Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hacken Lee Says Emily Lo Is Fine

[source: http://www.batgwa.com/story.php?id=335, translated by Emma Lam,
image source: tungstar.com]

3 December 2007

Hacken Lee (李克勤) took part in a promotional event for Adidas Europass today, so he was absent from the CRHK Chik Chak Pop Music awards event that was happening at the same time. He explained that he only received the invitation from CRHK after agreeing to this commercial appearance, so he could not appear at both functions.

There have been reports that Hacken's wife Emily Lo (盧淑儀) has been suffering from post-natal depression and has been admitted to hospital after exhibiting strange behaviour, separating her from their son, Ryan. Hacken expressed disappointment at the reporters for writing these false accounts and explained that his visit to the hospital with his wife was to visit a friend of theirs from outside the industry. He added that the story seemed to be taken from the plot of the film 28 Days Later.

Hacken added that if the reporters had taken photographs, he would have welcomed them to come and ask questions, to which he would have answered truthfully, but to simply make up the story is very malicious. He said that his wife has been been upset by the reports, but they will handle it as well as they can. On an optimistic note, he can see it as additional promotional activity for his album. He said that he would like to take the opportunity to let all his friends and family know that they are fine and there are no strange illnesses or emergencies.

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