Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hacken will contemplate seriously about adding more shows to his concert, his phobia of poor ticket sales still remains

28 December, 2007

Hacken Lee attended a press conference for his upcoming 2008 concert "Prudential & You Use Your Heart to Listen: Your Hacken Lee Concert Hall 2008 Concert". The concert will start on February 8, 2008 till February 14. All 7 shows will be held in the Hong Kong Coliseum, and music will be the highlight of the concert. Four famous musicians were also invited to perform, including Lung Heung Win and Huang Shih Lun who were present at the conference to show their support. The organization presented Hacken with a computer and popcorn to wish him success and astonishing sales for his concert. Present at the conference also were 12 children who played the violin as accompaniment.

The main highlight will be music, will not imitate Andy Lau

Hacken expressed that his concert sales were not very good in the past (more than 10 years ago) and it did affect him. Will he add more shows? He said that for now, he will not do so as it is better to maintain the stability. As the concert is held during the Chinese New Year, there will be many audience members giving him red packets. He reveals that he will donate all the red packets he receives to charity unless it is specified that the red packet is for his son. If so, he will set up an educational fund for Ryan. He also joked he wants to compare the number of red packets between him and his son. “Dear fans, remember to give 1 more red packet this year!” he said. He says that receiving many red packets is like receiving lots of luck. He will spend the amount of money received, and then donate the same sum to the charity. In the past, the amount of money totaled up to almost ten million and he believes that Ryan will receive more red packets than him. He is happy to know that his concert sales reached at least 60 percent.

Will he give half of what he earned in his concert to Emily? “We’ve not thinking about money! She’s not a materialistic person.”

“I’ve seen Andy Lau’s carnival-style concert, it was very well done. I give it 101 marks. I will not follow his style but put music to the highlight instead. Even the costumes are simpler; there will not be flashy outfits. It’d be great if I can wear sports shoes.” Emily has always been in-charge of his clothing, but she will be taking care of Ryan this year. He will employ another image consultant this time. The flashy outfits will be saved for the future concerts with Alan Tam. Did he invite Alan as guest? “He should not sacrifice his family time for me, let’s see if he’s free,” Hacken joked. “I’ve asked several other singers, whoever is free can come and have fun!”

When asked if he starts his concert on the second day of CNY because he wants to spend the first day together with his family, Hacken reveals, “The schedule was arranged this way. Even on the first day, I need to rehearse. For the past few years, I’ve been a regular at holding CNY concerts and I’m used t it. And when it comes to receiving red packets…it’s really great and happy.” In the past, red packets received during his concert with Alan Tam were given to charity. He also says that as Ryan is still very young, he will not let him attend the concert. Will he attend the 903 awards ceremony? “It’s not appropriate to answer this question now. Let’s wait a few more days.”

Does not speak about the Metro Hits Awards

On the discussion that the Metro Hits Awards were as predicted, Hacken said that he does not wish to comment on this anymore. He’s happy if there’s an award, but if there’s none he will go fulfill his duties as a father. For now, the most important to him is his concert. He congratulates all winners, and is happy that Priscilla Chan is back in the industry.

At the Metro Hits Awards, Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee were the winners that day, each with 5 awards. Leo Ku received 4 awards, falling behind by 1. Joey Yung received 4 awards while Janice received 3.5 awards though she could not attend the function due to food poisoning.

Before the awards ceremony, Gold Label announced that they are boycotting Metro Hits and none of their singers would be present. During the opening ceremony when the various music companies were introduced, it was mentioned that Gold Label was not present due to personal financial problems. Hence, all related personnel did not attend. However, Gold Label singers still received encouragement and awards, which also shows the fairness in this event. Following this, one of the first 4 songs to receive awards was Leo Ku’s "Love Coming Home", which received Most Number of Plays award---Justin’s "Man & KTV" and Kary Ng’s "Forcing Too Hard" both received Best Original Song Award. Edmond Leung’s "Trying to Be Smart" and Stephy Tang’s "Light Bulb" won the Karaoke Award. The host commented on the good results.

[Sources:, Mingpao, Singpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun] [translated by: HIANEZ, edited by: KATE]

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hacken Lee Interviews Stephen Chan!

[credit:, Translated by Emma Lam]

28 December 2007

Hacken Lee (李克勤) welcomed his guest, TVB General Manager Stephen Chan (陳志雲) to film the interview section of his HD Music Special programme today and in the style of Stephen's hospitality when he interviews his guests, Hacken presented Stephen with a thoughtful gift. Hacken had arranged for a special award to be made for Stephen, in the shape of his initial "S" and engraved with "Most Popular Programme Host" on it.

After receiving his gift, Stephen revealed that on the night of the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, he will be on leave and could be on his way to the Antarctic. He laughed that he was not going away intentionally to avoid Hacken. Asked if he would be especially generous with his answers during his interview with "TVB Godson" Hacken, Stephen laughed that Hacken is TVB's godson and not his own and pointed out that he is also just an employee of the company. Asked if the company would be awarding Hacken with the two highest male singer awards this year in exchange for this show, Stephen said that the voting has not yet started and the result will reflect the will of the viewers.

There were reports that Eason Chan (陳奕迅) lost his temper during filming of an episode of Jade Solid Gold <勁歌金曲>, leading to TVB's displeasure and their decision not to give him any awards. Stephen pointed out that this is not related and after investigation, he has learned that Eason did not throw a tantrum and he only wanted to get the job done right.

As for whether his cherished staff member Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) stood to bag an award, Stephen said that he felt that Patrick has one particularly good song, but it is down to the marketplace to decide if he is ready for an award yet.

Hacken admitted that he will be plugging himself during the interview and will take the opportunity to ask Stephen whether or not he will be attending his forthcoming concert. However, Stephen asked him in reply why he had not invited him to be a guest on the show. He said that this will be a very risky interview because he has to balance the questions between being too boring and being disrespectful. However, he has had many suggestions for questions for Stephen from many of his inquisitive friends.

Metro Radio Hands Out Music Awards To All

[credit:, translated by Emma Lam]

27 December 2007

Metro Radio's Hit Music Awards 2007 <新城勁爆頒獎禮> were presented on Boxing Day and with over a hundred awards handed out, it was like Christmas for the singers.

All the singers who attended received an award and even the Gold Label singers who had boycotted the event were awarded 13 gongs in their absence.

Hacken Lee (李克勤), Andy Lau (劉德華) and Eason Chan (陳奕迅) were the big winners of the night, each receiving five awards. Joey Yung (容祖兒) was the most fruitful female star, receiving four awards. Gold Label big brother Leo Ku (古巨基) was honoured with four awards and MC William Lam (林柏希) commented with a hint of sarcasm: "With such good results, why did they not attend?" Fortunately for Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅), who left Gold Label earlier this year, she was able to attend and receive her awards in person.

The stars arrived and were arranged to do a red carpet walk. Rumoured couple Ivana Wong (王菀之) and Hins Cheung (張敬軒) arrived together and up and coming diva Kay Tse (謝安琪) was accompanied by young husband Louis Cheung (張繼聰). Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) and Joline Tsai (蔡依琳) gave a taste of sexiness and glamour and rumoured couple Show Luo (羅志祥) and Rainie Yang (楊丞林) also happily posed together.

Although the Gold Label stars were not present, the company's congratulatory message was still printed inside the programme. Metro Radio boss Chu Ming Rui (朱明銳) explained that the programmes were printed a month ago, before Gold Label had pulled their artistes out of the ceremony. He said it was a shame that they did not attend, but he had made it clear in an earlier communication with the company's executives that Metro would still be presenting awards to their singers, despite their absence. As for any further co-operation between the companies, Mr Chu said that it was difficult to discuss anything at the moment and he will have to wait until things have settled down. He joked that he will have to think of some new ways of breaking the ice, maybe by presenting them with tea.

Gold Label decided earlier this month to withdraw all its singers from attending the Metro Radio awards ceremony after failure to negotiate a set number of awards from the station for the company's top singers, Leo and Justin Lo (側田).

[hacken won these awards. thanks 2 HIANEZ 4 the translation!!
Metro Hits Best Song - Where will the flowers fall
Metro Hits Best creative album - My Cup of tea
Best performance award
Best Asian singer award
Metro hits best song of the year - Where will the flowers fall ]

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hacken Refuses to Comment on Gold Label's Boycott Act, feels that singers are like pawns

December 24, 2007

Earlier, Gold Label issued a statement that all their singers would not be attending the award ceremony organised by Metro Radio Station. The reason being that they are unhappy with the unequal distribution of the awards, with the majority of them going to Universal. Two of the main singers involved is Hacken Lee and Leo Ku. Last night, both of them met at the JSG 3rd Quarter selection, but things seemed amiable between them.

It is rumoured that Leo Ku would get the Male Singer Award, but because Metro Radio Station wants to 'return the favour', the award will be given to Hacken instead. This caused Gold Label to be greatly displeased, thus deciding to boycott the event.

Hacken does not wish to be dragged into the boycotting incident and said that that he wants to just take good care of his son. He said that being a singer can be rather helpless sometimes. If the Award Ceremonies are like battlefields, then the record companies would be the equivalent of generals while singers are only pawns and soldiers. Singers just have to put in effort to produce a good album and obey instructions.

When Hacken and Leo met at the JSG awards, they were talking and trying to understand the whole incident form each other. Later, Hacken acknowledged that they did talk about this incident. Hacken relayed that Leo was only just following instructions, just like how he himself missed Metro's celebratory bash after the awards ceremony last year because his company was not happy with the results.

When asked if this incident caused any awkwards feelings between him and Leo, Hacken said, "No, everyone talks and jokes." When asked his feelings towards getting awards, he replied "If I receive an award, I will be happy, if not, I will just go home and take care of my son. I'm already not that young, please don't try and drag me into this. When asked if Leo's award is being given to him, he said: "I have always not believed this. No one knows the results yet. Maybe I will also not get it."

Leo Ku has just returned from Malaysia and he indicated that he did not know what was going on. He had even prepared his clothes for the ceremony, only to be told by his company that they would not be attending. He said that all the talk about the awards and the reasons are just media speculation. He said he will follow what his company does, and respect their decision, but he will also understand the reason for doing so.

[Gillian's comments: I think Paco was being very petty by getting all his singers to boycott the event because they are not the big winners. Also, if it is really about the Male Singer award, it was given to Leo and Hacken did not get it. Not sure if they changed the results because of this or it was just a media speculation.]
[kate's comments: i 100% agree w/gillian!! though last year UMG artists did not attend the party afterwards, but that's not as bad as not attending the ceremony period. but i'm not that surprised about the boycott. paco has always had the kinda bad news reported about him that makes him seem like a really greedy/petty guy....]

[translated by: GILLIAN]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hacken Lee Spends Christmas With Family

[credit:, translated by Emma Lam]

26 December 2007

Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) were among the guests on Christmas Eve at the blessing ceremony in preparation for the TVB Jade HD Premiere <翡翠高清首映禮> show.

Hacken laughed that he will be using face masks more often now with HD broadcasting because his skin is not as smooth as he would like it to be. He also commented on how well Andy Lau (劉德華) has managed to keep his body looking throughout his concert run, so he will be asking Andy for his diet plan to help with preparations for his own concert next year.

Hacken revealed that he will be having a big meal with his family for Christmas eve and he has prepared two big stockings for his son, but has not bought a gift for his wife. He said that his wife does not care much for material possessions, but he will surprise her once in a while.

Kayi will be representing Hong Kong in the forthcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant in January and she seemed to have lost some weight recently, with her cheeks looking less puffy. She said she has not lost weight intentionally and hopes that she will do well at the pageant.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hacken at the TVB HD Series For 2008 Launch

[credit:, translated by Emma Lam]

22 December 2007

TVB's HD Broadcasting Roadshow <高清數碼廣播全面睇> reached East Point City (東港城) today and General Manager Stephen Chan (陳志雲) led the opening ceremony, together with many artistes, who did their part to promote some forthcoming series that will be broadcasted in high definition.

[*left out parts not Hacken-related*]

Other shows in the HD showcase included Hacken Lee (李克勤)'s music special, Jade Solid Gold <勁歌金曲> presented by Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), Living Up<更上一層樓> hosted by Maggie Cheung (張可頤), daily sitcom Best Selling Secrets <同事三分親> starring Esther Kwan (關詠荷), Alvina Kong (江欣燕) and Angela Tong (湯盈盈) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之)'s current affairs show Info Link <事必關己>. The four Miss Hong Kong winners were also on hand to promote the forthcoming beauty pageants.

Hacken was asked about the section in his music special where he will be interviewing "the boss" Stephen and he revealed that this was quite a challenge because if he kept his questions too tame, the audience would lose interest, but if his questions were too prying, he risked losing his job. He revealed that he will be asking about the reports surrounding the allocation of TVB awards. As for whether he would bring up the matter of sexual orientation, Hacken said evasively: "Sometimes you do not have to be too direct, a successful interviewer is able to turn a general conversation into a kind of trap. If you take it easy, you can slip the odd question in without your subject realising."

To show his support for the HD launch, Hacken has spent the equivalent of his fee for half a concert on a new 65 inch HD-ready television and 110 inch projection unit at his home. He laughed that when Liza visited him, she was stunned when she saw it.

Asked if he would terminate Hacken's contract if he did not like the questions at the interview, Stephen laughed that TVB would not do something like this. He said that if Hacken asks the question, he will answer it. With his numerous appearances on television, will Stephen be spending more time on his skincare regime in the future? He said that he already goes for skin-cleansing treatment every seven to ten days, so he will not increase this any more.

Hacken Lee Films TVB First HD Music Special

[credit:, translated by Emma Lam]

20 December 2007

"TVB Godson" Hacken Lee (李克勤) has received a special invitation from TVB to star in the first ever music special to be filmed using HD technology and filming on the show started yesterday evening. His guests will include Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) and TVB General Manager Stephen Chan (陳志雲).

In the show, Hacken will be turning the tables on Stephen and conducting an interview with him in the style of his chat show Be My Guest <志雲飯局>, which has been renamed "Be Hacken's Guest <志勤飯局> for the purposes of this special show.

Asked if he is worried that this job will lead to rumours that he is only working in exchange for awards at the end of the year, Hacken said that this is not the case and if it was true then he should have won lots of awards years ago when he did even more work for TVB.

Talking about his other guests, Hacken said that it has been his wish to work with Eason for many years because it is so hard to find a true friend in the industry, so they will be testing each other with tongue-twister songs. As for Sammi, Hacken revealed that it has been over ten years since they last collaborated in TVB series A Life Of His Own <浪族闊少爺>.

With Stephen often making his guests cry in his chat show, Hacken was asked if he will make Stephen cry in his interview with him, but he did not respond directly and said that he wanted his show to concentrate on other things to complement the music, so this was ideal. He also laughed that with the HD recording, he will have to make sure that his hair and make-up are perfect.

Eason on the other hand has never liked setting his hair or putting on make-up and said that he does not mind people seeing him in his true form. During filming, he asked Hacken why he has kept his golden head of hair for so long and Hacken explained that he has only started winning awards after he started dying his hair and although he is not normally a superstitious person, he has kept up the tradition of having dyed hair since. He went on to point out that Eason started winning awards after he permed his hair, so Eason laughed that maybe they should try both dying and perming and see if that gives better results. However, he then said that he cannot dye his hair blonde because it will make him look like a little fat chicken as he does not have much hair.

Eason is currently filming <查之女> with Sammi and he said that in the first few days, he was quite nervous about working with her. Asked if he felt that Sammi had changed from before, he said that the only change is that she no longer offers incense to the gods, other than that, she is just the same. He laughed: "She is like a piece of paper, I mean her figure. I am like a chopping board, a weathered one, with lots of dents."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hacken Lee Gives Ada Choi Concert Tickets as Wedding Gift


Translated by Cmiley

Ada Choi earlier announced she and secretly dated for 4 years with Zhang Jun will be getting married, even though the marriage news is surprising, but earlier in November through Zhang's blog he expressed of going home to rest for a few days, and feelings of being able to eat together with the family and watching tv really is fulfilling happiness, he enjoys the feeling of a family atmosphere, and sweetly said: "Having a family is really a happiness" Sounding like right at the moment he's disclosing that he'll soon be happily setting up a family.

Also, after Ada announced the marriage news, many entertainment industry artists were yelling congrats, one of them good friend; Monica Chan through the blog, complimenting Zhang is a good man, he's caring to the family and really motivated, directly saying Ada and Zhang are a match made in heaven, giving the two unlimited wishes of happiness.

As for Hacken Lee attending TVB's program "豷智豶在職安健" recording, he already knew early of Ada's marriage news, and he said: "What kind of gift will I give her? Cash is the best, or invite her to watch my concert in Feb., by then I can give her the Colisseum's 64th tickets for her and her husband, and her husband's family can come watch too."

And when Myolie Wu was at a function, she expressed really admiring Ada for keeping the marriage news so secretly, she would do the same, only announcing marriage news and not announce a relationship.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hacken Lee Has No More To Say

[source:, translated by : Emma Lam]

12 December 2007

Hacken Lee (李克勤) was a guest on an interview with Metro radio and was presented with a cute outfit for his son by host Barry Yip (葉文輝). Asked about the recent negative reports and rumours about his wife and his son, Hacken said with resignation that he has nothing more to say. "I have said everything that I can to respond to the false reports. When I went to the gym yesterday with my wife, I knew that we would be photographed again and I am prepared for this now, but I cannot keep responding to everything. I will accept any words of congratulation or encouragement and forget the unhappy incidents." Hacken said that his wife is not upset by these incidents any more and they will not let this affect their lives, so they will continue as normal with their affairs. He said: "I can't help the reporters taking photographs, but just hope that they will print the better ones."

Hacken's car and mic breaks down...and he also receives criticism

December 10, 2007

Things do not go well for him

Yesterday, Hacken met with many unsuccessful things. It all began when he made his way to Sha Tin Courseway to act as guest for the Cathay Airlines Hong Kong International Races 2007. When he left his home for the event, his 7-seater car broken down in Tseung Kwan O tunnel. After the commotion which lasted for about 30 minutes, he then boarded a taxi and managed to arrive on time for the event.

Though he was the most popular performing guest, his mic earphones had problems while he was singing. When he sang "Red Sun" and went forward to shake hands with the audience, a man shouted "Horse Club's Bootlicker!" and even raised his hand to do a thumbs down gesture, expressing his jeers. But there were people in the audience who stood up for Hacken and directed 4-letter vulgar language at the man.

About the man's comment, Hacken replies: "Really? I didn't hear him. Oh, forget it!" With such bad luck, will Hacken make a bet on the horse race? Hacken replies: "in my whole life, I've only bet two times on horse races. Ten years ago, together with friends, we bet on a horse and won lots of money, but since then never won again." And replying to his car breaking down, he says, "Good thing I have a habit of always leaving the house early, so even when the car breaks down this time, I was not late and didn't affect the show's progress."

[translated by: HIANEZ & JANE, edited by: KATE`*]

Joey Yung gets to see Ryan's picture

December 8, 2007
Vol 25 of FACE

In the recent children's charity program organized by TVB, the focus was on Hacken Lee (well known for his singing) who did not perform (as well) as expected. Later on, there were many discussions on it and Hacken explained that it was due to the fact that the crew forgot to switch off Joey Yung's mic. Hence, he had to listen to Joey's conversation with Wong Cho Lam while singing. More or less, he got distracted.

However, the truth wasn't as such. Joey ought not to be the one who has such a strong influence over Hacken to distract him. The culprit had to be his son, Ryan. That night, backstage, he kept telling Joey about his son. And Joey liked little Ryan a lot, and kept at Hacken's ipod (in which he stored Ryan's picture) for 10 minutes. How could one not be distracted like this?

While doing make up and her hair, Joey kept looking at Ryan. And she even dared to show it to the reporters! Hmm, could it be that she wants to have a baby too? But her boss would not want her to do so, she is EEG's number 1 sister after all!

Later on, Gigi Leung also said that she wanted to have a look at Ryan. Hacken, on seeing that there were reporters around taking pictures, spoke loudly "Of course I won't show it, I only show it to people that I know!" Gigi has written (music for) "Tall Girl" for him before, did he mean those words for the reporters?

Hacken put Ryan's photo into his ipod. He was very happy to become a father, and should've been more generous and let the FBI have a clearer shot!

[translated by: HIANEZ, edited by: KATE`*]

Hacken Lee offers millions to catch traitor

December 8, 2007

Emily's blog exposed

Yesterday, Emily Lo's private blog was being exposed and published in various newspapers. Her family and pregnancy pictures were all reported in the news. Her termination of breadfeeding due to germ infection was also reported. Yesterday, during a rehearsal, Hacken commented "Sigh! I knew of it already. I don't know why but this time, I have to praise them for being superior. Less than 20 people knew of this blog, I won't get angry over this but I really have to fork out 1000 million to seek this traitor." (he was joking) Is Emily infected by germs? "I do not wish to elaborate on this. Everyone knows that I don't comment much on family matters," he replied.

Hacken stressed that he has no idea of the traitor. The blog was not registered under their real names and it was only meant for relatives and friends. He added,"We've already removed the items on the blog this morning and will not continue to update. I have no idea if the traitor is a friend of mine or my wife's but I really wish to find out. Even Alan Tam did not know of his blog (he does not have a computer), it might've been my father but then again he does not know how to use the computer. My friends know not of this blog and I believe that it is one of my wife's friends who was bribed. I should have distrubuted the photos myself instead of letting that person gain (from it)!"

They were very careful about this blog but it had to be exposed in such a manner. However, it isn't exactly a very unhappy thing. Hence, he will forgive this issue. Also, regarding the reports of his wife coming down with a weird disease, Hacken answers that someone made up that story.

When asked about Ryan's resemblance to him, he said "Sigh, everyone of us is very careful when it comes to protecting him. We take greater care when we go out, and have no idea that things would be exposed like this. But forget about it, things that will happen has happened. Let nature take its course. I was angry about the report regarding the weird disease because clearly, they conjured it up, but not this one."

This blog has been going on for a year and they dared not update it anymore. Also, he announced that ticket sales for his concert had been doing well. Credit card users already bought 2/3 of the tickets. The decision of adding shows will be finalized after public sales of tickets.

[Sources:, Mingpao, Apple daily, Takung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Singtao]
[translated by: HIANEZ, edited by: KATE`*]


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hacken Lee Says Emily Lo Is Fine

[source:, translated by Emma Lam,
image source:]

3 December 2007

Hacken Lee (李克勤) took part in a promotional event for Adidas Europass today, so he was absent from the CRHK Chik Chak Pop Music awards event that was happening at the same time. He explained that he only received the invitation from CRHK after agreeing to this commercial appearance, so he could not appear at both functions.

There have been reports that Hacken's wife Emily Lo (盧淑儀) has been suffering from post-natal depression and has been admitted to hospital after exhibiting strange behaviour, separating her from their son, Ryan. Hacken expressed disappointment at the reporters for writing these false accounts and explained that his visit to the hospital with his wife was to visit a friend of theirs from outside the industry. He added that the story seemed to be taken from the plot of the film 28 Days Later.

Hacken added that if the reporters had taken photographs, he would have welcomed them to come and ask questions, to which he would have answered truthfully, but to simply make up the story is very malicious. He said that his wife has been been upset by the reports, but they will handle it as well as they can. On an optimistic note, he can see it as additional promotional activity for his album. He said that he would like to take the opportunity to let all his friends and family know that they are fine and there are no strange illnesses or emergencies.

Hacken Lee Thanks Alan Tam For Generosity

translated by Emma Lam,
image sources:,]

3 December 2007

Hacken Lee (李克勤) was the guest host on the Roadshow <紅人館> programme yesterday, with guests Eric Suen (孫耀威), Kay Tse (謝安琪) and Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀).

During a break in the show, Hacken showed off the gift that good friend Alan Tam (譚詠麟) had presented to his son, Ryan, which was a specially designed necklace and white jade pendant. He explained that Alan had sent through a big basket of baby items previously, but this special gift had taken two months to make and he is very grateful to Alan for his thought and generosity. Asked if Ryan will be adopting Alan as a god-grandfather, Hacken said that there are no plans, but he already sees Alan as a father-figure, so this would be a natural progression.

Asked about reports that his wife Emily Lo (盧淑儀) suffering from post-natal depression, he insisted that this was not the case and that the irresponsible reports by the press has spoiled the happiness he has felt over the last few months.

Son is biggest (most important), Hacken isolates dogs

2007 Nov 30
Sudden Weekly Vol. 644

It is known that Hacken and Emily loves dogs; they own five dogs. But since the birth of Ryan, things have changed. Hacken restricts the dogs from getting near Ryan. Even though Hacken once said that raising a dog is a lifelong thing, but dogs can't match up to the birth of his son.

Hacken is known for loving dogs; he treats them like family members. In 2006 he also trained two Golden Retrievers Butter and Peanut, who performed in his concert before. His 5 dogs can go in and out of the house freely.

Dogs restricted from second floor

Of the 5 dogs Hacken owns, 4 of them are considered long hair dogs, so since the birth of Ryan, the dogs have been restricted because Hacken is afraid that the dog hair will affect Ryan's breathing. And because the master bedroom and Ryan's room is on second floor, the dogs have been restricted from the second floor. In the beginning the dogs were frustrated and not used to the new restrictions. Upon seeing the dogs reactions, Hacken and Emily felt bad too, but for health's sake they had to restrict them. Earlier, Hacken was seen taking the dog to check-up; but it was apparent that Hacken kept his distance with the dog.

Two maids, two uses

Upon the birth of Ryan, Hacken hired another maid to care for the BB; the other maid will care for the dogs and do house cleaning. Also Hacken bought 4 air-purifiers that is used 24 hours in the house. Hacken said that one must always be clean and to be careful; Ryan is young, his immune system is still not strong enough to fight off bacteria. Ryan is about 9-pounds now; Lisa (wonder who this is?) visited him the most, but she never dared to carry him. Hacken is so caring that because of Ryan, he wants to eliminate having to leave HK. Earlier [someone? a company in?] Japan invited him to guest perform at a show, but he rejected because he wanted to stay in HK.

Dog hair can cause asthma

The doctor recommended that the pregnant mom and BB should not be close to animals because it can cause asthma. It is best to keep the animals outside.

[translated by: JANE]

Musical Stars Play Happy Families


translated by Emma Lam,
image sources:,]

29 November 2007

This year marks the 30th anniversary of RTHK's Top Ten Chinese Songs awards (十大中文金曲) and an opening ceremony for the event was held today, attended by many big names in Hong Kong's music industry. The show's production manager Chow Kwok Fung (周國豐) revealed that there will be two parts to the awards presentation this year. The first section will be the presentation of the top ten songs on 13 January 2008 at the RTHK car park, then there will be a second show on 19 January at the Hong Kong Coliseum that will showcase the 30 year history of the musical selections and other performances to support the presentation of the individual awards. The build up to the awards will begin on 20 December, with the nominations being announced for the Golden Needle Awards as well as the release of a television documentary about the show's history.

To build on the concept of the singers being like one big family, a vote was held at the event for who should play which role in this "musical family" a and Hacken Lee (李克勤) emerged as the most popular for the family's father figure, with Eason Chan (陳奕迅) elected to be the matriarch. Leo Ku (古巨基) was chosen as the son and Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) emerged as the daughter-in-law. Joey Yung (容祖兒) played the big sister and Kelvin Kwan was chosen to be the manservant.

Miriam was asked whether or not she was happy at being chosen to be the daughter-in-law and she said she was not really suitable because normally daughters-in-law are not supposed to speak out, but this is the complete opposite to her character. However, she laughed that her mother would be pleased at the selection because it proves she is still marketable. She also said that Eason is always very neat and tidy, so he would have suited the matriarch or the manservant characters very well. Asked about rumours that Joey is tipped to win the Chik Chak gold award, Miriam said that as long as she wins one award to take back to her boss, Leon Lai (黎明), then she will be happy because he is the father figure of A Music. As for whether she felt that she was behind because of her low broadcast levels, she said that the awards are like a race and you don't know who will win until the very end. She added that she will be attending as many events as she can to raise her profile and put Leon's mind at rest while he is filming in Beijing.

Asked about her feelings for being selected as the musical big sister, Joey said that it reflects her reality because with the newcomers joining her record company every year, then she does feel that she is like a big sister to them. With rumours that Denise Ho (何韻詩) may be in the running for the gold award this year, Joey said that this is all speculation and the reports are changing every day, so she will not let this affect her mood. She said she will go to the ceremonies without expectations and not let the rumours affect her relationship with Denise.

Hacken's mature and sensible image should have landed him the role of the dutiful son, but he lost out to Leo instead. Given the title of father instead, he said that he was not qualified to take the role because fathers are usually clumsy with the little things but smart when it comes to the big things, but he said modestly that he is clumsy with both big and small things. He commented that the atmosphere in the industry is much better this year, with a more friendly air and less rumours than in the past. He said that it is better for everyone to be friends because this leads to healthy open competition and no anomosity between the singers. He added that the fight should be between the companies and not the artistes.

Often caught up in speculation, Leo said that he has not thought about the awards much this year and he will leave the strategy to his company to devise. Asked who he thought stood a good chance of winning, he suggested that Eason, Justin Lo (側田), Hins Cheung (張敬軒) and himself all stand a good chance of taking the best male singer award. Asked about the rumours of Justin being dropped by his company because of his bad temper, Leo supported Justin, saying that he is very good-natured and he has not been disobedient. As for suggestions that Justin is a bit of a player, Leo continued to support his colleague, saying that he is actually very faithful and has only ever been linked to one person. When the reporters pointed out his slip, Leo called out: "Oh dear, entrapment!"

Eason was asked about rumours tha he will be the big winner at all the music awards this year and he said that the greater the expectation, then the greater the disappointment, so he will just see what happens and hopes that he will not disappoint his company. He admitted that he was a little lost in the past, but over a decade in the industry has taken him through experiences where he lost his motivation and direction, but now he has found it again and he wants to reward the people who work hard behind the scenes with his success.