "Thinking of you always". The audience was very happy and kept going towards where he was – to have a closer look at the idol and shake his hand! As it was quite messy, Hacken could only be seen singing and talking among the crowd, saying “Let me pass!” At the end, to satisfy fans, he chose to sang "Goodbye My School" in the centre area below the stage.

A fortunate male fan was selected by Hacken to come on stage and sing "Old Flame Like A Dream". As this song wasn’t one of the earlier selected pieces, Hacken said he was worried that he would forget the lyrics as he hasn’t sang it for a long time! Hacken taught the fan by the surname of Lin to twist left and right. When the actual time came for them to perform, it turned out to be quite comical.

At the very end, he sang the very popular song,"Red Day". He taught the audience how to clap to the rhythm and everyone stood up. It was a very touching sight. A concert which should have ended, but fans were unwilling to part. They kept shouting “Encore” and this touched Hacken, who came out to perform again. To him, it’s something happy and unforgettable, just like receiving an award!

[source: http://www.leehacken.com/magazines/2007/20070803_ePop_117.html
NOTE: Michelle has sent the news for us from Malaysia so that fans in HK can share the unforgettable night together. Many thanks!-leehacken.com Admin]
[translated by: Hianez, edited by Kate]

Hacken supports Book Festival; Stephen Wins All

2007 July 27

The once a year Book Festival, not only is it the place for talented men and talented women, it is also a place for celebrities and higher officials to show off their talents. This year's numerous spotlight people, such as Jin Yong, Ni Kuong, Tao Jie is not entirely in the spotlight like TVB's General Manager, Stephen Chan. The reason being, he has the TVB's popular male and female artists, Kevin Cheng and Shirley Yeung, in full support. Especially during the weekend (the 21st), Stephen brings out his secret weapon: Hacken Lee, making him the focal point.

(The rest of the article is just about the other people who participated in the book festival, but no one matched up to the popularity of Stephen Chan.)

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/magazines/2007/20070727_sudden_626.html,~ Sudden Weekly Vol.626]
[translated by: Jane]

Hacken's Fatherly Love Overflow, does not "ding" little girls

July 26,
[sorry 4 the delay, i know this news is quite OLD!]

Witness the coming of the final "Ding" Winner

The night before last "Minutes to Fame" recorded their final episode, Miriam Yeung, Sammy Leung, Hacken Lee, and Joey Leung witness the new "Ding" winner. Miriam and Sammy bows on their knees to their seniors: Hacken and Joey. In the end, a Malaysia girl group of 4 "Season Group" wins the title, $130,700 cash prize, and $60,000 gift prize.

Refuse the offer for Season 3

Most of the contestants were buzzed off in less than 60 seconds by Hacken and Joey, but when a 7-year-old girl came on stage, Hacken, who will be a father soon, became soft-hearted and didn't want to buzz her off, in fact, Hacken asked Mrs. Wong (the girl's mother) for some parenting tips, it is obvious that his fatherly love is overflowing. It was obvious that Sammy tricked Hacken when he asked Hacken to go on stage when the Lydia Sum impersonator performed the arched bridge, Sammy laughs: "this is a good position, will not affect the birth."

When asked about the ratings for this season's "Minutes to Fame" not matching up to the first season, Hacken responds: "both [seasons] have their own style, cannot be used to compare, the first season will have its surprises and fresh feeling, Miriam has portrayed her own style." Hacken honestly says he will not dare to do season 3 [shouldn't it be 4?], they should find new hosts to maintain the new freshness to the show.

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070726.html,~ Ming Pao]
[translated by: Jane]

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Hacken Lee: Mature men refuse to talk about family for protection

2007 August 13

Sentimental Life sung in songs

Yesterday against the 8th level typhoon (he had 2 fly out of HK, through an 8th level typhoon to get there!!), Singer, Hacken Lee appeared, as promised, at the soon-to-be-taken-down GuangZhou Clouds Airport (??), Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey. When asked about his wife's pregnancy, Hacken maturely protected his family and his privacy- he expresses that he hopes people will have more interest in his singing career.

Protecting with all his might...men talking about life

Though Hacken does not get angry once talking about his personal life, he is still very cautious when talking about it. Using the Chinese Boxing techniques, his answers still show his boundary line. Hacken expresses, "Must not speak on it, once spoken the next day's newspaper will talk only about that. Even though my personal life is not something I need to hide, but as a man, I am responsible in protecting my family and giving them a peaceful environment."

Coincidentally, while his wife Emily is pregnant, in Hacken's new album there is a song that was written by him, "Little Baby". The lyrics express the full excitement of a man who is soon-to-be a father. Hacken says,"To be an artist, one must have a creative mind, not all the songs I write expresses my feelings, but if everyone thinks this is a song about my life, it is okay. I can only say to everyone, after marriage, my life did not change. Therefore there is no need to compare each song with my life."

Talk on career is about luck

Today, Hacken is considered a mainstream Hong Kong singer, but before Alan Tam said Hacken will be his successor, even people saw this as Hacken's opportunity, but Hacken only half succeeded. After the year 2000, Hacken unexpectingly "becomes alive again," causing people to see how varied the Hong Kong showbiz is.

Hacken expresses that the showbiz matters is about luck. He never felt any pressure from what Alan had said, showbiz is not within our control; it is beyond our grasp.

Therefore, what one must do, besides working hard, is to become good at summarizing, become good at forgetting. Hacken says it is like the ups-and-downs of life, but only remember the happy and joyous moments of life. As for the albums' sales, when popularity fails, just let it vanish away in memory.

Talk on Olympics brings back memories with Andy Lau

Last week, Hacken was in Beijing with other singers to record the song "We are Ready." Although this caused his wife to worry (for his health, cuz he's so busy?), he expresses that he experienced an enriching week. When speaking of the Olympics in Beijing, Hacken expresses that this is a major event for all Chinese people...afraid it will have unworthy lyrics, but still they must wholeheartedly try their best.

Hacken remembers the past event. Year 1996, along with Andy Lau, they arrive at Atlanta. They were one year's television announcer. This kind of special job gives Hacken great feelings, especially at the moments when Chinese athletes win gold, Hacken says it causes his whole body to have a tingly feeling and excitement. He expresses that if it is possible, he wants to see the Olympics in person.

[Sources: ~Sina, http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070813.html]
[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]

Various commentary on Hacken Lee’s album – My Cup of Tea

August 11, 2007

Hacken’s cup of tea – the environment

The “album selling” king, Hacken Lee, has once again attacked the market with his latest Cantonese album My Cup of Tea. This time, the theme revolves around recycling and caring for the environment. However, it does not feel like he’s giving us the facts about the environment, this is indeed a good theme. Seems like he has derived a new path after the previous Concert Hall I and II’s concept.

Concert Hall I and II has successfully opened up the HiFi market for Hacken Lee. Sales for the album were great, but if they are to carry on with the concept, fans might get annoyed. This time, Hacken went back to the basics – using the original state of music to greet his audience. Together with the strong crew or musician, an album with its own character was created, using the unplug feeling as the main attraction. Will it be your cup of tea? That will have to depend on your taste.

Bearing the fragrance of Narcissism

My Cup of Tea is not like the Pu-Er tea but bears the fragrance of Narcissism. One of the hits bearing the theme of recycling is Where Will The Flowers Fall. The music that accompanies it is simple, composed by Eric Kwok, who is very compatible with the lyricist Lin Nuo Ning. The Hong Kong people who are suffering intense heat from the weather will find a common point with the song. In Marriage Like A Piece of Paper, there are 2 versions – the violin and the piano versions. The violinist is David Garrett, while the pianist is Li Jia Ning. Each brings out a unique feeling. Also, the song Twins, which is about brotherly relationships, Little Baby, which Hacken had written the lyrics for his unborn baby, and Father & Son are all close to our lives. It is a good album for one to find his direction.

-Company: Universal Music

-Rating: 3 stars

Hacken has used less singing techniques this time and brings out his songs in a relaxing way, making them closer to our lives. This is a good move. At least, the people won’t feel that he’s pretending to bring out the song.

-Packaging: 3.5 stars

Although the computer effects have made him look a bit stoned, the author appreciates that the album includes a DVD. It allows fans to choose their own musical instrument to go along with the song, exposing them to the various instruments and melodies.

[End of 1st review]


Double Disc: Hacken Lee’s album My Cup of Tea – a new step

This summer has brought to us 2 cups of music: Theresa Fu’s first ever album My Cup of T – something that not everyone might be able to take it; Hacken Lee’s new album is called My Cup of Tea – something that’s different from his previous albums. It’s something that’s fresh and easy to take in. Hacken’s previous albums Concert Hall I and II has live recording as the attraction. This time, the DVD which allows us to select our own music accompaniment, is fun.

Hacken’s cup of tea has Where Will The Flowers Fall as the first hit, a song about our environment. He mentioned while he was promoting that he hopes to bring the message across to listeners. The simplicity in the background music gives people a refreshing feeling. However, towards the end, the lyrics talked about love, seems like there’s not enough strength in the lyrics.

What is caring for the environment? As a professor says, it means going green and not wasting resources. The album’s cardboard hardcover, the paper used to print the lyrics and the box – are they using the environment to promote the album or are they bringing the message across? Earlier on, in the LIVE EARTH concerts, environmental care was the theme as well. But in the end, as singers and the audience travel around to perform/attend, many resources were used, leading to the release of carbon dioxide – doing something bad though with a good intention.

Other than the packaging of the album, there’s another surprise. This comes from Hacken’s change. For many years, his perfect vocals comes without any unpleasantness, his reaches for the high notes wereaccurate, being able to sing clearly despite the difficult lyrics in fast songs…We’re only afraid that he is performing his vocal vibrations rather than singing, and has neglected feelings for that. He’s like a singing machine which never goes wrong, while listening to him, there’s some form of stress building up. After 22 years of his singing career, Hacken Lee has stepped out for a change. He puts his diaphragm on hold and uses his vocal chords to sing; the results sounded more natural.

If everyone listens closely, you can sense that Hacken has changed for the better. A professional singer who has already been shaped needs great courage to take this step. This act is worth supporting. Judging from Hacken’s strength, he should still have a long way to go. And we wonder what new things he will bring us with his next album.

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/album_20070724_mycupoftea.html,
Mingpao, Apple daily]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

[Hey, I totally disagree with the part about Hacken being like a singing machine. And certainly, he has not neglected feelings in his songs! Sigh, I feel that this person who commented the above is not worthy enough to write, haha! Hacken, no feelings? He/she has got to be kidding! He/she sounded like he mistook Hacken for someone who uses techniques to sing his songs only, when he does not. He is one singer who is able to wield in feelings and techniques very well in his songs. And Hacken’s not trying to showcase to the world his famous vibrating act, it’s just what happens when he sings certain notes! Argh, I just don’t like how that person referred to him as a …machine!! Give your comments on this if you want to! – hianez]

[***even though some ppl say the LIVE EARTH concerts caused more pollution, but that is just in the short-term. in the long-term, when u think of all the ppl that, because of the concerts, are trying 2 change and help save the planet, then of course, the benefits outweigh the negative aspects!!! i am one of those ppl that watched the LIVE EARTH concerts online that day. millions of other ppl did too!!***
About the "singing machine" comment, i agree with hianez. but i've heard it many times be4, ppl saying hacken does not sing with feeling. i guess it just depends on each person. everyone has differing opinions. everyone is a critic! for me, of course i think hacken sings with feeling! a lot of his songs are very touching and u can get strong feelings after listening to his songs!! doesn't matter whether it's happy/sad/hopeful/funny, etc....hacken sings with feeling! and hacken is not showing off his vocal vibrations. why should he not use it? lots of singers have certain ways of singing that they use a lot! and about the CD packaging being wasteful---well, the packaging of his cd's have 2 be nice in order 4 ppl 2 buy it! -kate]

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Hacken Lee: Examinations are like first loves, there’s no need to cry

August 7, 2007

Tomorrow is the release date of the GSCE ‘O’ levels examination results. Although results do not mean everything, they are part of the process. Every year, when it comes close to this day, the artiste’s results will be revealed. The same goes for this year. Sun Yao Wei and Li Jia Xin both did very well, while those who scored 0 points included Yu Mei and Jordan Chan. Actually, getting good or bad results doesn’t determine one’s future. Hacken who did quite alright for his exams, described exams being like first loves. “There might not be a good ending but it’ll make you want to reminisce.”

Many relationships to come in a lifetime

As an event was held for the release of the results yesterday, Hacken admits his average results. The host points out that in about 10 years’ time, he will be worried again on this day too (for his children). Hacken smiles, saying “You can even link the topic to this! I don’t know how many times do I have to worry, and don’t know if I will send my children overseas.” He says the O levels exams are like a first love – they usually do not end up being great, hence one need not cry over it because we will face many relationships in our lifetime. “A singer has to take exams several times in a year too and I’ve tasted zero before. I believe that with hard work, there will be results. But if we do not work hard, the results will certainly be undesirable results.”

On how they grade candidates, Hacken says “I understand that they cannot do anything about it, the system changes with time. Though the exams are like a first love, remember that we fall in love lots of times, just like taking exams! I did not fare too well in the early years, and the headlines once read ‘Hacken Lee tastes zero’. It didn’t reflect very well on me. I can only tell myself to do better and not believe that results will not come with hard work. Since there is a new grading system, it should be better than before. People just need time to get used to it.” Back then, he would even change the TV channel if he happens to see the award ceremony airing. (it really isn’t too good to see yourself getting zero – hianez).

Hacken recalls that he only scored a D for his Chinese back then but yet, he can become a lyricist. He has also composed lyrics for hundreds of songs. Hence, if the results are not desirable, one will feel very unhappy at first. Yet, the most important thing is the learning process, the courage to face it, and of course hard work is the most important.

[Sources: mingpao, taiyang bao, taking bao, wenwei bao,
[translated by Hianez]

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Hacken doesn't Believe that there will be No Results after Putting in Effort

August 6, 2007

Hacken attended an event organized by the Sunshine Club to cheer on students who were receiving their examination results soon. (I think this is a huge exam that determines if the students get into university ot not.) He was there to lend moral support to over 200 students who turned up. He admitted that during his year, his results were average.

Towards the changing of the scoring system of marks, he said that he understood the reason behind the changes as there will be changes for different generations as times change. Exams are like first loves, there won't be good endings for many. But a person will always fall in love more than once and this is the same case as the exams.

In the earlier years, Hacken's results were not very ideal (in terms of winning awards at ceremonies). When he opened the papers, he would see headlines that ridiculed him for not getting an award. He felt demoralized at the time. Thus, he told himself that he would do his work well and doesn't believe that there won't be results if he worked hard.

[translated by Gillian]
[source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070806_002.htm]
[wow, i never heard of an analogy of exams and love! haha. a good analogy! -kate]

Hacken supports Elderly to participate more in Activities to Enjoy Life

August 6, 2007

Yesterday, Hacken took on the role of Ambassador for the Elderly, together with the Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Chan Siu Bo, they were at a graduation ceremony where they presented degrees to 154 elderly. These people took part in a special programme which allowed them to experience University life and give them a chance to graduate after taking courses.

Hacken has always had a more traditional view on life and he is very filial towards the elderly. Every week, he would specifically set aside a "Family Day" to spend time with his family members. He even indicated that he took on the responsibility of having children to show his filial piety. He said, "My grandmother is already over 80 years old and has mild dementia, but I will still try to talk to her. Every year, I would also go on holiday with my parents to take a break together with them and would also play mahjong with them occassionally." Hacken also urged the young people today not to neglect the elderly.

Hacken indicated that he was also interested to take part in this project 10 years later and sign up for relevant courses. He said that he would encourage his mum and grandmother to take part in this programme so that he can see them graduate. Also, he mentioned that it was more important that the participants enjoy the learning process.

When asked if he wished to see his son graduate from a university in the future, Hacken couldn't suppress his joy, but said to wait and see how things turn out in future.
[Hmmm... is Emily having a boy?]

[translated by Gillian]
[source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070806.htm]
[wow, hacken's very filial! good 4 him!! :) hmm..i forgot who said the baby is male, but i think that's right, their first child will be a boy! -kate]

Hacken's Good Album Sales Due to the Weather

August 5,2007

Hacken refuses to talk about his baby during an autograph session.

Hacken's latest album 'My Cup of Tea' has achieved sales status of a gold record. Yesterday (4th of August), he held an autograph sessions where about 500 fans queued up for it and there were about a thousand people who turned up for the promotional activity, creating a very vibrant atmosphere.

Hacken indicated happily that he received news that the new album is selling pretty well, however, he does not dare hope that sales would exceed those of his Concert Hall album. It is best to let nature take its own course. He also said that compared to the 1990s, the results of this album is still not very commendable.

Hacken jokingly said that perhaps due to the warm weather recently, people would rather stay at home and listen to songs (thus driving up album sales) and said that this was a good sign for singers. A few days ago, Hacken played soccer and after playing for 10 minutes, he had to drink lots of water.

When asked if Emily goes out, Hacken said that it would be better if she stayed at home to listen to songs.

When talking about Cecilia's newborn, Hacken acknowledges that he doesn't know Nicholas very well, but gave his deepest wishes to the couple and believes that Cecilia will be a good mum. When asked if he was nervous about the birth of his own child, he refused to talk about it and changed the topic back to his new album. He told the reporters to address the questions to his wife when they meet her. He said "Women are in charge of answering questions while the men goes out to earn money."

[translated by Gillian]
[source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070805.htm]

Eason and Hacken feel honoured to sing

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger, posted by

Fans refuse to leave, Hacken has 2 encores

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger, posted by gonzo
Beauty and riches

Emily is resting in HK, and without his wife watching, Hacken was free with his words, even teasing a sexily dressed female fan!

At this concert in Malaysia, Hacken has received many flowers and each time he would personally walk off the stage to accept flowers given to him by fans. Even when female fans used flowers as an excuse to get an autograph, he would gladly oblige.

Halfway through the concert, he had sharp eyes and spotted a female fan wearing a backless dress and joked "Wow, how sexy!" and teased the fan until she was ecstatic. Also, a fan gave him an entire bag of red packets, it really was a night of beauty and riches!

Yelling at security

Hacken overcame all the odds to walk off the stage and get closer to the fans. Fans rushed up at him and he yelled out "Leave me some room to walk, alright?". When security and fans all pushed at one another, even mild-tempered him couldn't resist and had to call out "Don't push me!"

But because his path was blocked off by people, he could only stand in the crowd and continue singing. And then braving the crowd, he insistently returned back on stage. Luckily his costume at the time was in the style of a sports tracksuit, preventing any injuries to his body or skin. But after getting back on stage, he was thoroughly drenched in sweat and couldn't stop breathing heavily!

Fatherly love

Almost to be a father, Hacken revealed his loving father image! Ivana Wong and he performed 情比紙薄 (love thinner than paper) and then made fun of the way Ivana spoke, using a gentle voice like talking to kids. It seems that he will make a great father. And then, when fans called out "Hacken daddy", he pretended to not hear properly!

2 encores

In the past, Hacken has held "Left Alan Right Hacken" concerts in Malaysia with Principal Alan Tam but has never had a solo concert. And so, on stage he asked "Yeah, why is it that it's been so long and I haven't been here to hold a concert?". Therefore, this time in Malaysia, he gave his fans both old and new songs alike.

At 10:20pm, the first encore came to a close. But after the audience yelled "encore" for 2 or 3 minutes, Hacken finally emerged and copied Emil Chow, yelling out "Welcome to Hacken Lee's concert!" and made the atmosphere even more high!

And so, when the concert officially ended at 10:55pm, there were still about two thirds of the audience who didn't want to leave. And so at 11pm, Hacken had to step back on stage again and said "This has made me very happy!" and then sang for everyone 誰願分手 (who willingly wants to break up) and 破曉時分, both of which weren't in the original program. Finally this allowed the fans to leave completely satisfied!

Laughing at fans

紅日 (red day) made the entire audience applaud and stamp their feet, the sound erupting through Genting!

Before commencing his singing, Hacken patiently taught everyone how to applaud and stamp their feet. All 6000 people present cooperated together and the lively performance was enough to amaze anyone!

At the same time, Hacken picked out a well-built male fan to join him onstage to dance to 舊歡如夢 (old loves like a dream). But because the fan performed the wrong dance steps and confused the directions he told Hacken "Tonight you're very successful... because you invited me onstage." making Hacken unable to laugh or cry. Being sharp-tongued, he returned "Do you drive a car? You need to be careful, because your sense of direction is not too good!"

沒 有你贏了世界又如何+夏日之神話+護花使者+球迷奇遇記+未成年同盟會、合久未婚、My Shirley、一生不變、高妹、一生不愛別人、希望、愛不釋手、情比紙薄(王苑之合唱)、我真的受傷了、面具(王苑之);飛花、心計、花落誰家、為你鍾 情、浪子心聲、似夢迷離、倩影、喝彩、深深深、我不會唱歌、月半小夜曲、情非首爾、婚前的女人、天水‧圍城、Victory、一生想你、告別校園時、只想 你會意、回首、大會堂演奏廳;(安哥I)愛可以問誰、舊歡如夢、紅日;(安哥II)誰願分手、破曉時分

Looking up with sore necks

As Hacken was singing on stage, the reporters present were not organised into good seats and so they could not even see a screeen. The reporters had to lift their heads to see and when the concert finished every reporter had a sore neck. The reporters had approached the organiser, but the workers only cooly said "Ok, what is there to complain? Come, come... we're all working for someone, why make things hard for us?"


Hacken releases album and autographs for first 20 buyers on July 26th

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger, posted by