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Hacken: The Days When I was A Middle School Student (Form 1)

[I live in the usa, so i didn't understand why hacken was going to a college at 13! but turns out in HK, the secondary schools are called colleges too, not like here. if u R still confused, u can go here 4 more info about the HK school system:]

The Days When I was A Middle School Student – Form 1

Form 1 – Falling from Heaven to Hell

On a random day, this message appeared on my pager: Mr. Ngai 787821925. I got a shock. Besides doing interviews on Hong Kong’s radio station and listening to Three Lonely Hearts, I could only meet Mr. Ngai on screen from the TV commercials on cameras. Feeling more curious than frightened, I returned the call. Finally, I found out that he wanted to invite me to write something. After a few meetings, I came up with ‘The Days When I was A College (Middle School) Student’, which consists of 7 chapters.

I was promoted to Wah Yan College from Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School from '80-81. I’m sure all of you readers know how it’s like being in Form 1. For me, it was like falling down into hell from heaven. Why? I remembered that when I was in my sixth year at primary school, I used my identity as an older student and bullied the younger ones. Dominating the goal post, cutting the queue [cutting in line] to buy food and competing for the toilet and
many more, the situation was like Da Sha (a character) in Prison of Fire. I had this feeling like I could achieve anything I want. However, one has to suffer after enjoying the good times. After promoting to Form 1, the situation changed. I felt like I’ve been degraded into a little army boy from a primary school big boss. I became the bullying target for seniors. This was unbearable!

However, going to college was something happy as well. For example, we ‘Hua Ji’(華記), had a big field- though we Form 1 kids could only spend most of the time watching soccer on the field; there was a big canteen- though the quality of the food it produced was a disappointment; there was a beautiful little church-though we aren’t Christians, and there was huge, multi-purpose hall-though most of the time the air-conditioner wasn’t switched on; but no matter what, all these things are new to a Form 1 kid who was only 13 years old. It was just like moving into a big apartment.

Besides these, the teachers were new faces too, so we came up with nicknames for them. This became our hot topic other than academics. But it was strange, no matter how the nicknames changed; it wasn’t as suitable as their original ones. Like, Ducky really looked like a duck, Mosquito’s voice was really soft like a mosquito when delivering lessons, Shorty Chow was only taller by a little over 5 feet, and others like Fallout, Horsey Fellow, Chicky Kwok, Coffin Cheung and more. I believe all students of the college are very familiar with this, and when they think of it occasionally they would reveal heartwarming smiles too!

The Days When I was A Middle School Student includes studying too. You can take a look at my Form 1 results; they’re more or less average.
However, compared to topping the class and being the big boss in primary school, there is a gap. The reason? I’ll reveal it in the next issue.

[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate] [when i say edited, it means just some grammar or typos, not the actual content! =) ] [hacken is a good writer! haha, hard 2 imagine the famous hacken we know today was also just a regular student like us when he was a little boy!! cutting in line, making up nicknames. =) can hardly see hacken's report cards, but i think i see mostly 80s, some 60s in the percentages. -kate]

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