Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hacken Lee's virgin appearance: Stood dumbly on the stage for 3 minutes without opening his mouth


Hello everybody, I am Hacken Lee!

Wonder if you all have noticed that the name I was given is quite good? It's Hak Kan!

And it means "able to overcome hardships and be hardworking."

The truth is when I was born, my parents argued over how they should name me. As I am the eldest son, my mother hoped that when I grow up I can become a real Big Brother, someone who is able to take hardships and labourious stuff as well as take care of my siblings. However, my father hoped that I could become a "Dragon" when I grow up, and succeed.

After much argument, my parents decided to vote. In the end, my mother won and from then on, there is another Lee Hak Kan in this world!

I have another younger sister in my family.

As a child, I was very naughty and active. My mum would always punished me by making me stand facing the wall. This punishment usually lasts for 15 minutes and is intolerable, I felt that time seemed to have frozen itself.

My best sport as a child was soccer. Whenever I was free, I would carry the ball and gather the kids to play soccer. I was unwilling to leave and played late into the night. This made my mother very worried and thought that I had met up with an accident. In the end, I was made to stand again!

During primary school, my wish was to become a soccer star. To become the idol of millions of youngsters.

However, my dreams were soon dashed. The reason being, when I was in Primary 3, I became short sighted. At such a young age, I had to wear my spectacles whereever I go. How am I to become a professional soccer player in such a manner?

During my time, contact lenses were not very popular. My degree of short sightedness was about 700, and I even stepped and shattered my own glasses on the soccer field which I had dropped. At the end, I became a "blind man" for 2 days before I got my new spectacles.

Around the age of five or six, I was playing jumping stairs with the neighbouring kids. I made a bet with them saying that I can jump down from the 6th step of the stairs.

Chaos happened for this bet.

I used too much force, and I couldn't control my legs properly. I fell down on the floor and my left hand hit the wall. Ha, with this bet, I had a cast on for about a month.
I experienced excruciating pain for the first few days but after a month, I grew used to it. The active me who couldn't stop picked up the soccer ball and played with the kids again without telling my mother.

Although I was naughty, when it comes to studying I can always quiet down and do my revision seriously. That's why my grades were always maintained at the average or better.

My mother is a very open-minded person. She does not require her son to top the class every year, getting average marks was not bad for her. And I was happy and relaxed too.

For me, studying is not considered a difficult task. Of course, it can't be compared to soccer. Ha, talking about soccer, I feel like playing it now but I do not have the time. It's been quite long since I had a taste of soccer!

I graduated from Hua Ren Zhong Xue. During that time, I was considered to be a lively fellow in entertainment related activities.

During my third year in secondary school, I formed a band for some of my friends who love music as well. We performed at the school party.

I remember that my first performance took place at the school hall. Everything was ready, and I walked up from the backstage quite confidently. When I saw the huge crowd of students below listening to me, I got a shock. At the end, the lyrics left me and entered the high clouds. I could not even remember a single word.

The music came on, and I stood there dumbly for 3 minutes. There were many boo's from below and I went backstage, embarrassed.

The Hacken Lee today would not experience the same thing again. I would not forget my lyrics because I was nervous. I guess it's because after sometime, I've become "thick-skinned" and matured!

I've yet to reach my second year in the entertainment industry but have already released my first album. I hope that everybody would support me and provide me with guidance!

[source:] [translated by Hianez] [edited by Kate]
[wow, didn't know he had extreme short-sightedness when he was little!! i've heard hacken was a bad boy when he was young, but didn't know he got in so much trouble cuz of playing around w/other kids! haha.SOOO glad his mom named him "hak kun" instead of the chinese name 4 dragon that his dad wanted! didn't know he had a band, either!! hacken was already so playful and social when he was young!!! =P he is so cute as a little kid! =D]

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Minna said...

Hahah....Hacken sure loves soccer!

So he used to wear glasses.
How come he doesnt need them now?