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The 29th RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Award Show

january 27, 2007

Hacken won 3 awards:

Top 10 Outstanding Singers Award
- Top 10 Gold Songs for City Surrounded by Heaven and Water
(tin) (sui)(wai) (sing]
- Best-selling Male Singer

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Hacken will be singing the themesong for The Drive of Life TVB series

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[news source: Sehseh's Blog,]

[The Sun 26/01/07]

TVB Grand Production "The Drive of Life" will be aired across South East Asia on 1st July and originally, the show had been scheduled to air on China Central Television Channel 1's prime time slot at 8pm, but another series marking the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong has appeared on the scene entitled "Hong Kong Sisters" and this series has won the coveted spot, with "Drive" being moved to Channel 8 instead. The theme song to the series has been confirmed to be sung by Hacken Lee and written by Joseph Koo.

in case u don't know, this is a REALLY GREAT NEWS, cuz this series will be aired in so many places and the A LOT of ppl will probably watch. biggrin.gif


Title: The Drive of Life / Shui Yuet Fung Wan(tentative title)
NOTE: The series will be released in July 1st or* October 2007.

In celebration of HK 10th anniversary return to China, TVB will film two grand production series - A Tale Of Two Cities (80 episodes) & The Changing Times (60 episodes) later this year.

TVB has invited Mainland TV station CCTV to co-produce it. Because of sentimental value and the opportunity to break into Mainland market, a lot of artiste have expressed interest in this series.

Sales Presentation: *Dec 10th, 2006

Producer: Tommy Leung Kar Shu & Poon Ka Tak
Genre: Modern series with 60 episodes. Collaboration of TVB and Mainland China CCTV.
Filming: Sept 20th, 2006 (Start Oct 2006 and estimate end in April 2007)
Shooting location: Hong Kong, Mainland China (Beijing & Ningbo) and Vancouver, Canada.

Charmaine Sheh as Wing Sau Fung
Damien Lau as Wah Man Hang
Jessica Hsuan
Joe Ma
Kenneth Ma
Michael Miu as Wah Man Shek
Myolie Wu as Fong Bing Yee
Ng Wai Kwok as Ngai Tin Hang
Raymond Lam as Wah Zhen Pong
Ron Ng as Sin Gai Keung
Sheren Tang as Wong Siu Fan


"Minutes to Fame" Returns in March

[source: Em's TVBspace News Roundup,,]

[The Sun 27/01/07]

"Minutes to Fame" Returns in March

TVB's talent show "Minutes to Fame" created a cult following after its release and TVB have confirmed a new series of the show will begin in March, with even better prize money and prizes and invitations to people from many different places. The hosts are planned to be Hacken Lee, Joey Leung and Miriam Yeung. Producer Chin Kwok Wai has confirmed that "Minutes to Fame" will be returning at the end of March and Hacken and Joey have been in negotiations, but details are yet to be finalised with the company.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hacken Explains Charmaine's Flirting

Thursday, January 25, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 26/01/07]

Hacken Explains Charmaine's Flirting

Hacken Lee, Yumiko Cheng, Alex Fong and Krusty were the guests filming for Jade Solid Gold earlier and asked about losing his voice last week before his performance on Miss Chinese International, is Hacken better now? He says that because he has been busy filming for the film "Beautiful Goddess of Cooking", he has not had enough time to rest and so developed an infection, but he is much better than last week and he insisted on singing live for the show.

Talking of his last performance, he said mockingly of himself: "Although I am not at my best tonight, it is much better than last week, because I was so croaky that it sounded terrible. I hope that the usual Hacken will be back at the 'Top Ten Chinese Songs Awards' this weekend." Talking of the reports that on the set of his film, he was subjected to some wild flirting from co-star Charmaine Sheh, he explains immediately: "I have a family now and from working with Charmaine, I find her to be a very professional and punctual person. The short skirt was her costume and the things in the report never happened. I really didn't feel that she was flirting with me." Asked if he had explained the reports to his wife, he says that there is no need to explain himself to her for everything.

Also a co-star in the movie, Yumiko also says that she does not feel that Charmaine was flirting with Hacken and laughs that she is the flirtatious one in the show. She says: "Because my character in the show is called 'Flirty May' and she is greedy for money, vain and wears a golden wig. This is my first time in a Chinese New Year movie and the first time I have played such a provocative character." After this movie, Yumiko hopes to move her music-focussed career towards acting in films and series and her company is supporting her. She will be heading into the mainland to film a series there in May.

[source: Em's TVBspace News Roundup, Translated by

[pics from,]

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hacken Lee forced to lip-sync due to his illness

Caption: Hacken Lee, who's forte is singing live, had no choice but to lip-synch.
Caption: Hacken and Charmaine walking the red carpet and enters.

2007 Jan 21

Hacken Lee was invited as the performing guest for Miss Chinese International Pageant which
took place last night. He fell sick as he had been busy rushing for the filming of his movie.
Having to perform when he is sick, he announced beforehand that his performance might not
be up to standard, saying "Because of the cold, my performance can only reach about 60%.
I've been filming becoming like a dead corpse [zombie?]. Yesterday, when I performed at Qing Yuan, I nearly could not speak."

Hacken Lee performed 3 songs yesterday. His voice was much thicker when he performed 2 of the TV classics.
As for the other song, Princess Price, he had to lip synched and the difference was vast and obvious.
The executive producer for the program He Xiao Hui had brought up the issue with Hacken and
asked if he wants to shorten his performance. Hacken says "I don't want to affect the performance,
so I will do my best to sing."

Hong Kong changes her role as host

Also, Hacken Lee's wife Emily Lo received second place at the Miss Chinese International for the year 1993. He says
"Times have changed, last time it was more traditional, there were a lot of Hua Chen at home. Also,
Hong Kong was the one who made the decisions and had the advantage as host. This time it's
Fo Shan, Hong Kong is no longer playing the role of a host." Hacken also mentions that his
wife had the advantage of being host last time. And this time, Hong Kong no longer has an
advantage as it is not the host.
Hacken lip synched for Miss Chinese International Pageant

Out of his 3 songs, Hacken Lee only performed 2 live songs. The other song Princess Prince, due
to difficulty in singing the song, Hacken can only lip synched. He expressed that he could
not help it either as he was sick.

Have to bear with his illness while filming

Hacken says "I couldn't even speak when I went to Qing Yuan yesterday. I've spoked with the
executive producer through the phone before hand. If I really can't sing the song we will
stop the song halfway through." Is he worried that his performance will not be up to standard?
"Of course I'm afraid! That's why I've went to see the Qigong master after seeing the doctor,
and I've even brought traditional chinese medicine here to drink. However, one needs to rest
for this illness, so after my performance I will return to Hong Kong immediately."
Being sick this time, Hacken believes that this was due to the harsh filming of Beautiful Food
Goddess. On his views towards this year's pageants, Hacken says he has seen them earlier on.
He hopes that Hong Kong's representative can qualify for the first 3 places, bringing fame
for Hong Kong.

[Sources:, ~ Apple Daily, ~Takungpao]
[translated by Hianez]

Charmaine Sheh working for 40 hours non-stop

[source: Sehseh's Blog,,
pics from:]

january 19, 2007

[Singtao Daily]

Recently there is a tabloid magazine reporting about Charmaine Sheh going out with Fanny Sit's ex husband Ma Ching Wai, and that their relationship is unusual. Yesterday, the visibly tired Charmaine was filming Chinese New Year movie [Beautiful Food Goddess] admitted having a meal with Ma Ching Wai, but clarified that their relationship are just family friends. In addition, there were other people at there too. Due to the rushed filming, Hakken fell ill and suffered loss of voice but he still came to work, showing full responsibility.

The crew and cast of [Beautiful] were filming a scene at a hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui yesterday. When reporters arrived at the scene, they saw Charmaine wearing a chef uniform with mini skirt and sitting aside expressionless. It turns out that apart from filming this movie, Charmaine also have to juggle filming TVB series [Drive of Life], therefore looking weary. Charmaine says: "Though I have filmed movie and series at the same time before, but filming for this movie was extremely rushed, I even experienced filmed continuously for 40 hours, so it’s quite a hardship."

When reporters asked her about her relationship with Ma Ching Wai, she indifferently replied: "We are family friends; he is one of my mum's familiar friends. Because my mum has just returned to Hong Kong, therefore she invited a group of friends to have a dinner. My mum, Kenny Chung and other friends was there too. (Afterward, did you keep in contact, did you feel awkward when you meet?) I rarely meet him, my mum does. There won't be any awkwardness, maybe next time when we meet we will bring up this topic, and it’s all because he’s too famous!"

Yesterday, there is also another magazine that published pictures of her sitting in Ron Ng's car, implying that they're having a secret relationship and even labeling Charmaine as "Coy Sheh". Afterward, Ron explained he was just giving Charmaine a ride to the harbor, which later she took a ferry to Macau.

Hakken explained in a weak voice that he lost his voice due to illness spread by another crew member. He said: "Someone in the crew fell sick, but because of rushed filming, everyone was together all the time, in the end all the crew members fell sick! (Have you seen the doctor yet?) Yes, now I’m taking Chinese medicine."

[Additional excerpt from Oriental Daily]

Charmaine has no time for love

When asked why she hasn’t found a real boyfriend to diminish these rumors, Charmaine says: "I'm too busy! Everyday, I returned home just for a shower, I miss my bed the most." Meanwhile, Hakken lost his voice due to illness. He has seen a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and he was worried that his singing during Miss Chinese International Pageant will be affected.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hacken's streak is broken, feels disappointed

2007 Jan 15

Hacken Lee says that this ceremony has many usefulness, the atmosphere is peaceful, though
host Eric Tseng has made many interesting comments, the best is none other than General Manager Chan Chi Wan going on stage and ask Eric and Joey to shake hands.

As to being unable to cotinue his streak of receiving the Most Popular Male Singer award,
Hacken is disappointed and can only hope that there will be better results this year. At the same
time, he feels happy for Eason who is in the same company as him and has received the award.
He says "Every year, the most outshining person in the music industry is only Andy Lau. Actually,
the one who calculates wins and losses is not the singer but the company. I hope that that everyone
will not use words to get the award but to show results instead."

[sources:, Mingpao]
[translated by Hianez] [for all the other similar versions of this news, go here: to read!]

Hacken laughs at Eric who plants the seed of fire

2007 Jan 13

First line female singers fail to attend

Yesterday afternoon, many singers, emcee Eric Tseng and others gathered at the backstage of the
Hong Kong Coliseum to pray that tonight's award ceremony will be successful. Three famous singers and hot favourites Hacken Lee, Eason Chan and Leo Ku made time to attend the function despite having to shoot their films. On the other hand, first line singers like Kelly Chan, Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Miriam Yeung and Twins did not attend the function. Recently, Joey Yung had a feud with Eric Tseng. It is uncertain that she is afraid of the embarassment of having to meet Eric that she gave her reason of absence for the function as well as the rehearsal as having a fever.

View Eric's battle

Hacken was being asked if he has confidence of winning the male singer award again. He says that
the award is assigned by the authorities, the singers do not go and fight for it. When asked for his view towards the rumour of Kelly Chan fighting for the award, Hacken does not believe it and laughed and said that tonight's highlight is to see how Eric performs and reacts to the other. When asked who is 'the other', Hacken laughs, saying "I won't say, he has alot of hot heads, tomorrow night is a grand battlefield, it's a chance for the emcees to learn. Asked if he will as Eric to be more peaceful, he says "No, he is the great grand teacher!"

Eric: Nothing will happen

Towards Hacken's comments that this is his battle tonight, Eric says "Everybody has misunderstood, I
will be more peaceful than my usual days to make the show good. The event is already over, nothing will happen. Will he act strange when meeting Joey Yung? He strongly comments that he will not, but will in fact be even more considerate, everybody need not worry, and he stressed again that nothing will happen. When the reporter raised the issue of Joey's absence, Eric only said "Really?" and left hastily. TVB's senior manager of variety and music comments that having a sense of humour is Eric's style, but he will also remind him to be careful with his words.

[sources:, Mingpao]
[translated by Hianez]
[for the full translation of all the different newspaper's articles about this news, go here to read it! ]

Monday, January 15, 2007

TVB 2006 Top Ten Jade Solid Gold Award Show and Celebration Dinner

2007 Jan 14

Hacken won one award:

-Top 10 Gold Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water
[(tin) (sui)(wai) (sing]

[source:] [translated by Jane]

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hacken calmly looks at the JSG award show

2007 Jan 12

Hacken attended the praying session for the TVB Top Ten JSG Award show, when asked if he is
confident to get award, he said that getting award is not based on how confident I am, if there is an award, of course will be happy to go on stage, if there is no award, I will still be happy: "of course still nervous, but actually I want to see how Eric Tsang will converse with her (pointing at Joey Yung)."

~ Orisun, Metro, Tungstar] [translated by Jane]

Hacken stiff back supporting Alan

2007 Jan 10

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee's noodle restaurant is expanding business, guests were there to
congratulate; guests included: Patrick Tse, Irene Wan, Wilfred Lau, Ivana, etc. Because Hacken have back injury, he needed security to help him clear the path, people jokingly asked him if his back injury is due to working hard to have a baby? Alan on his side said with a evil laugh: "Hacken, must not rush!" But when Alan was asked about his son, he immediately stopped talking.

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung married not too long, but it was said that Cecilia is
already pregnant, everyone is also curious to know if Hacken will have a year of the pig baby? Hacken replies: "I am like this now... right now career is most important, this new year is the first time I will be giving red envelopes so I will give two envelopes."

~ Mingpao, Singpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun, Apple Daily, Tai Kung Pao, Wen Wai, Singtao, Headlines, City News, HK Image Online] [translated by Jane]

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

JSG Awards List exposed

2006 Jan 9

TVB's Top Ten JSG Award show will be held this weekend, "Most Popular Male/Female Artist" and "Asia Most
Popular Male/Female Artist" award attracts much attention, especially when each company is fighting hard for their own artists. Although as artists say themselves it is just a game, but even in a game there is win and lose, yesterday the award list was exposed, the list says this year's Most Popular Male/Female Artist, will go to Eason and Joey, although Eason always make smart remarks, but after the measuring of professionalism, he ranks high; and Leo Ku will win Gold Song Gold Award with "Love too late". As for Asia Most Popular Male/Female Artist, of course will be Andy Lau, but it was said that for female artist, it is a fight between Kelly Chen and Twins, as of now, Kelly is ahead.

"TVB God Son" Hacken will only receive a gold song award "Sky, Water, City", will not eat egg.

~ Mingpao, Orisun] [translated by Jane]

Hacken, Charmaine on street filming causing a stir in Mong Kok

2006 Jan 8

Hacken and Charmaine romantic scene causing a stir in Mong Kok, actually they are filming a new year film,
"Beautiful Food Goddess", in one night, Hacken change to a old fashion rich boy and Gold Hair boy, two
different roles, sharing romance with Charmaine in shopping, Most Popular Male Artist and Most Outstanding
Actress is out, causing packs of people to stand in Mong Kok to watch.

Lately, Hacken and Charmaine is busy with Wong Jing's new year film,
"Beautiful Food Goddess", yesterday the
two were filming in Mong Kok. The two is TVB's most popular male artist and most outstanding actress,
causing many people to watch the filming, creating major traffic problems.

According to the script, the old fashion Hacken is a rich boy, unexpectedly meets Charmaine, and she takes
him to Mong Kok to shop, changing his image to a gold hair boy, both image is very different. Hacken's
old fashion image as a rich boy is very funny looking, wearing a wig, the bangs are long down to the eyebrow
and also wearing large glasses and black suit, the suit also have a few spots of whites.

That night approximately 9:00, Mong Kok is busiest, Hacken and Charmaine were in a purse store, clothing
store and a small snack store to film a romantic shopping scene. When filming in the small snack store,
Hacken takes the opportunity to try the small snacks like fish ball, cow dish, in the mean time bystanders
lined up in 6-7 rows to watch the filming, there was a lady who couldn't see, and had her husband carry
her on his shoulder so she could see, there was also bystanders who saw Charmaine in short skirt, commenting
that she is too skinny or whether if she was a little more meaty, it will look better on camera, many fans
used camera and camera phones to take pictures, but to avoid the progress of the filming, the workers
used black cloth to close off the area for filming. Because there were a lot of people, it became chaotic,
each shot for the scene only took about 20 minutes to finish, the assistant for the two immediately
escorted them to the coffee house to rest.

On another note, last night Hacken was performing for Yan Chai Charity, he expresses that lately he has
been filming day and night, and day before he hurt his back at home, saw the doctor and the doctor
recommended that he should wear a back brace and take some rest time. When asked about receiving 0 awards
from the Roadshow Award show, is it because there is no award so you don't attend, Hacken says: "I was
filming, how can I go, it is not whether I have award or not, I congratulate those who won awards, there
are so many award shows in a year, there is definitely some I won't be able to attend."

~ Apple Daily] [translated by Jane]

Doctor recommends that Hacken wear back brace

2006 Jan 8

Hacken received 0 awards on the Roadshow Award, when speaking on award results, Hacken asks the reporters
to please leave him alone, don't ask him, why not ask the company/station! On the day of the award show, Hacken needed to do filming, therefore he did not attend the show, but if there is award he will attend, otherwise he will congratulate those who received awards. Hacken says with a smile that he is a family man and needs to work hard to earn money, and later the year there will be numerous award shows, whenever possible he will try to attend as many as possible.

Hacken performed for Yan Chai Charity with back pains, Doctor said that he is overworked, perhaps is
because he was working continuous nights, Hacken says: "This is the professionalism of an actor, and besides I am not young anymore!" The doctor recommended that he wear a back brace, but he was afraid, he was afraid it will expose his big stomach.

~ Headlines, Tai Kung Pao, Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun, Wen Wei, City News] [translated by Jane]

Yan Chai Charity Night

2007 Jan 6

Yan Chai Charity Night

[Sources:, ~ HK Image Online, Tungstar] [translated by Jane]

Eason and Hacken receive 0 awards

2007 Jan 5

Roadshow Award Show 2006, was held last night, Leo Ku and Joey Yung was big winners with 3 awards each, but Eason and Hacken received 0 awards.

~ Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun] [translated by Jane]

Hacken wins 0 awards, respect the results of Chik Chak

2007 Jan 4

2006 Top Ten JSG Award will be held next Saturday (13th), Yesterday, Hacken, Yumiko, Gillian and Joey
attended the JSG 25th function. Hacken received 0 awards from Chik Chak, causing fans to be upset, Hacken says: "Fans no need to be upset, if there is any complain, please come to my forum to leave a message as a way to support."

Hacken mentioned there is no grudge between him and the station, its just that they have different point
of views, Hacken also have many friends at the station, but it does not mean that his songs will be played a lot on the station; And that night Hacken was absent because of filming, Hacken watched the award show afterwards, he was happy for all the friends who received awards. As for JSG Most Popular Male Artist, people said it is a competition between Eason and Leo Ku, Hacken laughs: "I have cold hands, ready to take on this heat! I am the black horse with great talents because I am the top selling artist, but is most popular the same as top selling." Hacken disagrees with the fight for award, he said: "No need to fight for award, it all depends on how the station determines who gets what. I admit that when there is no award I will be disappointed, I am just a normal person, but I need to be more neutral about it."

~ Headlines, Mingpao, Singpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun, Apple Daily, Tai Kung Pao, Wen Wei, Singtao, City News, Tungstar, HK Image ] [translated by Jane]

Fans upset/complain that Hacken receive 0 award

2007 Jan 3

Leo Ku was a big winner for Chik Chak Awards with 5 awards, currently ranks first in the Media award with
13.5 awards, but he still lost Male Artist Gold award, Leo said he is not disappointed. As for Eason, who
got 3 awards, he said: "I am more worried about the quality than quantity."

Softhard, having separated for 13 years, joined together again, winning the Best Group Gold Award and
Most Loved Group Award.

On the other hand, Hacken was never the cup of tea for Chik Chak, it was already expected that he will not
get any awards. Yesterday there was fans who were upset that Hacken wasn't in the top 3 for Most Loved
Male Artist. Hacken is busy filming, music company representative thanked fans for their support, they
also respect each station's awards, if fans have something to express, they are welcome to go to Hacken's
forum to express their feelings and thoughts.

~ Oriental Daily, Orisun]
[translated by Jane]

Hacken and Charmaine film new series

2007 Jan 2

Going into 2007, besides good health, Hacken also hopes to have a new start, first off he takes on a new movie, and the actress is Charmaine, Hacken only knows that it is a movie about food, it is definitely not a sad movie, in the movie he will act as a rich boy, and Charmaine as a useless girl, Hacken hopes that in 2007 he will have more chances to act in movies, it is said that Charmaine is annoyed of gossip news, but Hacken said there is nothing to be afraid of. On another note, next year, Hacken's job schedule is booked, where will he have time to have baby? Hacken says he will plan accordingly.

RTHK held a countdown 2007 at Causeway Bay, at the same time they announced the top 10 artists, which
includes: Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Justin Lo, Denise Ho, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, Jay Chou, and Janice.

Hacken was the first one to receive this award, he hopes this will bring him more luck, new year with a
new start. Ever since he was announced the top selling artist, Director Wong Jing invited him to act in the new year film, and for the first time inviting someone from TVB, Charmaine. Although Charmaine have many gossip news, Hacken said he is not afraid of any partners in movie. Because of the movie, Hacken also have to color his hair black again, having gold hair for many years, Hacken admit that he is not used to it. Asked if he will act in more movies this year? he replied that must finish this one first.

~ Metro, Ming Pao, Sing Pao, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, City News, Headlines]
[translated by Jane]

Eason, Grasshopper, Hacken, Joey, Twins, etc "New Year's Eve Big Party"

2007 Jan 1

Nokia New Year's Eve Big Party to bring in 2007, performing artists include, Eason, Joey, Hacken, Twins,
Paul Wong, Grasshopper, and British Girl Group Atomic Kitten, etc. It is estimated 6,000 people were there, the atmosphere was very high.

~ Tungstar, HK Image,] [translated by Jane]

Monday, January 8, 2007

New Year Eve Party, Recall 2006 Happy and Sad

2006 Dec 31

2006 is an important year for Hacken because he marries Emily Lo on November 28th, with a sweet
smile Hacken says: "When I see the happiness on my guests' faces, I am very happy too, I don't feel that
my identity is different now, people still call me Mr. Lee, only my wife's identity is different!" In
2007, if you have baby, will you announce it? Hacken replies: "For this, its not if you announce you will
have, I will only announce if it is real!" For 2007 Hacken hopes to continue to dance, earn money, sing,
and continue to be happy.

[Sources:, ~ Singtao] [translated by Jane]

Hacken is the new Top Selling Artist [additional news]

2006 Dec 30

**news as reported for 2006 Dec 29**

In addition, Hacken was asked about the absent to Metro's celebration party, he said he was only
following his boss' orders. It was only until he saw in the newspaper couple days ago, but till now, he still doesn't know what all that was about. He said he will ask about it later.

~ QQ, Mingpao, Singpao, Orisun, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Tai Kung Pao, Wen Wei, Singtao, Sun, China News, Tung Star, HK Image]
[translated by Jane]

Hacken is the new Top Selling Artist

2006 Dec 29


2006 can be said to be the weakest year for the music industry within these 20 years, and so the
artists and the company tried many marketing strategies to attract fans to buy the album for keepsake. Hacken, with his beautiful voice, used a lot of money to go to Korea for recording of his album, other than attracting his common fans, it also attracted music craze fans to buy his album. Hacken picked a good marketing strategy, with the success from last year's Concert Hall Album, this year he continued with this strategy, putting his album on the chart for 15 weeks, making his album to be this year's top selling album.

[Source:, ~ Mingpao, Singtao]
[translated by Jane]

Universal and Go East artists absent at celebration party

2006 Dec 28

It was said that the Universal and Go East Artists were unhappy with the awards presented by
Metro. They felt that it was unfair and so they were absent at the celebration party.

~ Mingpao, Singpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun, Apple Daily, Tai Kung Pao, Wen Wei, SingTao, Metro, Headlines]
[translated by Jane]

Metro Awards

[this news goes with the pics below]

2006 Dec 27

Summary: Andy Lau was the top winner, with 8 awards, other winners include Leo Ku with 7 awards, Eason and Hacken with 6 awards, Joey Yung with 5, Denise Ho with 4, Ivana with 2.

Awards for Hacken:
* Metro Hit Song: Woman before Marriage
* Metro Hit Song: Sky, Water, City
* Metro Original Commercial Hit Song: I Wear Number 10
* Metro Year Hit Album: Hacken Concert Hall 2
* Metro Creative Marketing: Hacken Lee - Concert Hall / Concert Hall 2
* Metro Asia Hit Artist

[Sources:,, ~ Sina, 21 CN] [translated by Jane]

Metro Awards