Monday, March 19, 2007

Hacken is appointed to sing "The Drive of Life"

2007 Mar 19

Hacken is appointed to sing "The Drive of Life"

Hacken Lee is appointed to sing "The Drive of Life" theme song in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Handover to China. Yesterday together with Hacken and Yip Wing Si led the symphony orchestra to film the MV at TVB studio. In the recent years, TVB will always use their own actors/actresses to sing the theme song, but this time is exceptional, Hacken smiles and says: "oh, don't say it like that, there are so many actors/actresses, so find me, who is not an actor to sing, actually I don't know what is the reason, but no matter what, I am very happy to be able to sing. This time is also my first to collaborate with Brother Koo, so I am very happy."

"There are Two Versions"

Because "The Drive of Life" is a film collaboration with Mainland, so there will be a cantonese version and mandarin version of the theme song, Hacken says: "Cantonese version will be sung by me, Mandarin version will be handled by Taiwan singer, Steve Chou." Conductor, Yip Wing Si, comments that this is the first time she has done any work related to tv series' theme songs, feeling the difficulty, she says: "Philharmonic orchestra is responsible for a part in the theme song, then we will also record an instrumental version of the sub song."

~ Apple Daily] [translated by Jane]

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Minna said...

Hacken is so lucky!
Im really looking forward to this song & MV! Hope we can watch & listen to it soon!