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Hacken, Charmaine on street filming causing a stir in Mong Kok

2006 Jan 8

Hacken and Charmaine romantic scene causing a stir in Mong Kok, actually they are filming a new year film,
"Beautiful Food Goddess", in one night, Hacken change to a old fashion rich boy and Gold Hair boy, two
different roles, sharing romance with Charmaine in shopping, Most Popular Male Artist and Most Outstanding
Actress is out, causing packs of people to stand in Mong Kok to watch.

Lately, Hacken and Charmaine is busy with Wong Jing's new year film,
"Beautiful Food Goddess", yesterday the
two were filming in Mong Kok. The two is TVB's most popular male artist and most outstanding actress,
causing many people to watch the filming, creating major traffic problems.

According to the script, the old fashion Hacken is a rich boy, unexpectedly meets Charmaine, and she takes
him to Mong Kok to shop, changing his image to a gold hair boy, both image is very different. Hacken's
old fashion image as a rich boy is very funny looking, wearing a wig, the bangs are long down to the eyebrow
and also wearing large glasses and black suit, the suit also have a few spots of whites.

That night approximately 9:00, Mong Kok is busiest, Hacken and Charmaine were in a purse store, clothing
store and a small snack store to film a romantic shopping scene. When filming in the small snack store,
Hacken takes the opportunity to try the small snacks like fish ball, cow dish, in the mean time bystanders
lined up in 6-7 rows to watch the filming, there was a lady who couldn't see, and had her husband carry
her on his shoulder so she could see, there was also bystanders who saw Charmaine in short skirt, commenting
that she is too skinny or whether if she was a little more meaty, it will look better on camera, many fans
used camera and camera phones to take pictures, but to avoid the progress of the filming, the workers
used black cloth to close off the area for filming. Because there were a lot of people, it became chaotic,
each shot for the scene only took about 20 minutes to finish, the assistant for the two immediately
escorted them to the coffee house to rest.

On another note, last night Hacken was performing for Yan Chai Charity, he expresses that lately he has
been filming day and night, and day before he hurt his back at home, saw the doctor and the doctor
recommended that he should wear a back brace and take some rest time. When asked about receiving 0 awards
from the Roadshow Award show, is it because there is no award so you don't attend, Hacken says: "I was
filming, how can I go, it is not whether I have award or not, I congratulate those who won awards, there
are so many award shows in a year, there is definitely some I won't be able to attend."

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070108_002.htm,
~ Apple Daily] [translated by Jane]

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