Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hacken Lee offers millions to catch traitor

December 8, 2007

Emily's blog exposed

Yesterday, Emily Lo's private blog was being exposed and published in various newspapers. Her family and pregnancy pictures were all reported in the news. Her termination of breadfeeding due to germ infection was also reported. Yesterday, during a rehearsal, Hacken commented "Sigh! I knew of it already. I don't know why but this time, I have to praise them for being superior. Less than 20 people knew of this blog, I won't get angry over this but I really have to fork out 1000 million to seek this traitor." (he was joking) Is Emily infected by germs? "I do not wish to elaborate on this. Everyone knows that I don't comment much on family matters," he replied.

Hacken stressed that he has no idea of the traitor. The blog was not registered under their real names and it was only meant for relatives and friends. He added,"We've already removed the items on the blog this morning and will not continue to update. I have no idea if the traitor is a friend of mine or my wife's but I really wish to find out. Even Alan Tam did not know of his blog (he does not have a computer), it might've been my father but then again he does not know how to use the computer. My friends know not of this blog and I believe that it is one of my wife's friends who was bribed. I should have distrubuted the photos myself instead of letting that person gain (from it)!"

They were very careful about this blog but it had to be exposed in such a manner. However, it isn't exactly a very unhappy thing. Hence, he will forgive this issue. Also, regarding the reports of his wife coming down with a weird disease, Hacken answers that someone made up that story.

When asked about Ryan's resemblance to him, he said "Sigh, everyone of us is very careful when it comes to protecting him. We take greater care when we go out, and have no idea that things would be exposed like this. But forget about it, things that will happen has happened. Let nature take its course. I was angry about the report regarding the weird disease because clearly, they conjured it up, but not this one."

This blog has been going on for a year and they dared not update it anymore. Also, he announced that ticket sales for his concert had been doing well. Credit card users already bought 2/3 of the tickets. The decision of adding shows will be finalized after public sales of tickets.

[Sources:, Mingpao, Apple daily, Takung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Singtao]
[translated by: HIANEZ, edited by: KATE`*]


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