Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hacken Lee: Form 3 – Amazed others with his first ever lyrics

Form 3 – Amazed others with his first ever lyrics

Previously, we were discussing the various outside curriculum activities of the school. Besides these basic activities, there were others which helped developed the morale, intelligence, courtesy, teamwork and beauty of students.

To express our gratitude to the teachers, we will have our own Teachers’ Day for each academic year. Since it’s Teachers’ Day, naturally the teachers’ status will be higher. All of teachers need not work, and Form 7 students will take over the lessons of their juniors for the first 2 periods. The purpose is to let them have a taste of how it’s like to be a teacher. However, their juniors will usually make a fool of them. Though it’s meant to be lesson time, it’s more of like a chatting session which was very interesting. (If I recall correctly, Form 5 students will take their O Levels while Form 7 will take their A Levels. These are the years where students could leave the school)

This will be followed by a list of programmes at the hall. There were various performances by teachers and the Father. Form 5 and Form 7 students would perform skit and sing to express their memories and feelings of having to leave the school. There were comedies as well as serious performance. It was full of warmth and excitement. Usually, it will end with a friendly soccer match between the teachers and students. The teachers tend to win as afterall, it’s Teachers’ Day!

There was another event which left a deep impression on me, the “Old song, New lyrics Singing Competition” and my passion for writing lyrics sparked off from this. That year, I wrote 2 songs to compete. One of them was edited from “Flesh to block Samurai katana” which I named “Goodbye Star”. The other one was more formidable, it was edited from a Cantonese opera to become the new “Drunk with good friends”. I thought I wrote well and close to perfection (it’s due to the fact that these 2 songs won awards). Looking back now, I felt that these songs could “kill”. The start and the end of the songs do not match but for a Form 3 student it was still passable. Now, I’ll reveal to let those interested in writing lyrics to know that Hacken Lee’s lyrics was that “great” a few years ago.

[Source:] [translated by Hianez]
[wow, a lot of fun activities they had at that school! hacken was already good at writing lyrics at such a young age? cool! =) -kate]

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