Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hacken Lee: The Days When I was A Middle School Student (Form 2)

The Days When I was A
College (Middle School) Student – Form 2

Form 2 – Hopes of becoming a soccer star dashed

In the last chapter, we were talking about me being a ‘newbie’ in college and how I used to top the class in primary school, scored average grades in Form 1 and then slowly my grades fell. The reason?

The answer is one word, laziness. During primary school, I depended on my cleverness. Be it tests or examinations, even for the entrance exams to university, I would burn the midnight oil and study at the last minute. Of course, there were other supplements too, like chicken essence. Things were quite successful and my grades always turned out to be better than expected. My teachers and my mother couldn’t do much to me. Yet, every reader knows that college studies cannot be managed simply by burning the midnight oil. My study habit soon received punishments.

Although I deserved to be punished, man is a funny creature who likes to find excuses, this includes me. I felt that at the start of college, someone who has just started out and is still young and innocent (which is me), things are too attractive. There were too many outside curriculum activities in my college. There were more than 20 clubs, ranging from astronomy to geography, and scouts, Red Cross, chorus and more. These did not include some activities and competitions where students represent the school. Just as the advertisement goes “There’s sure to be one which suits you.”

I felt like I had stepped into Disneyland for the first time. When I go to school every day, I was thinking of which club or activity to join, and calculating how much my limited allowance would help me to pay club fees or get the badges. At the end, I made a decision. I joined only 3 clubs, I think they were Music (because I like to sing), Chess (because it had the most beautiful badge) and social work society (because I can get to know students from other institutions, especially girls). My regret was that I did not qualify for the soccer team as my glasses at that time were thick like the base of a glass cup. And to me, contact lenses are the greatest invention on earth. It wasn’t simplified during my time. My dreams of becoming a soccer star since young disappeared as I developed a degree of over 800.

[Source: (original article probably from Yes Magazine)] [translated by Hianez] [haha, i'm sure a lot of u R like hacken, leaving studying to the last night! wow, hacken was extremely short-sighted!! DOES THAT MEAN HE WEARS CONTACT LENSES NOW?? but never heard that he does... -kate]

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