Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hacken Supports Charmaine

2007 Mar 13

One of them is the most popular singer in the music industry, the other is the most popular actress in the acting industry. Hacken Lee and Charmaine Sheh have only met once during one of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant competition. Now, fate brought them together to film Lady Iron Chef, and this is where they really got to know each other. After becoming an actress, Charmaine had come across many rumours. Even her partner Hacken feels that things should not be this way for Charmaine.

In Lady Iron Chef, Hacken’s mother is famous in the food industry. He is able to call shots but is arrogant. On the other hand, Charmaine plays a chef, and the two of them become lovers. At his first time acting with Charmaine, Hacken praises that Charmaine is easy to get along with. She’s also a professional and is always on time and of course, her acting skills are great. Charmaine has a lot of rumours this year; will Hacken be worried when filming with her? Hacken lee is protective of Charmaine; he says “These rumours are problems with the magazine which is unfair to her at a certain level. I’ve never seen it before, and I felt that the rumours did not reflect on Charmaine at all. We’re able to communicate well while we work.”Hacken Lee hasn’t had many movie productions; he says “As I’m a singer, I will only film when there’s a suitable script. Actually I feel weird too, I’ve know Wong Jing and Eric Tsang for over 10 years, and we usually have meals and fun together. However, they rarely get me to film. Maybe they felt that I’ve never passed in acting over the 10 years.”
He is good friends with Andy Lau, and there’s friendly competition in the music industry. However, in films, he is currently unable to become the king like Andy. “Andy has filmed over 80 movies to become king, to me, it’s too long a journey.” In singing, he has greater confidence and dare not idle, “After I received the male singer award, I treat it as if I’ve never got it before and start over anew. I feel like [hope he will?] receiving it every year.”

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070313.htm
~Tom.com] [translated by Hianez]
[though this movie is not a hit in HK, i want to see it!! hacken should stick to singing more than acting, but i'd love 2 see him in tvb series!! -kate]

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