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Hacken Lee: Mature men refuse to talk about family for protection

2007 August 13

Sentimental Life sung in songs

Yesterday against the 8th level typhoon (he had 2 fly out of HK, through an 8th level typhoon to get there!!), Singer, Hacken Lee appeared, as promised, at the soon-to-be-taken-down GuangZhou Clouds Airport (??), Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey. When asked about his wife's pregnancy, Hacken maturely protected his family and his privacy- he expresses that he hopes people will have more interest in his singing career.

Protecting with all his talking about life

Though Hacken does not get angry once talking about his personal life, he is still very cautious when talking about it. Using the Chinese Boxing techniques, his answers still show his boundary line. Hacken expresses, "Must not speak on it, once spoken the next day's newspaper will talk only about that. Even though my personal life is not something I need to hide, but as a man, I am responsible in protecting my family and giving them a peaceful environment."

Coincidentally, while his wife Emily is pregnant, in Hacken's new album there is a song that was written by him, "Little Baby". The lyrics express the full excitement of a man who is soon-to-be a father. Hacken says,"To be an artist, one must have a creative mind, not all the songs I write expresses my feelings, but if everyone thinks this is a song about my life, it is okay. I can only say to everyone, after marriage, my life did not change. Therefore there is no need to compare each song with my life."

Talk on career is about luck

Today, Hacken is considered a mainstream Hong Kong singer, but before Alan Tam said Hacken will be his successor, even people saw this as Hacken's opportunity, but Hacken only half succeeded. After the year 2000, Hacken unexpectingly "becomes alive again," causing people to see how varied the Hong Kong showbiz is.

Hacken expresses that the showbiz matters is about luck. He never felt any pressure from what Alan had said, showbiz is not within our control; it is beyond our grasp.

Therefore, what one must do, besides working hard, is to become good at summarizing, become good at forgetting. Hacken says it is like the ups-and-downs of life, but only remember the happy and joyous moments of life. As for the albums' sales, when popularity fails, just let it vanish away in memory.

Talk on Olympics brings back memories with Andy Lau

Last week, Hacken was in Beijing with other singers to record the song "We are Ready." Although this caused his wife to worry (for his health, cuz he's so busy?), he expresses that he experienced an enriching week. When speaking of the Olympics in Beijing, Hacken expresses that this is a major event for all Chinese people...afraid it will have unworthy lyrics, but still they must wholeheartedly try their best.

Hacken remembers the past event. Year 1996, along with Andy Lau, they arrive at Atlanta. They were one year's television announcer. This kind of special job gives Hacken great feelings, especially at the moments when Chinese athletes win gold, Hacken says it causes his whole body to have a tingly feeling and excitement. He expresses that if it is possible, he wants to see the Olympics in person.

[Sources: ~Sina,]
[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]

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