Friday, December 14, 2007

Hacken Lee Gives Ada Choi Concert Tickets as Wedding Gift


Translated by Cmiley

Ada Choi earlier announced she and secretly dated for 4 years with Zhang Jun will be getting married, even though the marriage news is surprising, but earlier in November through Zhang's blog he expressed of going home to rest for a few days, and feelings of being able to eat together with the family and watching tv really is fulfilling happiness, he enjoys the feeling of a family atmosphere, and sweetly said: "Having a family is really a happiness" Sounding like right at the moment he's disclosing that he'll soon be happily setting up a family.

Also, after Ada announced the marriage news, many entertainment industry artists were yelling congrats, one of them good friend; Monica Chan through the blog, complimenting Zhang is a good man, he's caring to the family and really motivated, directly saying Ada and Zhang are a match made in heaven, giving the two unlimited wishes of happiness.

As for Hacken Lee attending TVB's program "豷智豶在職安健" recording, he already knew early of Ada's marriage news, and he said: "What kind of gift will I give her? Cash is the best, or invite her to watch my concert in Feb., by then I can give her the Colisseum's 64th tickets for her and her husband, and her husband's family can come watch too."

And when Myolie Wu was at a function, she expressed really admiring Ada for keeping the marriage news so secretly, she would do the same, only announcing marriage news and not announce a relationship.

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