Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hacken's Good Album Sales Due to the Weather

August 5,2007

Hacken refuses to talk about his baby during an autograph session.

Hacken's latest album 'My Cup of Tea' has achieved sales status of a gold record. Yesterday (4th of August), he held an autograph sessions where about 500 fans queued up for it and there were about a thousand people who turned up for the promotional activity, creating a very vibrant atmosphere.

Hacken indicated happily that he received news that the new album is selling pretty well, however, he does not dare hope that sales would exceed those of his Concert Hall album. It is best to let nature take its own course. He also said that compared to the 1990s, the results of this album is still not very commendable.

Hacken jokingly said that perhaps due to the warm weather recently, people would rather stay at home and listen to songs (thus driving up album sales) and said that this was a good sign for singers. A few days ago, Hacken played soccer and after playing for 10 minutes, he had to drink lots of water.

When asked if Emily goes out, Hacken said that it would be better if she stayed at home to listen to songs.

When talking about Cecilia's newborn, Hacken acknowledges that he doesn't know Nicholas very well, but gave his deepest wishes to the couple and believes that Cecilia will be a good mum. When asked if he was nervous about the birth of his own child, he refused to talk about it and changed the topic back to his new album. He told the reporters to address the questions to his wife when they meet her. He said "Women are in charge of answering questions while the men goes out to earn money."

[translated by Gillian]
[source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070805.htm]

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