Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Fans upset/complain that Hacken receive 0 award

2007 Jan 3

Leo Ku was a big winner for Chik Chak Awards with 5 awards, currently ranks first in the Media award with
13.5 awards, but he still lost Male Artist Gold award, Leo said he is not disappointed. As for Eason, who
got 3 awards, he said: "I am more worried about the quality than quantity."

Softhard, having separated for 13 years, joined together again, winning the Best Group Gold Award and
Most Loved Group Award.

On the other hand, Hacken was never the cup of tea for Chik Chak, it was already expected that he will not
get any awards. Yesterday there was fans who were upset that Hacken wasn't in the top 3 for Most Loved
Male Artist. Hacken is busy filming, music company representative thanked fans for their support, they
also respect each station's awards, if fans have something to express, they are welcome to go to Hacken's
forum to express their feelings and thoughts.

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070103.htm
~ Oriental Daily, Orisun]
[translated by Jane]

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