Friday, March 23, 2007

IFPI Top-Selling Album Award 2006 Award Show (Hacken: top winner for male artists!)

2007 March 23

"IFPI Hong Kong Top-Selling Award 2006" was held tonight at GaYi Museum, announcing all the top-selling awards, among the awards, there were two top awards for "Year round top-selling male and female artist" which was awarded to Hacken Lee and Joey Yung, And for the Top Ten Selling Artists, besides Hacken and Joey, there were also Leo Ku, Denise Ho, Grasshopper, Justin Lo, Kelly Chen, Fiona Sit and Eason Chan. And for Top-Selling Cantonese Album, it was awarded to Eason Chan's "Get a life", In addition, the Top Ten Cantonese Album includes: Leo Ku's "Human", Hacken's 2006 Concert, Hacken's Concert Hall I and II, Joey Yung's "Reflection of Joey Life 2005", Joey's Mok Lai Wai (Symphony Orchestra Concert), Grasshopper's We Concert 2005, Justin Lo's One Good Show, Eason Chan's Get a Life and Sammi Cheng's Ultimate Collection; Among the Top Ten Cantonese Albums, Hacken was awarded for 3 albums, He is definitely the King of Albums, it is definitely the most secure investment for selling. The evening will definitely include the Top Ten Mandarin Albums, and the Top Selling Mandarin Album goes to Jay Chou. Popular Japanese star, Hideki Saijo performed and presented awards, the performance was exciting, bringing the night's award show to it's peak.

"IFPI Hong Kong Top-Selling Award 2006" was held last night, presenting 13 awards. The Guests of honor includes: Fok Jun Ting, Li Yun Di, Ah Lam, Teresa Caprio, Fen Nei, So You Peng, and others. They also invited a mega star from Japan, Hideki Saijo performing his musical abilities and presenting two awards that was related to him, which includes: "Japan Pop Music Contribution Award" and "Japan Pop Music Cultural Exchange Award." For the first time in the award show, Hacken Lee was the top winner for male artists, winning 5 awards, including: "3 Solo Cantonese Album awards, Local Singer Award and Top Selling Local Male Artist Award." Hacken was also surprised to have such good results that night, He says smilingly: "Tonight really make good earnings!!"

[Sources:, ~ Tung Star]
[translated by Jane]
[wow, so HAPPY 4 hacken!! for the FIRST time he won the most awards of the male singers!! CONGRATS hacken!! also, i'm glad fiona won something. =) hope some1 will upload some video clips from this show to youtube!]


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Congrats to Hacken!!

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Oiiii !!!!
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