Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hacken--Album Selling King 06

2007 March 24

*News as reported on 2007 March 23*
Additional News report

The night before when Hacken was singing, he almost got hurt from the firework effects, as for being the big winner, Hacken expresses: "It is very hard/rare to have such good results, it really is unprecedented, I released an album that uses all HiFi, paving in a new road." When asked if he was afraid that other artists will follow behind him, he says: "Not scared, the market is so large, if someone feels they can do it too, then do it, can ask me for any opinions anytime." When asked if he gets a good bonus for all the top-selling albums, Hacken replies: "I don't know, my accountant will help me calculate, I want to suggest to the company to give me a raise." Hacken's contract with Universal is almost complete.

~ Apple Daily] [translated by Jane]
[CONGRATS, HACKEN! he won 5 awards, the biggest winner that night! so cool. ah, he is gonna stay with UMG, though, i think...they've helped him a lot. hacken is so loyal...though i wish he'd switch 2 a better company!!!!!!! -kate]


Minna said...

Congratulations to Hacken! WOW! He was the big winner that night!

Ha! I thought his contract already ended. But if he change company, his this year might be like Miriam's last year. She didnt recieve much awards when her songs were good.

kate said...

thanks for your comments, minna!

haha, u R the only one that posts comments here.