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Hacken--Album Selling King 06

2007 March 24

*News as reported on 2007 March 23*
Additional News report

The night before when Hacken was singing, he almost got hurt from the firework effects, as for being the big winner, Hacken expresses: "It is very hard/rare to have such good results, it really is unprecedented, I released an album that uses all HiFi, paving in a new road." When asked if he was afraid that other artists will follow behind him, he says: "Not scared, the market is so large, if someone feels they can do it too, then do it, can ask me for any opinions anytime." When asked if he gets a good bonus for all the top-selling albums, Hacken replies: "I don't know, my accountant will help me calculate, I want to suggest to the company to give me a raise." Hacken's contract with Universal is almost complete.

~ Apple Daily] [translated by Jane]
[CONGRATS, HACKEN! he won 5 awards, the biggest winner that night! so cool. ah, he is gonna stay with UMG, though, i think...they've helped him a lot. hacken is so loyal...though i wish he'd switch 2 a better company!!!!!!! -kate]

Friday, March 23, 2007

IFPI Top-Selling Album Award 2006 Award Show (Hacken: top winner for male artists!)

2007 March 23

"IFPI Hong Kong Top-Selling Award 2006" was held tonight at GaYi Museum, announcing all the top-selling awards, among the awards, there were two top awards for "Year round top-selling male and female artist" which was awarded to Hacken Lee and Joey Yung, And for the Top Ten Selling Artists, besides Hacken and Joey, there were also Leo Ku, Denise Ho, Grasshopper, Justin Lo, Kelly Chen, Fiona Sit and Eason Chan. And for Top-Selling Cantonese Album, it was awarded to Eason Chan's "Get a life", In addition, the Top Ten Cantonese Album includes: Leo Ku's "Human", Hacken's 2006 Concert, Hacken's Concert Hall I and II, Joey Yung's "Reflection of Joey Life 2005", Joey's Mok Lai Wai (Symphony Orchestra Concert), Grasshopper's We Concert 2005, Justin Lo's One Good Show, Eason Chan's Get a Life and Sammi Cheng's Ultimate Collection; Among the Top Ten Cantonese Albums, Hacken was awarded for 3 albums, He is definitely the King of Albums, it is definitely the most secure investment for selling. The evening will definitely include the Top Ten Mandarin Albums, and the Top Selling Mandarin Album goes to Jay Chou. Popular Japanese star, Hideki Saijo performed and presented awards, the performance was exciting, bringing the night's award show to it's peak.

"IFPI Hong Kong Top-Selling Award 2006" was held last night, presenting 13 awards. The Guests of honor includes: Fok Jun Ting, Li Yun Di, Ah Lam, Teresa Caprio, Fen Nei, So You Peng, and others. They also invited a mega star from Japan, Hideki Saijo performing his musical abilities and presenting two awards that was related to him, which includes: "Japan Pop Music Contribution Award" and "Japan Pop Music Cultural Exchange Award." For the first time in the award show, Hacken Lee was the top winner for male artists, winning 5 awards, including: "3 Solo Cantonese Album awards, Local Singer Award and Top Selling Local Male Artist Award." Hacken was also surprised to have such good results that night, He says smilingly: "Tonight really make good earnings!!"

[Sources:, ~ Tung Star]
[translated by Jane]
[wow, so HAPPY 4 hacken!! for the FIRST time he won the most awards of the male singers!! CONGRATS hacken!! also, i'm glad fiona won something. =) hope some1 will upload some video clips from this show to youtube!]

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hacken and Joey modestly said it is difficult to sing well

2007 March 22

"Music Exhibition" Opens, Industry people takes the opportunity

The 2nd annual "Hong Kong Music Exhibition" held the opening ceremony yesterday, Guests of Honor include:
Civil administration affairs office bureau chief, Ho Ji Ping
People's Republic of China cultural market department vice-director, Cheung Sang Kin
Legislature congressman, Fok Jun Ting,
Hong Kong trade development bureau assistant President, Yip Jak Si,
The Hong Kong and Taiwan assistant broadcasts department head, Tai Kin Man
International record industry association (Hong Kong Branch), Hung Dic,
Hong Kong Music Exhibition Committee President, Ng Yu
Singers include: Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Fiona Sit, Hins Cheung, Twins.

The 3 days event "Hong Kong Music Exhibition" Will be able to assist the field to develop the cross media music opportunity, exhibiting a variety of commemorative pieces.

The exhibition theme includes, popular music, tv, movies, chinese opera, broadway musicals, among them includes: Anita Mui, Sam Hui, and other artists' stage clothes; There is also the past Wong Ka Kui's guitar, Yam Bak's Classic Albums, Danny Chan's music sheet for "Tears fall for you."


The committee also invited 10 singers to record "Gold Songs Medley" Limited Edition AVCD, the songs include top hits from other singers, as a salute to the music industry, this medley will also be broadcasted in the mainland. a portion of the singers were present on stage to share their feelings, and they all feel very lucky and fortunate to take part. Hacken will be performing Anita Mui's "Years Rolling like a stream," Hacken feels that when you have to sing someone's song it is very difficult, it is like a good opportunity in front of you, I think many singers feel the same way, although they hope to perform with some of their personality in it, but the song has already made a strong impression on the audience, so it is hard to wipe that away from them, therefore, Hacken will sing this song with a reflection of Anita Mui's personality.

~ Wen Wei Pao] [translated by Jane]
[wow, i'm glad fiona and hins also got to sang parts of the song!! it will probably a very good song, since so many good singers took part in singing it! this must be the song Vivian was talking about at the forum! -kate]

Hacken Lee: Form 3 – Amazed others with his first ever lyrics

Form 3 – Amazed others with his first ever lyrics

Previously, we were discussing the various outside curriculum activities of the school. Besides these basic activities, there were others which helped developed the morale, intelligence, courtesy, teamwork and beauty of students.

To express our gratitude to the teachers, we will have our own Teachers’ Day for each academic year. Since it’s Teachers’ Day, naturally the teachers’ status will be higher. All of teachers need not work, and Form 7 students will take over the lessons of their juniors for the first 2 periods. The purpose is to let them have a taste of how it’s like to be a teacher. However, their juniors will usually make a fool of them. Though it’s meant to be lesson time, it’s more of like a chatting session which was very interesting. (If I recall correctly, Form 5 students will take their O Levels while Form 7 will take their A Levels. These are the years where students could leave the school)

This will be followed by a list of programmes at the hall. There were various performances by teachers and the Father. Form 5 and Form 7 students would perform skit and sing to express their memories and feelings of having to leave the school. There were comedies as well as serious performance. It was full of warmth and excitement. Usually, it will end with a friendly soccer match between the teachers and students. The teachers tend to win as afterall, it’s Teachers’ Day!

There was another event which left a deep impression on me, the “Old song, New lyrics Singing Competition” and my passion for writing lyrics sparked off from this. That year, I wrote 2 songs to compete. One of them was edited from “Flesh to block Samurai katana” which I named “Goodbye Star”. The other one was more formidable, it was edited from a Cantonese opera to become the new “Drunk with good friends”. I thought I wrote well and close to perfection (it’s due to the fact that these 2 songs won awards). Looking back now, I felt that these songs could “kill”. The start and the end of the songs do not match but for a Form 3 student it was still passable. Now, I’ll reveal to let those interested in writing lyrics to know that Hacken Lee’s lyrics was that “great” a few years ago.

[Source:] [translated by Hianez]
[wow, a lot of fun activities they had at that school! hacken was already good at writing lyrics at such a young age? cool! =) -kate]

Hacken "blows snow, raising smelly feet"

2007 March 21

Alan cheats, Pang Kin Sang says foul word,
Nat, hosting game show, gives goods to buddies

TVB's new show, "Olympic plays smart Pre-game" was recorded last night, the host, Nat gives goods to buddies, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Pang Kin Sang, Kenny Bee, who were playing for 1 carat diamond prize. Although in the end no one won the prize, but 10 guests each received $10,000 cash prize. All the guests played seriously---Alan was a bad role model because he was cheating, Pang Kin Sang used a foul word, "Till"; Nat echoed him using "Dill" (vulture). It is a good thing that it is a pre-recorded show, the foul words part will be cut.

The show's played by the guests being split up into two groups, besides question and answer, they also played bow & arrow, basketball, and airgun. When Alan played basketball he was cheating, he wanted to rush forward to put the ball in the basket so he used his hand to block Nat, eventually making one in the basket. Nat laughs and says that Alan's first name is "Mau" (Which means cheater). During question and answer, Pang Kin Sang gives a wrong answer and says a foul word "Till". Ng Ka Lok copies a posture from Felix Wong Yat Wah in "Legend of the Condor Heroes". Nat comments that what Felix did is like the vulture, but what Ka Lok did only one word "Dill".

After the show, Alan laughs that Pang Kin Sang rarely says foul words, but this time he really says it quite well, is the correct Cantonese pronounciation! But Pang Kin Sang denies that he said a foul word, even if it is wrong, he is only saying the english word "Till."

~ Ming Pao] [translated by Jane]
[haha, they R all so competitive!! at least every1 won some $!! i like hacken's outfit! -kate]

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alan & Hacken in dispute owing $820,000; Yiu Wing's investment suffers the reconciliation

2007 Mar 20

Yiu Wing's investment suffers the reconciliation
Contradict's reason is not accepted

"Father of Concerts" Cheung Yiu Wing, Investment Holdings Limited Company with Impact Entertainment Limited, suffers reconciliation from court orders. Yiu Wing owed Impact Entertainment (International) Limited $820,000, beginning of this year, Impact Entertainment filed for bankruptcy; Yiu Wing points out, Impact and the higher official, Cheung Kwok Chung and Yiu Wing was also involved in other debt lawsuits, if Yiu Wing was proclaimed bankruptcy, then there is no way the lawsuit with Impact to continue, but will not be accepted by the judge.

Involved in another lawsuit with Impact Entertainment

Yesterday Impact Entertainment points, earlier together with region court, pursued Yiu Wing for $820,000 "Left Alan Right Lee Concert" tickets fee, Yiu Wing loses and needs to pay Impact Entertainment. However, Yiu Wing's side points, Impact Entertainment higher official, Cheung Kwok Chung and Yiu Wing had other business dealings, one of the dealings, Yiu Wing points out that in '83, Cheung Kwok Chung and Yiu Wing invested in the movie "The Tigers-The Legend of Canton", guaranteed a profit, but in the end they lost $4,090,000, asking Cheung Kwok Chung to pay. In addition, Cheung Yiu Wing's son, Cheung Wing Sun's company, earlier reported to the court to bankrupt all of Cheung Kwok Chung's companies. On behalf of Yiu Wing, yesterday points out, if they can take back this debt, they will clear the $820,000 debt to Impact, however the judge said the previous business dealings has nothing to do with the current case, and the reasoning was not accepted, so Yiu Wing suffers reconciliation.

Cheung Yiu Wing: feels it is unfair

Yesterday, reporters telephone Cheung Yiu Wing, was asked if he is okay with the result, he says: "I've always thought it was unfair, why is it that when there is profit I get none, but there is a debt, I have to put out even more money? I am not the picky-type of business man, for example when I invested $40,000,000+ money to Chan Yau's company, I never asked for any return, I also never looked through the books, therefore I am not complaining about the little $800,000+, I want to right justice. I repeal the case, and the court case with Impact will start in mid-April, likewise, I hope it will return me with the proper justice." Recently Yiu Wing will hold concert "Lau Fung Ping Concert" but it is not affected, it will continue.

"Alan, Hacken" feeling "helpless"

Yesterday, Alan and Hacken were at TVB and was asked about the case with Yiu Wing's company, as a Trustee for Impact, Alan says helplessly: "I really didn't know, I've known the two Cheungs (Cheung Yiu Wing, Cheung Kwok Chung) for a long time, I've always wanted them to sit down settle things calmly, but in the end it goes to court. I can only say, I am just a small child, I don't know the grown-up business." Alan says there are too many policymakers in the company, so he does not manage, but he has a clear conscience. Hacken also feels helpless because he is unable to help the two parties clear any contradictions.

~ Mingpao] [translated by Jane]

Hacken Supports Charmaine

2007 Mar 13

One of them is the most popular singer in the music industry, the other is the most popular actress in the acting industry. Hacken Lee and Charmaine Sheh have only met once during one of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant competition. Now, fate brought them together to film Lady Iron Chef, and this is where they really got to know each other. After becoming an actress, Charmaine had come across many rumours. Even her partner Hacken feels that things should not be this way for Charmaine.

In Lady Iron Chef, Hacken’s mother is famous in the food industry. He is able to call shots but is arrogant. On the other hand, Charmaine plays a chef, and the two of them become lovers. At his first time acting with Charmaine, Hacken praises that Charmaine is easy to get along with. She’s also a professional and is always on time and of course, her acting skills are great. Charmaine has a lot of rumours this year; will Hacken be worried when filming with her? Hacken lee is protective of Charmaine; he says “These rumours are problems with the magazine which is unfair to her at a certain level. I’ve never seen it before, and I felt that the rumours did not reflect on Charmaine at all. We’re able to communicate well while we work.”Hacken Lee hasn’t had many movie productions; he says “As I’m a singer, I will only film when there’s a suitable script. Actually I feel weird too, I’ve know Wong Jing and Eric Tsang for over 10 years, and we usually have meals and fun together. However, they rarely get me to film. Maybe they felt that I’ve never passed in acting over the 10 years.”
He is good friends with Andy Lau, and there’s friendly competition in the music industry. However, in films, he is currently unable to become the king like Andy. “Andy has filmed over 80 movies to become king, to me, it’s too long a journey.” In singing, he has greater confidence and dare not idle, “After I received the male singer award, I treat it as if I’ve never got it before and start over anew. I feel like [hope he will?] receiving it every year.”

[Sources:] [translated by Hianez]
[though this movie is not a hit in HK, i want to see it!! hacken should stick to singing more than acting, but i'd love 2 see him in tvb series!! -kate]

Hacken Lee plays the harp for charity

2007 Mar 12

Learning to play the piano

Hacken Lee, together with South Korea’s talented lunar harpist Guo Jing (Harpist K), attended the 10 hour Lunar Harp Marathon charity concert yesterday to help raise funds for the organization, Doctors without Boundaries. Hacken donated 50,000 dollars out of his own pocket and reveals that he has been supporting this organization all along. He feels that this organization is very transparent, as it allows him to know how the funds are distributed to help those in need.

Hacken expressed that he had collaborated with Harpist K for his song City Surrounded With Water and praised her for being South Korea’s world class lunar harpist. Hacken says that he has no talent for playing the lunar harp and regrets that he did not get to learn to play the piano. If he has children in the future, he will let them learn it. Also, Alan Tam has been anxious about Hacken and Emily giving birth. He laughs at Alan being like his father.

Hacken receives applause from the audience

Under Harpist K’s instructions, Hacken played a few chords on the lunar harp and received applause from everyone present. How did he know how to play the lunar harp? He says “No, I was just playing with my talent just now. When we were recording back in Korea, I did not dare to touch her harp.” He added that he once learned how to play the guitar last time for the singing competition and to woo girls, but has already forgotten the skills. However, he has not been able to successfully woo a girl by this method.

Present onstage as well was a 4 year old lunar harpist called Emily. As ‘Emily’ is also the name of Hacken’s wife, he joked that the little girl is his temporary girlfriend for that day.

Hacken has yet to learn the secret of giving birth

Hacken’s partner, Harpist K, wore a low cut costume to the event. Gentleman Hacken Lee did not divert his attention. He says “She’s only respecting the event!”

Hacken announced in Lui Fong’s concert that giving out red packets is like cutting flesh off himself. When he was performing at Las Vegas, Liu Jia Chang, gave him US$1000 for him to bet with in the casino. However, his wife lost all of it and Hacken joked he wants to use the red packets received from the concert to make up for this loss. Also, Hacken says he has yet to comprehend Alan’s recommended method of giving birth. He also joked that Alan’s method, dancing ‘old dance’ can help slim down at the abdomen and improve one’s Yang is only suitable for older people like Alan. It is not suitable for someone young and strong like him.

Will he give birth to a Pig Year baby as ushered by Alan? Hacken says “okay, okay!”.

~Metrohk, Mingpao, Oriential Daily,Takungpao] [translated by Hianez]
[they always say how hacken doesn't dare stare at women wearing revealing clothing! haha. wow, didn't know emily lost all the money given to hacken in LV! haha, hacken used 2 try 2 get 2 know girls by playing guitar?? good idea, though it didn't work. =P -kate]

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hacken is appointed to sing "The Drive of Life"

2007 Mar 19

Hacken is appointed to sing "The Drive of Life"

Hacken Lee is appointed to sing "The Drive of Life" theme song in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Handover to China. Yesterday together with Hacken and Yip Wing Si led the symphony orchestra to film the MV at TVB studio. In the recent years, TVB will always use their own actors/actresses to sing the theme song, but this time is exceptional, Hacken smiles and says: "oh, don't say it like that, there are so many actors/actresses, so find me, who is not an actor to sing, actually I don't know what is the reason, but no matter what, I am very happy to be able to sing. This time is also my first to collaborate with Brother Koo, so I am very happy."

"There are Two Versions"

Because "The Drive of Life" is a film collaboration with Mainland, so there will be a cantonese version and mandarin version of the theme song, Hacken says: "Cantonese version will be sung by me, Mandarin version will be handled by Taiwan singer, Steve Chou." Conductor, Yip Wing Si, comments that this is the first time she has done any work related to tv series' theme songs, feeling the difficulty, she says: "Philharmonic orchestra is responsible for a part in the theme song, then we will also record an instrumental version of the sub song."

~ Apple Daily] [translated by Jane]

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hacken Lee: The Days When I was A Middle School Student (Form 2)

The Days When I was A
College (Middle School) Student – Form 2

Form 2 – Hopes of becoming a soccer star dashed

In the last chapter, we were talking about me being a ‘newbie’ in college and how I used to top the class in primary school, scored average grades in Form 1 and then slowly my grades fell. The reason?

The answer is one word, laziness. During primary school, I depended on my cleverness. Be it tests or examinations, even for the entrance exams to university, I would burn the midnight oil and study at the last minute. Of course, there were other supplements too, like chicken essence. Things were quite successful and my grades always turned out to be better than expected. My teachers and my mother couldn’t do much to me. Yet, every reader knows that college studies cannot be managed simply by burning the midnight oil. My study habit soon received punishments.

Although I deserved to be punished, man is a funny creature who likes to find excuses, this includes me. I felt that at the start of college, someone who has just started out and is still young and innocent (which is me), things are too attractive. There were too many outside curriculum activities in my college. There were more than 20 clubs, ranging from astronomy to geography, and scouts, Red Cross, chorus and more. These did not include some activities and competitions where students represent the school. Just as the advertisement goes “There’s sure to be one which suits you.”

I felt like I had stepped into Disneyland for the first time. When I go to school every day, I was thinking of which club or activity to join, and calculating how much my limited allowance would help me to pay club fees or get the badges. At the end, I made a decision. I joined only 3 clubs, I think they were Music (because I like to sing), Chess (because it had the most beautiful badge) and social work society (because I can get to know students from other institutions, especially girls). My regret was that I did not qualify for the soccer team as my glasses at that time were thick like the base of a glass cup. And to me, contact lenses are the greatest invention on earth. It wasn’t simplified during my time. My dreams of becoming a soccer star since young disappeared as I developed a degree of over 800.

[Source: (original article probably from Yes Magazine)] [translated by Hianez] [haha, i'm sure a lot of u R like hacken, leaving studying to the last night! wow, hacken was extremely short-sighted!! DOES THAT MEAN HE WEARS CONTACT LENSES NOW?? but never heard that he does... -kate]

Lui Fong's Concert

[source:, translated by peggy jean]

March 10, 2007

Lui Fong's concert "Lui Fong's Love Songs 2007" has 4 shows and opened yesterday, with girlfriend Dodo Cheng arriving early to support him. The special guest for last night's concert was Hacken Lee, who, along with wife Emily Lo, sat in the audience before going onstage in the middle of the concert. Lui Fong's appearance was "The Prince on the White Horse"-like, singing many love songs. Before Hacken performed, he and Emily watched in the audience, sitting next to Dodo Cheng. Lui Fong commented on stage that it's taken him 18 years to hold his own concert, laughing that a fortune teller told him that this would be the good year to hold his concert, and that's why he waited so long. He said he was lucky his fans waited with him for this year. When his fans from the audience shouted "Dodo Cheng", Lui Fong laughed and asked if they had gone to the wrong place - this was HIS concert - to which he received a round of applause from delighted fans!


Hacken Lee announces the secret formula of how marriage can help prevent financial losses

March 11, 2007

Lui Fong’s concert began last night. Lui Fong invited his good friend Hacken Lee to his concert. Hacken praised Lui Fong’s strength in singing, and also he did not went off tune. Seeing him step into the Coliseum, Hacken feels happy. Lui Fong says “I feel happy for Hacken’s marriage too, but I’m not married!” Hacken suggest Lui Fong to get married secretly, and announce it only after they have given birth then go about collecting red packets. Lui Fong said “will consider finding somebody elsewhere to give birth”. Hacken reminds him not to let his “other half” in the audience seat know. Carol and Emily who were in the audience seats laughed. Hacken said “The two of them are talking, wonder if they’re having ‘baby talk’?”

When Hacken came on stage, the audience was quite eager; he took away the show from Lui Fong for a moment. He even shook hands with the audience and one of them held on to his hand and did not want to let go till the security came to his assistance.

Both of them sang Flower Protector together and Hacken said “Given Hong Kong’s audience who looks for high quality, and for Lui Fong who is a top quality singer, why didn’t he have a concert till now?” Hacken also laughed at him forgetting his lyrics while looking at Carol Cheng.

Lui Fong commented, “You must be happy, being married. I’m still like this!” He then asked Hacken when he is going to have a baby; Hacken said “This year’s lunar new year was different from the past. This is the first time I am giving out red packets and it’s like cutting flesh off me. So when you get married, it’s best to keep quiet about it. You can keep it until you’re 80 years old. So, when will you get married and have a baby too?”

When will he consider Hacken’s suggestion? Lui Fong said “I will be low profile in my marriage, and then tell my friends but for now, I’ve no plans for marriage.”

[sources:, ~Ming Pao, Singpao, Apple Daily]
[translated by Hianez] [wow, some1 in the audience wouldn't let go of hacken's hand!! haha. umm...hacken's clothes these days seem a little strange!! -kate]

Singing Beyond the Skies

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger,] [translated by gonzo]

March 9, 2007

In the music industry, those that are at the front of the line would be singers. Their songs - can they satisfy the fans and become a hit song for all the years to come? Their image - can new ideas interest the audience so it becomes embedded in their memories? These are the battles that singers face each day, especially now in this gradually withering music industry. Singers have less opportunity to produce albums, often fearing that bad sales will mean waiting another year for another chance or even the opportunity disappearing altogether. So whether or not they are receiving applause, pressure will always be present. George Lam who has reached star singer status and Hacken Lee who has received "Most Popular Male Singer" 3 times, how do they both see the singer's road ahead?

Hacken Lee: Continuously looking for new changes

"Now that consumers are willing to pay HK$5 for a downloadable ringtone, I have confidence that one day consumers are willing to pay HK$8-10 to legally download their favourite songs. At present, this music industry is going through a low and should be reaching its darkest point where there is hope for the birth of a new era. As long as the music industry still exists, everyone will be able to find a new chance." Hacken Lee entered the industry in the 80's during the golden era of music and after 20 years, he is still the supporting pillar of the music world. He has not given up on future of music or singers. Even though popular culture and technology can change the world, people are smart and will also think of ways to adapt.

Breaking the traditional way of selling albums

Hacken reckons that buying and selling songs online will break the traditional way of selling songs. But this method is still not widespread as consumers need to feel that it's convenient and they wont run the risk of being arrested for illegal downloading. Hacken recalls that he has gone through records and cassettes to reach the CD era. At that time, CDs were being sold for over HK$100 each and had dropped sales. No one looked well on CDs and felt that noone would spend over HK$100 for a cd. However, reality shows that as long as there are good songs and a good presentation, fans are willing to pay. Now in 2007, Hacken believes that CDs will soon become mementos. In the future, watching TV could be done using the internet and homes will soon have mini-cinemas for watching movies. Songs can also be bought instantly over the internet to listen at home.

Finding a way to get music fans to buy

He says "Technology makes life easier for people. That's why the existence of MP3s and I-Pods are for people that prefer convenience and for those that don't ask for acoustic quality when listening to music. H&M is a company that is popular worldwide and coming to HK to open branches is proof that HK consumers attitude is about getting the design they want for cheap. They don't ask for quality. The most important thing is that vermicilli resembles shark fin (Chinese saying). That's why H&M are so popular but still won't affect the sales of Gucci. It's the same reasoning with music. There are those that want convenience. At the same time, there are those that want high quality music. Recently I've made two albums "Hacken Lee Concert Hall" and their sales have been higher than my previous album by 100%. This can prove that there are fans out there that want high quality CDs. But this does not mean there isn't a second way, this cannot work forever and so that is why changes are needed. At the moment, we cannot successfully create a new music and film world so we must find ways to trigger fans to buy CDs."

Changes must be coordinated with advances in time

Hacken feels that at the moment singers don't know how to change. Even record companies are working hard to change to meet with advances. So some record companies are even becoming managing companies to help singers under them develop in other areas.

"To some singers, songs are becoming advertisements. The most important thing is that songs can make the singer a hit and then they can ride on this to film movies, make commercials and even hold concerts to make money. No matter how they do it, singers and record companies are all working hard to keep their existence so they do not perish. The music world has its rises and falls, and everyone needs to get through it. There will be a day when people can relax again. So people, don't worry!"

A small fan meets with Hacken

Hacken is not only a HK singer, he has plenty of fans from across the oceans. During the day of the interview, there was a little fan all the way from San Francisco. Tam Bao Bao was in HK for a holiday and under MingPao's arrangement, she got to get up close with her idol.

Once a small fan sees an idol, what goes through her head? No matter what age, to be able to see one's idol close up, everyone's reaction would be the same - smiling, staring, hands shaking, heart erratically beating, even forgetting to ask for an autograph, in other words happy beyond imagination.

When asked how Tam Bao Bao who lived in America would know Hacken:

She replies in her less than fluent Cantonese "I like watching Yut Ding (Minutes to Fame). Hacken is very funny. I like him singing Red Day. It's nice."

Because of one program or because of one song, people will becomes fans. And to have support from somewhere far far away, that would be the self-satisfaction of being an idol.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hacken: The Days When I was A Middle School Student (Form 1)

[I live in the usa, so i didn't understand why hacken was going to a college at 13! but turns out in HK, the secondary schools are called colleges too, not like here. if u R still confused, u can go here 4 more info about the HK school system:]

The Days When I was A Middle School Student – Form 1

Form 1 – Falling from Heaven to Hell

On a random day, this message appeared on my pager: Mr. Ngai 787821925. I got a shock. Besides doing interviews on Hong Kong’s radio station and listening to Three Lonely Hearts, I could only meet Mr. Ngai on screen from the TV commercials on cameras. Feeling more curious than frightened, I returned the call. Finally, I found out that he wanted to invite me to write something. After a few meetings, I came up with ‘The Days When I was A College (Middle School) Student’, which consists of 7 chapters.

I was promoted to Wah Yan College from Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School from '80-81. I’m sure all of you readers know how it’s like being in Form 1. For me, it was like falling down into hell from heaven. Why? I remembered that when I was in my sixth year at primary school, I used my identity as an older student and bullied the younger ones. Dominating the goal post, cutting the queue [cutting in line] to buy food and competing for the toilet and
many more, the situation was like Da Sha (a character) in Prison of Fire. I had this feeling like I could achieve anything I want. However, one has to suffer after enjoying the good times. After promoting to Form 1, the situation changed. I felt like I’ve been degraded into a little army boy from a primary school big boss. I became the bullying target for seniors. This was unbearable!

However, going to college was something happy as well. For example, we ‘Hua Ji’(華記), had a big field- though we Form 1 kids could only spend most of the time watching soccer on the field; there was a big canteen- though the quality of the food it produced was a disappointment; there was a beautiful little church-though we aren’t Christians, and there was huge, multi-purpose hall-though most of the time the air-conditioner wasn’t switched on; but no matter what, all these things are new to a Form 1 kid who was only 13 years old. It was just like moving into a big apartment.

Besides these, the teachers were new faces too, so we came up with nicknames for them. This became our hot topic other than academics. But it was strange, no matter how the nicknames changed; it wasn’t as suitable as their original ones. Like, Ducky really looked like a duck, Mosquito’s voice was really soft like a mosquito when delivering lessons, Shorty Chow was only taller by a little over 5 feet, and others like Fallout, Horsey Fellow, Chicky Kwok, Coffin Cheung and more. I believe all students of the college are very familiar with this, and when they think of it occasionally they would reveal heartwarming smiles too!

The Days When I was A Middle School Student includes studying too. You can take a look at my Form 1 results; they’re more or less average.
However, compared to topping the class and being the big boss in primary school, there is a gap. The reason? I’ll reveal it in the next issue.

[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate] [when i say edited, it means just some grammar or typos, not the actual content! =) ] [hacken is a good writer! haha, hard 2 imagine the famous hacken we know today was also just a regular student like us when he was a little boy!! cutting in line, making up nicknames. =) can hardly see hacken's report cards, but i think i see mostly 80s, some 60s in the percentages. -kate]

Thursday, March 8, 2007

MAGAZINE article: Hacken is well supported by many well-known individuals

24th February 2007

Jacky Cheung held 2 concerts in Las Vegas, although bringing his wife and children over to celebrate the Lunar New Year together, but there was no sight of all three ladies throughout the journey. Conversely, Hacken Lee, who was also at Vegas having a show also brought his wife, Emily Lo along, but the couple mixed both work and pleasure - after the concert, both of them went to a casino to try their luck.

On Wednesday night, (21st Feb 2007), Hacken was a guest at a special Lunar New Year concert held at Wynn Hotel. This concert was mainly opened to VIPs and his fees for the concert went up to a six-figure sum.

At three in the afternoon, Hacken reached the venue for a rehearsal pulling a rather long face, apparently not being in a very good mood. Later, when there were problems with the sound system which affected his performance, Hacken was quite disgruntled and was using his fingers to point at the technicians.

Couple plays at Jackpot Machine

Immediately after the show, Hacken accompanied his wife to the casino. Although it was very warm seeing both of them playing together, but throughout the time they were there, Emily looked rather fierce - perhaps they were losing money?

[source:] [translated by Gillian]
[hmm...u can't trust everything u read from the HK magazines, but i wouldn't be surprised if hacken was a little cranky, because of jetlag. at least he and emily got 2 spend some time together, like a mini-vacation! hacken said in a message at his website that he did go see 2 shows, Le Reve and Zumanity. i THINK he also went to the NBA All-Star game, cuz he got a picture taken with magic johnson!! =P -kate]

Hacken, Charmaine Sheh, Yuen Chau and Yumiko at premiere of Lady Iron Chef

7th March 2007

At 9:20pm UA cineplex at Causeway Bay, after months of filming, the movie Lady iron Chef is officially completed with its premiere. A group of artistes involved in the production including Hacken Lee, Charmain Sheh, Yuen Chau and Yumiko Cheng attended the premiere.

Hacken had just finished a concert in America and had rushed back to attend this event. Perhaps being too busy with work, Hacken showed signs of fatigue on his face. He commented that he has confidence in this movie and hopes that it will be well received when it airs.

In the movie, Hacken is often faced with lots of good food. This reprter wonders if Hacken's interest in cooking has increased after filming this production. Hacken's reply is that his interest was not really that affected as he has all along been very interested in cooking. Also, in the show, he does not have to cook as he is one of the food tastors. If anything, he has become more picky when eating nowadays as his expectations for the quality of food has increased. Hacken also adds that nowadays, with a few thousand dollars, he is able to hire someone home to cook good dishes for him to eat everyday, thus decreasing the need for him to learn how to cook! (Reporter's remark: Rich people are definitely more able to lead a more extravagent lifestyle)

~ Tungstar, Hong Kong News] [translated by Gillian]
[hacken's lucky, can eat lots of good food during filming this movie!! haha, he doesn't need 2 learn to cook if he has money 2 hire some1!! i think every1 would rather hire some1 than learn 2 cook, if i had enough money!! -kate]

Hacken triumphs at HK IFPI Awards

2007 March 4th

Soon after entering the Year of the Pig, the IFPI of Hong Kong will be the first organization to hold an awards presentation ceremony. Yesterday, the Association announced the winners for the inaugaral "Most Popular Music Awards" which will be presented during the awards ceremony at the annual festive dinner.

In conjuction with its 25th Anniversary, IFPI decided to set up this new award whereby members of the Association will have a chance to vote for the records they think should win the awards. This is based on the records released in 2006 and judging is based on when the product was promoted, the promotion effort, quality of product as well as volume sold.From there, results will be computed and the highest scoring one of each category will be presented with the award. The categories are as follows: Cantonese pop, Mandarin pop, East Asian movies, Foreign Language films, Concert albums among others.

Hacken's 'Concert Hall 2' topped the category of Cantonese pop album. However, he is currently in America preparing for for a program by Central Channel [CCTV]. On getting this award, Hacken indicates that he is very happy. Most importantly, all the efforts put into producing the album has been recognized.

[Sources:, ~ HK IFPI] [translated by Gillian]

[CONGRATULATIONS, HACKEN!! his first award in the new yr of the pig! ;) i can't wait till his new canto CD!! -kate]

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Virginia Lok Shows Support for Charmaine at Film Premiere

[source: Em's TVBSpace News Roundup,, image from]

MARCH 8, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/03/07]

Virginia Lok Shows Support for Charmaine at Film Premiere

The film "Lady Iron Chef" held its premiere on Monday and producer Wong Jing led the cast members including Hacken Lee, Charmaine Sheh, Yumiko Cheng, Yuen Chau, Alice Chen and newcomer Liu Yang. As one of TVB executive Virginia Lok's favourites, Charmaine received support from her boss as she led a group of TVB artistes to attend the show, including Gigi Lai and Angela Tong. However, rumoured boyfriend Ron Ng was not present.

Afterwards, Charmaine was very happy because of the attention that Ms Lok paid to her and she indicated that she wishes to share her great results with Ms Lok. Did she invite Ron to the event? Chamraine says she does not know, but they were mainly female artistes there, so she has not called him. She admits that she does not want the hassle and was avoiding more rumours, because she did not want the focus to be turned away from the film. Gigi and Charmaine are good friends and although Gigi had to celebrate her mother's birthday too, she still made time to support her friend. When the reporters pointed out how united everyone was with Ms Lok, Gigi explains that they are all part of the same family.

Liu Yang wore a low cut outfit as she stood next to Hacken, but he did not dare look over at her. Afterwards, he laughed: "I was busy!" As Hacken was in America earlier, he was not able to receive his IFPI award and he says that as this award was purely down to sales and not votes, then he really wanted to receive the award in person.

Talking of making movies, Hacken says he is still a newcomer and will usually do one per year. He prefers to do comedies because he can never stand doing an ancient drama, that is he cannot stand the way he looks. He says that this film has done well in Singapore and if it does as well in Hong Kong, then it will not be a loss-maker. As for Ms Lok attending to support Charmaine, has he asked his wife Emily to come and support him too? Hacken laughs that maybe Ms Lok is here to support him! He says that he has too much work and if his family attend everything, then they will be very busy.

[wow, great to see other tvb artists come!! really hope this movie will be successful in HK!! haha, they often tease hacken when there are women wearing revealing outfits around him!! he always gets so embarassed. haha! besides working in movies, i hope he will think about guest-starring in some tvb series!!!!! =P wah, hacken's jacket looks a little strange, and his hair is really getting LONG!!! -kate]

Hacken Lee's virgin appearance: Stood dumbly on the stage for 3 minutes without opening his mouth


Hello everybody, I am Hacken Lee!

Wonder if you all have noticed that the name I was given is quite good? It's Hak Kan!

And it means "able to overcome hardships and be hardworking."

The truth is when I was born, my parents argued over how they should name me. As I am the eldest son, my mother hoped that when I grow up I can become a real Big Brother, someone who is able to take hardships and labourious stuff as well as take care of my siblings. However, my father hoped that I could become a "Dragon" when I grow up, and succeed.

After much argument, my parents decided to vote. In the end, my mother won and from then on, there is another Lee Hak Kan in this world!

I have another younger sister in my family.

As a child, I was very naughty and active. My mum would always punished me by making me stand facing the wall. This punishment usually lasts for 15 minutes and is intolerable, I felt that time seemed to have frozen itself.

My best sport as a child was soccer. Whenever I was free, I would carry the ball and gather the kids to play soccer. I was unwilling to leave and played late into the night. This made my mother very worried and thought that I had met up with an accident. In the end, I was made to stand again!

During primary school, my wish was to become a soccer star. To become the idol of millions of youngsters.

However, my dreams were soon dashed. The reason being, when I was in Primary 3, I became short sighted. At such a young age, I had to wear my spectacles whereever I go. How am I to become a professional soccer player in such a manner?

During my time, contact lenses were not very popular. My degree of short sightedness was about 700, and I even stepped and shattered my own glasses on the soccer field which I had dropped. At the end, I became a "blind man" for 2 days before I got my new spectacles.

Around the age of five or six, I was playing jumping stairs with the neighbouring kids. I made a bet with them saying that I can jump down from the 6th step of the stairs.

Chaos happened for this bet.

I used too much force, and I couldn't control my legs properly. I fell down on the floor and my left hand hit the wall. Ha, with this bet, I had a cast on for about a month.
I experienced excruciating pain for the first few days but after a month, I grew used to it. The active me who couldn't stop picked up the soccer ball and played with the kids again without telling my mother.

Although I was naughty, when it comes to studying I can always quiet down and do my revision seriously. That's why my grades were always maintained at the average or better.

My mother is a very open-minded person. She does not require her son to top the class every year, getting average marks was not bad for her. And I was happy and relaxed too.

For me, studying is not considered a difficult task. Of course, it can't be compared to soccer. Ha, talking about soccer, I feel like playing it now but I do not have the time. It's been quite long since I had a taste of soccer!

I graduated from Hua Ren Zhong Xue. During that time, I was considered to be a lively fellow in entertainment related activities.

During my third year in secondary school, I formed a band for some of my friends who love music as well. We performed at the school party.

I remember that my first performance took place at the school hall. Everything was ready, and I walked up from the backstage quite confidently. When I saw the huge crowd of students below listening to me, I got a shock. At the end, the lyrics left me and entered the high clouds. I could not even remember a single word.

The music came on, and I stood there dumbly for 3 minutes. There were many boo's from below and I went backstage, embarrassed.

The Hacken Lee today would not experience the same thing again. I would not forget my lyrics because I was nervous. I guess it's because after sometime, I've become "thick-skinned" and matured!

I've yet to reach my second year in the entertainment industry but have already released my first album. I hope that everybody would support me and provide me with guidance!

[source:] [translated by Hianez] [edited by Kate]
[wow, didn't know he had extreme short-sightedness when he was little!! i've heard hacken was a bad boy when he was young, but didn't know he got in so much trouble cuz of playing around w/other kids! haha.SOOO glad his mom named him "hak kun" instead of the chinese name 4 dragon that his dad wanted! didn't know he had a band, either!! hacken was already so playful and social when he was young!!! =P he is so cute as a little kid! =D]

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hacken rehearses for "The Same Song" Show in San Francisco

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger,, edited by Kate]

On the 2nd of March, American time (Pacific Standard), rehearsals took place for the San Francisco concert titled Stars Celebrate the Lantern Festival. Singers included Kelly Chan, Hacken Lee, Liza Wang, Liu Huan, and Dao Lang. In order to match with the show The Same Song and having the Lantern Festival as the reason for the concert, many Chinese expatriates were invited to the concert, allowing them to share in the laughter and festivities of "The Same Song" program during the Lantern Festival.

Guest appearance by Hacken Lee at The Wynners concert

2007 Feb 27

Various guests turned up for The Wynners¡¯ 33rd Anniversary The Good Times concert last night and one of them was Hacken Lee, who even went up on stage and sang Red Day with the band. The crowd applauded loudly during Hacken's performance with The Wynners.

, ~Apple Daily, Wen Wei Bao] [translated by Hianez]

Hacken Lee Reveals Underpants and Falls in Love with Charmaine Sheh

[source: Jayne Stars,, pic from]

March 1, 2007

Charmaine Sheh and Hacken Lee's new movie, "Lady Iron Chef" 《美女食神》will open at theaters in Hong Kong next week. In the movie, Hacken and Charmaine have an interesting romance.

In one of the scenes, Hacken's character, an heir to a large food corporation, was kidnapped by gangsters. Hacken managed to run away, but accidentally fell off the roof. His pants were shredded by the window frame. Charmaine's character reached out and saved Hacken, but pulled off his pants, revealing his underwear in the process!

Charmaine was able to save Hacken and thus a complex, yet romantic relationship ignited between the two.

Hacken insisted doing the stunt himself while filming this scene. "Although I had wires strapped around my waist, my heart beat very quickly when I glanced at the street level below! Luckily the scene was completed after 2 takes! To prevent accidental exposure, I wore 5 pairs of underpants for this scene!"

Charmaine praised Hacken for his courage and professionalism. Charmaine also teased Hacken and said that the boxers he wore for the scene were very masculine. Hacken rebutted and said that his boxers were probably more "tasteful" than the instant noodles Charmaine cooked in the movie.

Charmaine and Hacken have known each other for years, but "Lady Iron Chef" was their first movie together. If the movie does well at the box office, Charmaine and Hacken will be treating the cast and crew to a large feast.