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Hacken jokes that Liza Wang has a big tummy

September 25, 2007

Liza Wang’s concert (3 shows) titled I Am Me has come to an end. During the last concert, Miriam Yeung and several artistes were present and Miriam even went up on stage as one of Liza’s fans. She presented Liza with a bouquet of silver origami which also took part in making, surprising Liza.

Guests for the last concerts were Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Hacken Lee. Liza asked Hacken why his wife, Emily Lo, was not present. Hacken referred to the loosely fitted costume that Liza was wearing and replied “She’s like you dressing in loose clothing! Also, it’s hard for her to move around.” Liza also asked, “What do you consider in a man to call him good?” and Hacken replied by listing out the 4 secret techniques of Law Kar Ying’s pursuit for Liza, making her unable to stop her laughter.

David Garrett performed the music for Paper Marriage on JSG and praised Hacken’s performance to be full of Chinese culture. He also revealed that Hacken strived hard for his happiness by getting to know girls.

[Sources:, Mingpao, Singpao, The Sun]
[translated by HIANEZ]
[not sure about the last part of this news...
i guess david is saying it's a good thing hacken was really social when he was younger,
so cuz of that, he could find a girlfriend sooner than others? -kate]

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[graphic above made by: hianez]

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Hacken's Red Sun for a show

Sept. 26,

"I love my family: Malaysia" is proudly sponsored by Celcom and hosted by... [some kind of Malaysian organization] was done on Saturday (15th) at the Kuala Lumpur Stadium with many famous Malaysian singers, as for Hong Kong artists, there was Hacken Lee and Wong Ka Keung.


Hong Kong Stars lead a cheer

In celebration of Malaysia's 50th Independent day, coming from Hong Kong, singer Hacken Lee and former Beyond member, Wong Ka Keung were invited as performing guests. Actually they thought coming from afar they would be singing several songs, but the organizer decided to give everyone equal treatment and they were each only allowed to sing two songs, causing some people in the audience to be disappointed.

Hacken sang a song from his new album, "fa lok sui ga" (Where Will the Flowers Go), after the song, Hacken said that he wants to have a duet with the audience, if you don't know the lyrics, you can clap together. Once the music started for "Red Sun" the audience became cheerful, not only swinging their glow sticks, also wielding their country flags, the scene was awesome to see.

[Sources:, ~ Sinchew]
[translated by Jane]

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hacken Lee overwhelmed by emotions as he performs with Shirley Kwan

September 14, 2007

Kay Tse performed in public for the first time after giving birth, in last night’s Nokia Love Music Enjoy Music 903 Concert. One of her costumes gave her figure away, it was no wonder than Hacken, Shirley, and Hins laughed at her for being fat.

Hacken and Shirley were rumoured to be a couple in the past. Though both of them have not collaborated in a long time, they were great partners on stage. While singing with Shirley, he revealed “My relationship with Shirley is complicated. We belonged to the same company and were very good friends and neighbours, but we also quarreled and ignored each other. Tonight, I finally have the chance to sing with her. I wonder when will we have the chance again.” And they held each others’ hand, it was a warm scene. They held each other by the shoulder as well.

However, both of them denied that they quarreled when questioned by reporters. “Just joking, don’t be serious!” said Hacken. And Shirley replied “There was no such thing! Quarreling with him? That person’s surname is Lo, (Emily Lo) not me.”

Also, Hacken added “I hope Shirley won’t choose to hide anymore. Recently, friends have asked me whose voice I hope to hear and my answer is Shirley’s.”

Hacken recalls the times when he was in PolyGram where all the singers were like a family. Once, during the Mid Autumn Festival, several young singers got together and went to the beach to have fun. Shirley adds on “Let’s bring the younger ones out to have fun together next time!” Hacken replies “I need a few more months’ time.”

When asked if he will have fun at the beach for this coming Mid Autumn Festival, he jokes at himself being old. Shirley reveals that Hacken has to accompany his wife. At the same time, Hacken invited her to be a guest at his concert. She agreed, and said she wants to sing for half of the show time.

As the concert began, the four of them began with some stand-up comedy. Hins told Hacken “I have lots of partners tonight; I can form a group with another. I can pair up with Kay because we grew up listening to your songs……”

On hearing this, Shirley walked towards both Hins and Kay and stood beside them, saying “I belong to their group too, because I grew up listening to your black vinyl records!”

Hacken then pulled Shirley and Hins to one side, and said “We can form a group too, because we’re slimmer than Kay. She can ‘pressurize’ the stage!” He also laughs, saying that he’s the idol-type singer while the other 3 are singers with strength.

Besides the dancing and singing on stage, there were also lots of humour. First, fans of Hacken gave him a huge banana cushion containing the meaning of “Chew Hei Put Put” (which means fresh and energetic). Hins revealed that Shirley wishes to adopt him as her godson. “I wanted to present her with tea on stage but she said we have to choose a good day to do it. She was so serious about it!”

Fans made use of the chance to give their idols gifts. Hins and Kay received flowers but Hacken got the most gifts. Besides the banana cushion, he received fruit baskets, mooncakes and more.

Mingpao, Oriental Daily, The Sun, Apple Daily, Takung Pao, Wenweipo, Metrohk]
[translated by Hianez]

A precious chance for Hacken Lee to duet with Shirley Kwan

September 12, 2007

Hacken seeks advice from Kay Tse

Hacken Lee, Shirley Kwan, Kay Tse, and Hins Cheung rehearsed for the NOKIA 903 Concert yesterday. Hacken, who is going to become a father, sought advice anxiously from Kay who has just become a mummy. He asked several questions, including: Did you give birth naturally or did it by operation? Did you throw tantrums after that? Seems like he’s making preparations.

Did he ask about changing diapers? “That is not a problem; I have 5 dogs at home. Moreover, this is not under my area of responsibility. I’m supposed to go make money.” While asking the questions, he accidentally revealed that his baby will be born in the Chinese New Year.

Hacken has not cooperated with Shirley Kwan for more than 10 years. When he asked her to be a guest at his concert, she was not in Hong Kong. He praises her for being a good partner and he admires her voice too. He recalls how all the singers used to be alike at that time but Shirley had her own style. It’s a precious chance for them this time.

For his concert next year, he has not thought about who to invite as guests and knows that many artistes will not be in Hong Kong during that period. However, he has to train up earlier as being older means needing more time to build up his muscles. “I’m the breadwinner; hence I need to have concerts.” Hacken says. Will his child be a distraction? “By that time, I’ll be rehearsing.”

Will his son be about a month old when it comes to his concert? He tries to hide things by saying “How should I tell you? Well, let’s not think about such stuff.”

Hacken’s concert will start on the second day of the Chinese New Year 2008. Usually, singers start to rehearse one month before the concert. In other words, Hacken’s baby is due around January. (since he revealed that he’ll be rehearsing when the reporter asked him if his child will be a distraction, lol! He gave the answer indirectly…!)

Shirley Kwan reveals “The 3 of them are great singers. Singing with professionals like them gives me huge pressure. I have to learn from my juniors.”

There was a reporter who joked to Hacken that he’ll naturally slim down when he helps to take care of his baby. Hacken continues to keep mum about his family.

Captions on the picture showing the back of Hacken’s T-shirt bearing 2 Chinese characters: Hacken’s shirt has the words “Colourful Male” printed on the back – seems like he wants to announce that Emily is bearing a male child.

(To minna: hacken has 5 dogs at home now…since she asked about it on the thread earlier!)

Mingpao, Singpao, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Takung Pao, Wenweipo]
[translated by Hianez]
[though hacken said he will be rehearsing and won’t be distracted by the baby, it could still mean the baby is due earlier! The baby can be a distraction anytime after it’s born, not just when it has just been born. Right? i'm hoping the baby can be born be4 hacken turns 40, like he wanted! :) -kate]

Hacken Lee trains his body earlier to prepare for his Chinese New Year concert

September 11, 2007
NOKIA Love Music, Enjoy Music 903 Concert Rehearsal
Hacken Lee will be having his concert in the coming Chinese New Year. As he had an operation earlier, it has more or less affected his stamina. Hence, he is training up 6 months earlier than usual. He says “After the operation, there are 4 ‘holes’ on my stomach. The largest one below looks like 4 of circles from the Mahjong tiles. Adding them up will make them into the 7 of circles tile! [Sources:, (] [translated by Hianez]

Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung expose Michelle Yip’s lover

Three Weekly Magazine
19 August, 2000

TVB’s drama Street Fighters has received great viewership, receiving an average of 34 points in the first week of airing, peaking at 37 points. It performed better than the major drama, The Legendary Four Aces (average 31 points, peaking at 34 points).

Hacken Lee, Edmond Leung, Michelle Yip and the other casts deserve the credit. Though this drama had just started airing, many viewers are concerned about who Ah Hey (Michelle Yips’s role) will choose to be with in the end. Two guys are fighting over a girl – will Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung bring up an exciting fight? Also, Hacken revealed Michelle’s lover in the interview!

Viewers like the plot in Street Fighters. Besides Gigi Wong’s search for her son, the relationship between Hacken, Edmond and Michelle in the show is another highlight. On this issue, the 3 of them were secretive about it. But when it comes to revealing stuff about each other, they were very eager.

The Monkey Spirit (Ma Lau Jing) and Microwave Oven (Mei Bor Lo)

Hacken says : Be it I’m the character in my show or myself in real life, I would not want to be with Michelle or Ah Hey in the end because I’m not the Monkey Spirit (Dicky Cheung). She will not like me.” (Dicky Cheung is referred to as the Monkey Spirit because of his role as Sun Wu Kong aka Monkey God which is actually in the form of a monkey spirit!)

Michelle attacks him: Hey, what about your Microwave Oven which has heated up the food already? (She is referring to Emily Lo, whose surname bears the same tone of the ‘Lo’ in the Cantonese term of microwave oven ‘Mei Bor Lo’).

Hacken: Chey! (an expression) People already know of it, and I admit it too! Your other half is ‘fresher’!

Michelle: Say it in any way you want to but thanks for helping me do some promotion.

Edmond (in a formal manner): Earlier on, the producer as well as the ending which has leaked revealed that Michelle will end up with Hacken…

Hacken adds on: She’s like a human-ball, being passed around by both of us.

“People will have to see for themselves the ending. In my stand, of course I’d like to be with her. Only a few episodes have aired, our relationship takes on quite a good path later on.” Edmond Leung tries to be secretive.

Feeling attached to Temple Street

Almost 3 months were spent filming the show, and the cast mixed well with the people living at Temple Street.

Michelle: Revisiting Temple Street today, I feel very close to it. Lots of things feel very familiar and I feel strange too. After all, this isn’t the place I was born and I don’t know why I have such feelings. Coming to Temple Street, you have to try the hawker stalls! The food taste great and Tin Hau Temple has its own character.

Edmond: The unique thing about Temple Street isn’t the night market, but it’s around 4pm to 5pm in the afternoon. A lot of people start to set up their stalls, it’s quite a scene.

The other lead character, Hacken Lee, is believed to have spent the most time in Temple Street. He was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and sees Temple Street in another light.

“Initially I was shocked by Temple Street as by Hong Kong standards, it’s quite a complicated place. We were told that not to bring reporters in case of troublesome matters. We were also warned to tolerate and take extra caution. But after filming for 3 months, I don’t feel that there’s a problem. It’s better than filming elsewhere. Maybe because we kept filming at the same locations and people got used to seeing us. When we first came here, they might have felt that this was something new and came around to take a peak. After that, they carried on with their lives. They would not ask us to take photos or sign (autographs) for them.”

“Shooting at night is more trouble and it’s also harder to control. The crowd increased, and many tourists flood the place. About 200 people crowd around, it’s hard to walk. Normally, they don’t treat us as artiste. When we went to eat and shop, there’s nothing special. But some shops offer us a discount when we patronize – only about 2 to 3 shops. They were either those that sell food or VCDs.”

Pork Chop Udon

The scene which left the deepest impression and is most unforgettable is the scene where Gigi Wong Suk Yee slapped Hacken Lee.

“That scene was about Gigi mistaking me for having stolen her money when I was taking the blame for Sister Luo Lan. Gigi treated me like her son and seeing that I was so immature, she slapped me. We didn’t have to retake the scene; I took this slap just as it came down. I thought, if we were to do it with the help of the camera angle, we would have to retake the scene. Hence, we rehearsed the scene well. It was a hard slap. She’s the only woman who has ever hit me. Just like this….I ‘died at her hands’.”

“There was another scene which was very funny. Gigi Wong was afraid that I would not have a girlfriend. Hence, she introduced several women to me. Secretly, I named the group of women Pork Chop Udon and I didn’t tell them about it. Only when we were ready to shoot did I reveal this term. Everybody started laughing till they were unable to speak. Initially, I was able to control myself. But as you know, laughter is contagious. Finally, the laughter became too overwhelming and we had to move on to filming the second scene first. When we went back to filming the first scene, at the part where Pork Chop Udon comes in, everybody laughed again.” Hacken said laughingly.

Edmond Leung: He brings up the Pork Chop Udon every time, but I wasn’t in that scene, so I don’t know how it was like. Honestly, I’m anticipating that episode……

“Soon! Soon! It’s either episode 12 or 13!” says Hacken.

Edmond: “There was one scene towards the end which was quite rushed. We only had about 1 to 2 hours of sleep each day. There was once where Hacken and I didn’t sleep for 3 days. When we were shooting the last scene for that day, we both felt very dull. The script only consisted of 2 pages but we kept retaking it. Either I forgot my lines or Hacken couldn’t remember what he had to say next. Just shooting that scene took hours, what a tragedy!”

Hacken, Edmond and Michelle: Scenes you must not miss in Street Fighters

Michelle: Of course it’s the last episode. The high tide usually comes in and then goes down. And only till the end will you know whom I’ve chosen. Also, when I went steady with Edmond in the middle of the show and Hacken being jealous was quite fun too.

Edmond: Scenes with Gigi Wong are great, meaning every episode is great.

Hacken: There was one scene which was quite fun. Temple Street’s Lucky 5 (Mmm Siu Fook – as they were called in the show) went to TVB to be temporary actors. We shot that scene several times as it kept raining that day. They acted as beggars and their clothes were dirty and smelly and were even drenched in rainwater. Anyone who sees them will ask them to get lost.

[Source: Hackenation (under the Special section)]
[translated by: Hianez]

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hacken Lee’s “Seven Years of Itchiness” develops eczema

September 9, 2007

(Seven Years of Itchiness is a Chinese phrase which initially means that many things will start to change once they reach the 7th year. Many people link this phrase to marriage on hearing it. In other words, it just means that you itch for a change after 7 years of facing the same things.)

Hacken Lee and Joey Leung went to TVB studio to record a programme for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Hacken’s body is full of red spots, he revealed that they are “Seven Years of Itchiness” because he had eczema 7 years ago. Now that it has appeared again, it’s tough for him as it is very itchy. “I didn’t know that they’ll come back and have no idea why. I’ve been seeing the doctor for 2 weeks and have recovered only about 70 to 80 percent. My body’s full of eczema, luckily there isn’t any on my face!” He had to bear with the itchiness while filming.

He’s currently using both Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western medicine to treat his condition in hope of recovering faster.

[Sources:,, The Sun newspaper, Apple daily, Wenweipo]
[translated by: Hianez]
[wow. hacken's so unlucky!
if u don't know what eczema is, according 2 wikipedia, it's: a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the upper layers of the skin. 4 more info: also, a related phrase: "the seven-year itch" means
The inclination to become unfaithful after seven years of marriage ( -kate]

Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung both given the title of Foul King at soccer match

Next Magazine Volume 913

September 6, 2007

Though his wife is still pregnant, Hacken Lee led a team of DJs for a soccer match on August 30. Together, they played against a team made up of listeners.

They aren’t professional players, but all of them seemed to be possessed by Ronaldinho when then started playing at the field, especially Hacken Lee. His skills are not bad but he seemed to be taking advantages when he could. The referee didn’t see him pulling his opponent’s shirt. Hacken used whatever tactics he could.

Edmond Leung wasn’t any better - he actually used his hand to fight for the ball with the opponent team’s goalkeeper. Only when he heard the whistle was he willing to give up. He was worse than Hacken.

Both teams had a draw of 3 to 3 and the victory had to be determined by penalty kicks. Finally, the celebrity won by 6 to 4. Though they won, as Stephen Chow said, “Soccer? It isn’t played this way!” (this is a quote from Stephen Chow’s movie Kung Fu Soccer – hianez)

Caption: Hacken had an injury on his leg!

[translated by Hianez]

10 Ways to Get Red Packets – By Hacken Lee

(*NOTE: this news article is from around the early 1990s!*)

The Lunar New Year is one of the festivals I like best – because I can always get lots of red packets. It’s the time of the year for me to get lucky and money comes rolling in! (Red packets, also termed laisee in Cantonese and angpao in hokkien are money given by the elders to the younger ones. They come in the form of money contained in a red packet that can be sealed. –info from hianez but I think most of you know what are red packets! ^_^)

Well, there’s actually a way to get more red packets. Let me provide you with 10 ways to do so and you can see if they suit your needs!

(1) Keep on telling your relatives and friends ‘Gong Hei Fatt Choy’ (wish you money luck).

(2) Keep walking around someone, using this act to remind them to give you the red packets.

(3) Praise others by telling them they are rich; they are bound to take that in and give you the red packet.

(4) Use the tactic of ‘retreating as a form of attacking’ – like interviewing someone and then say “We’re not very closely related actually…you can save on the red packet.” (this is retreating) and usually the person might give it to you! (and that is successful attack!)

(5) Make it clear to others first by telling them: “I’m not yet married!”

(6) Tell this to someone in an accidental manner, “It’d be good if I can get 1 more red packet today.”

(7) Keep discussing the issue of red packets with your friends. When married couples hear this, they will know how to react.

(8) Get 2 more friends to make a visit to someone’s company during the Lunar New Year. You can only bring 1 to 2 friends because if you bring along too many people, they might
choose not give out red packets due to the large number.

(9) Never miss out on group visits.

(10) At one shot, arrange to meet relatives and friends whom you’ve not seen for many years. You’re sure to get wealthy.

The methods mentioned above are what I’ve accumulated all these years. You’re sure to find them useful.

[Source: Hacken Zone
[translated by: Hianez]
[LOL!!! hacken & joey had some short skits about this subject on their old variety show!!
i think they demonstrated all 10 ways. hahaha!!! -kate]

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Hacken's wife shopping at the supermarket

East Week Volume 208
August 22, 2007

Though Emily has taken lots of medicine, she still appears skinny for a pregnant lady of at least 7 months. On the 14th of August, for Little Hacken, she finally stepped out of the house to shop for high calcium milk. She tried to hide from the reporters but on hearing them calling her “mummy”, she smiled and said “I’m just here to buy some necessities.”

She shopped around mainly for food items that’d ensure the health of her baby. They (Emily and her maid) left the supermarket with a trolley full of things, driving home in the Porsche Jeep (worth 80 million) that Hacken gave her.

Emily’s friends revealed that she kept vomiting what she ate during the early weeks of her pregnancy. That’s why Hacken’s family members kept giving her medicine as they were afraid that she would not be able to breastfeed the baby later on.

And being a good hubby, Hacken returns home by 12am---he has become a family man.

[translated by Hianez]

Hacken Lee – Prenatal depression

[*** NOTE ***:


Express News Weekly Issue 471
28 August, 2007

Marriage Danger
Hacken Lee – Prenatal depression
Hinting about his marriage through lyrics

Becoming a father soon, Hacken Lee ought to be happy. However, Hacken is now facing troublesome issues!

Emily Lo has often been described as ‘heaty’, and after she got pregnant this year, her temper grew worse: Most people think that it’s because pregnant women get emotional easily and tend to throw tantrums. Naturally, their husbands become their target. Facing his wife’s temper, Hacken keeps mum and doesn’t get angry over it.

Having to tolerate everything, Hacken seemed to have developed signs of ‘prenatal depression’. He wrote the lyrics for his song Fork In The Road, and mentioned the sufferings of a man: “When love turns speechless, there will be no quarrels. I’m afraid that I cannot avoid the diversion……” from the lyrics, it seems to be hinting that there’s something wrong with their relationship.

Decoding the lyrics

In Fork In The Road, Hacken describes a once nourished love that has turned bland. For example: “Only half of the bed remains everyday, striving hard for half a lifetime only for work”, “When love turns speechless, there will be no quarrels”. Each line leaves a deep impression, but at the same time, he also wrote “I’ve never noticed that you only eat from lunch boxes, beauty wears away with time” which seems to express his guilt for not accompanying his wife due to his work. Also, to welcome his newborn baby, he wrote the song Little Baby. In it, “From young, I will teach you how to play soccer, teach you singing and tell you not to be lazy” – it’s a song filled with fatherly love. Both songs contains different feelings, it’s ironic indeed. Hacken spent only one night writing the song Little Baby.

There have been reports which said that Emily Lo left her apartment one day and drove away to somewhere near the hills to avoid her family. When asked if such a thing has happened, Hacken insisted “Our home is currently being renovated, it’s inconvenient for some women (like pregnant ladies), that’s why she left for awhile. We’ve been together for over 10 years; there hasn’t been such a problem.”

Protecting his wife in an embarrassed manner

In March, Emily accompanied Hacken to watch Lui Fong’s concert. Since then, she has not faced the public. In the past few months, to keep the media away and also to let Emily have ease during her pregnancy, Hacken borrowed his friend’s car for traveling. Recently, reporters have spotted the couple at Lang Ham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tshui. Emily, who has been pregnant for about 7 months, still looks skinny. It’s rumored that Hacken decided to let the reporters take photos of them on that day. But on seeing the reporters and their cameras, Emily had a change of expressions. Wide-eyed, she told Hacken to stop the reporters. Hacken, who had been friendly; shielded his wife from the reporters on receiving her orders.

All these years, Hacken had been giving in to Emily. The problem is, being a father for the first time, he is sure to face a certain level of stress. No matter how high his tolerance level may be, having to face his wife’s temper frequently is sure to make things unbearable. As his wife is pregnant, he can’t possibly argue with her. Hence, he can only express his depression through his lyrics.

It’s also rumored that Emily’s temper is the result of the rumors between Hacken Lee and Kenix Kwok which spread before their marriage. In July 2006, there were reports saying Hacken and Kenix (Frankie Lam’s wife) met secretly, and had given her tickets to his concert. It was said that Emily became extremely angry and kept crying and shouting at Hacken till next morning. Though the incident ended after some time, Emily tends to think towards one side after being pregnant and soon, she brings up the past. Hence, quarrels kept occurring, resulting in Hacken’s depression.

Hacken entered the hospital in May this year and had an operation in June. Shortly after, he went back to work. It can be seen that Hacken works hard for his family. Being so busy, how can he find the time to have affairs? Let’s hope that Emily can cool down, and welcome the newborn baby with happiness!

[translated by Hianez]

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hacken's interview from Be My Guest: career, marriage, awards, first dates...

Hacken Lee in gratutide to Andy Lau for letting him win the competition

Chan (the host for the programme and TVB's General Manager) is one of TVB's senior executives while Hacken Lee is TVB's "godson" - the latter has a higher status. Though it seems like there's a gap between him and Chan, Hacken reveals that this is one of the rare times where he actually talks about Emily.

Hacken has such a close relationship with TVB that he even announced his marriage on JSG. The reason is simple: he performed as guest for Miss HK Pageant Competition back then and hence, got to know Emily. TVB played the role of a matchmaker and Hacken never did forget this.

Hacken and Emily held their wedding banquet in November, 2006. The bridegroom was Andy Lau, his competitor. They competed for the Best Male Singer award in 2002 in which Hacken won, and will remember this friendship for a lifetime.

Caption on the side:
About his first date with Emily, Hacken said "We agreed to have Japanese cuisine. After I ordered a table full of sushi, she ordered Sashimi. I had to eat all the rice from the sushi. That's why, women are hard to fanthom." (some words at the side were blurred, but i think this is what it says. -hahaha, very funny first date!)

Hopes to give birth to a boy and a girl

Chan: How long have you been together with Emily?

Hacken: Since 1992.

Chan: When she competed for Miss HK, you guys starting dating?

Hacken: Right. Because of TVB, I was the guest performer for that year. I went for the photoshoot in England and France as well. The media back then wasn't as bad as today's. They did not follow us around. When the guest performers and contestants are done with work, we can have meals together which meant more chances being with each other.

Chan: When she was crowned, did you worry over if you two should still continue the relationship?

Hacken: We were only in our twenties and did not think much about this. But after we were together for several years and when both parents met, her mother was worried that this "singer kid" (me) was not serious about the relationship. Let me tell you guys a secret. In 2006 JSG when I announced my marriage, I bumped into Rosa (the caretaker for Miss HKs). She clutched my hand, grew teary and told me "I'm happy to hear that you two are getting married. Actually, I was worried that you were only playing around, dragging my girl (Emily) along."

Chan: After she started dating with you, she stopped working. Did you asked her to do that, or did she made that decision herself?

Hacken: I analyzed this with her. Back then, she had the chance as TVB wanted to sign a contract with her. And I said "You can decide to do it or not. I do not want to affect your decision and neither do I know how long will we be together or how our relationship will develop." I could only analyse the pros and cons for her and let her think for herself. Honestly, I was thinking more along the sides of her not taking up the job.

Felt disappointed after his drop out from the 4th Annual New Talent Singing Competition

Chan: After you and Emily marry, will you want children soon?

Hacken: Yes.

Chan: Is this the reason for getting married?

Hacken: Yes. We hope to have 2 children. The best would be giving birth to twins during the first pregnancy: 1 boy and 1 girl. But in life, things don't go according to how we want them to. I'm 38, it's an appropriate time. There'll be an age gap if the father and son's age are too far apart.

Chan: You entered the industry through a singing competition?

Hacken: I hoped to release an album. I joined the competition which was running it's 4th year, the year which Alex Toh won it. I was only 18, and after my exams I received champion in my school's competition before and I felt that I could sing very well. During my first interview at Wah Sing (for the 4th Annual New Talent Singing Competition), there were judges like Leslie Cheung. I sang Alan Tam's song and was worried whether I would be eliminated. After that, I got into the Top 30. I had high hopes and who knew that I couldn't make it to the top 15. It felt like being drenched with cold water. I was very unhappy. I felt that there was something undisclosed about the competition, and also felt that they judged the contestants according to looks. It was the saddest tragedy ever encountered by an 18 year old; it was like tarnishing his dreams of becoming a singer.

Half a year later, a friend whom I got to know through the competition, Vivian Chow, called me through the phone and asked me to join the "19 Territories Singing Competition". The champion for the first year was Jacky Cheung. That time, I was doing my Foundation Studies (not very sure if this meant Foudnation Studies though..but I think it's a course to prepare you for overseas studies). My family had plans to send me overseas to study and had already chosen the school. I joined the competition as a player. From the competitions held in the smaller territories, I went on stage to the finals. I remember the hosts were Lin Jia Hua and Mei Yun. In the end, I became the champion and had the chance to release an album.

When I returned home, I told my father and mother. Fortunately, they were both very open-minded. They let me make my choice and I decided to try it out for 2 years. I wasn't very successful in the first 2 years. I released an EP and album which only sold a few thousand copies. When I was feeling disappointed and looking through the information for further education and was thinking of going abroad, TVB invited me to film Teenagers No More. When the series was broadcast, my album sold well. That's why I always thank TVB, as it was this show that allowed the public to know this tanned and long-necked guy called Hacken Lee. The theme song of the show made me reach my first Platinum album, called Summer's Myth. This gave me a ticket to continue staying and work in Hong Kong.

Chan: Sidetracking for awhile. You got to know Vivian Chow during the competition?

Hacken: Yes. She was fatter back then, not like how she looks now...(can't find the word to describe her)

Chan: Pretty?

Hacken: Both she and I did not reach Top 15. She sang Bo Yuan Fang's Zhui Ai and had a big butterfly ribbon on her head. A little plump girl, quite cute, but she wasn't as fat as Myolie Wu. There were many other friends too whom I got to know through the competition too.

Chan: Have you ever thought of wooing Vivian Chow? (mystery mystery - i want to know this too tongue.gif)

Hacken: She always wanted to sleep and I did not think that she'd become so pretty after a few years. We both attended a DJ training course and were one of the champions.

Chan: Your career sailed at great heights during that time. Was it because of this that people thought you were haughty?

Hacken: If I thought that way, it wouldn't have been like this. Till when my friends told me, and they were friends with a certain status, like Joey Leung. He said "You are quite pro." It was around the time when I was filming A Life Of His Own. (Chan added: year 1990.) Firstly, I was young. Secondly, I felt that I was great. I was able to meet girls as I was a singer. I liked to drink back then and had a group of friends: Ekin, Li Jia Sheng and so on. We called ourselves Brothers and Sisters. Once, at a karaoke room, Anita Mui and I were a little drunk and she told me "Hey 'handsome' lad, do you know that you're haughty?" I wasn't very familiar with her back then, and yet she felt that I was arrogant too. It was as if lightning had struck me. A senior had such sentiments too. It was the first time that I felt that there's something wrong with me. After discussing for a long time, I became good friends with her since that night. After that, I tried to change. It took a long time for me to change people's impression of me. To make people feel that you're haughty, all you might have to do is to make one comment. However, to erase these comments and impression you've made, you need 10 years.

Like when fans asked for my signature, I used to just sign and walk off. But then I was worried that by acting like this, people would think that I'm proud. Now, I would have small conversations with them. At the beginning, I wasn't very used to it. My character wasn't like this in the first place. I'm not full of smiles and happy all the time. It was very hard at first. Slowly, I carried on and this made people feel happy. And I grew happy myself. Soon, my character changed too.

Felt embarrassed seeing empty seats

Chan: At which point of your career did the low tide set in?

Hacken: It has got to be the 1995 concert. It could possibly be one of the worst ticket sales ever in Hong Kong's concert history. I had my first concert in 1993, the sales were great. We had to increase the number. Two years later, it failed. In 1993 I had 8 concerts and having 10 concerts on the second time shoudn't be a problem. Who knew that something happened. There were various reasons.

There was a "moustache
pattern" - the seats were only around 50% full, standing up on stage and looking at the empty seats, my tears were dropping in my stomach. Every night, I dare not ask how the ticket sales were. I just hoped that not too many of my relatives were there to watch, as it was very embarrassing.

I remembered one night when Alan Tam was the guest and I was singing Not Changing For A Lifetime. He suddenly appeared on the staircase of the stage, and said "Failure in one concert doesn't mean failure forever. In the future, what you must do is to tell those who didn't attend your concert that they've missed the treasure." This left a deep impression on me. I did not hold concerts for the next 7 years as I was very afraid. Till 2002 when I held a concert, and during the last day I asked about the ticket sales - even tickets for the single seats were sold out. I could not describe how elated I felt. The next year I held a concert with Alan Tam, I hugged him and cried. I rarely cry, I'm afraid of myself crying. That feeling wasn't just thanking him, it was gratitude from my heart.

Chan: Have you ever experienced bad album sales?

Hacken: Of course, I have even experienced not being able to release an album. The first time when I changed companies, I had unhappy experiences as I did not know how to deal with the contract. During the second time when I changed company, I signed an 'invincible' contract which has the thickness of a phonebook. I engaged the help of the most expensive lawyer in Hong Kong, and listed out things like food to eat when working overseas, the promotional fee for each album would be 2 hundred million and so on. I did not want to be cheated.

My album wasn't selling very well, so where would there be money for promotion? The only solution was not to release an album. I had no idea. This went on for a period of time, till the 1998 World Cup where I sang Get Up, Get Up, Get Up (Adventures of A Soccer Fan, first line of the song is Get Up, Get Up, Get Up...). The response wasn't bad and I released an album with new songs and classics. As my contract just ended, a senior executive wanted me to stay for 3 months and do free promotion. I asked him "Can you work for your company for 3 months and not take any salary?" And we did not speak to each other after that, even till now.

Actually, I quite enjoy hosting at TVB. Many people asked me, as a recognized singer with strength, how do I feel when I see new singers coming in to sing and I used a fire extinguisher to spray at them while hosting JSG? (either it means him literally using the extinguisher or they compare hacken to a fire extinguisher...)

They asked if I felt unhappy. I don't think so. Hong Kong people are very good at adapting. Even when the horse died on them, it's still possible. If albums cannot do well, I can turn towards other avenues and shine. I don't think that being a host for the World Cup is a shame.

Chan: When I first approached you to host Minutes To Fame in 2005, you rejected at first. I asked, "Is it because you did not get best male singer award? (andy lau got it in 2005)" and you said, "Of course not. If someone else is to receive the award then probably, but if it's Andy then things are different." Why? Are you and him able to disregard any competition?

Hacken: Andy did one thing and I can tell it to everyone. The first time when I received the best male singer award was in 2002. That year, my popularity was quite good. Andy always enjoyed receiving awards, everyone knows this. And he knows that if I don't receive Best Male Singer award for that year, I might not have a chance in the future. He really hoped that I would get the award and let down his promotons near the end of the year. The deepest impression I had was during the day of the award ceremony, when we had to face the media for photoshoots with our awards. Both of us got an award - Andy received Asia's Most Popular Male Singer award and I received Best Male Singer Award. I thought, he is one of my competitors and yet he even pulled for me, the friendship was strong. Later on, he told me that the photo that was taken (in 2002) in the hotel during the celebration became the wallpaper on his computer. I was very touched.

Captions on the side:
Chan asked if Hacken had already taken wedding pictures
in England and Hacken refused to answer. Only later do we know that they've taken photos at the Manchester United homegrounds. Chan did not receive the wrong information.

Chan suggests to have TVB host his wedding, Hacken said "Couples who had their weddings broadcast by TVB in the past did not have very good endings. Thanks anyway."

[source: Be My Guest book by Stephan Chan]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hacken Lee “hangs boots” and announces that he is leaving the Celebrity Soccer Team

August 31, 2007

Hacken Lee tastes roasted sock, audience feels sick

In the first 2 episodes of A Battle of Tastes, the guests were tortured. Hacken Lee bit the roasted sock and won ratings, but the show failed to win praises. Last night, the highest rating peaked at 29 points, with 28 points on the average.

13 Complaints received

13 complaints on the show were received. They were mostly about how the programme made viewers feel sick, how food was wasted, and this is a bad influence on children.

Hacken rejects representing the Celebrity Soccer Team

Yesterday afternoon, Hacken Lee attended a soccer competition held by 903. He said it had been some time since he played. Thinking back more than 10 years ago, when he first joined the team, he was the youngest player and had his speed and stamina were at its peak. Why hadn’t he represented the team for a long time? “My stamina isn’t as before and it’s easy to get injured when playing. I don’t have much guts but it’s okay to if we’re training.”

[Sources:, mingpao]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

Hacken works hard to earn money to prevent “depression”

August 30, 2007

There have been reports of Emily having prenatal depression and often scolding Hacken. Yesterday, during a radio station interview, Hacken sighed and said that he can do nothing about such reports. “After my friend saw the reports, they send SMS's to ask if I need medicine for prenatal depression. I was alright but after seeing the reports, I really contracted "depression"! They wrote about me in such a manner. Please, have a good heart. The entertainment circle is round, why do we do this? We’re alright (him and Emily). Nothing has happened to us.”

He also defended his wife: “A scary wife? Where’s the evidence? There’s no such thing as mentioned in the reports. Those who know us will know.”

Towards the news of him expressing himself through his lyrics, hinting that there’s a red light in his marriage, Hacken clears this up. “In the new album, I wrote 2 songs – Little Baby and Fork in the Road. I’ve written over a hundred songs, it’s impossible that every song reflects my life. My friends and relatives were afraid too. Luckily, we often meet up, they know there’s no such thing.” Hacken said that his wife’s pregnancy did not affect his work. For the next 2 to 3 months he has taken up several overseas jobs. “We have to work for a living, and also to cure depression.” He’ll be going to Malaysia, Macau, and San Francisco to work.

He did not think that they’d actually go and guess the meaning of his songs. The song Fork in the Road is about problems that arise when a couple gets together. Reporters said that it represents Hacken. But of course, it’s impossible that every song reflects his life. “Just like Flying Acrobats – I didn’t work in the circus!”

Hacken doesn’t mind reports about him but hopes that there is a proper interview before the articles are published.

What kind of reactions did his wife have after seeing those reports? He said “Luckily she has high EQ, she didn’t get angry over them.”


Hacken likes to bathe with his celebrity teammates. Every one is energetic.

Hacken Lee, Edmond Leung, and Wilfred Lau teamed up together and joined a soccer match, playing against a team of DJs. Hacken said that when playing with his celebrity soccer teammates, it’s like bathing together. He revealed that he joined the celebrity team when he was 18 years old. For a long time, there weren’t new faces in the team; hence he’s one of the younger ones.

mingpao,, oriental daily,, takungpao, metro radio]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

Jeff Chang cheated while singing with Hacken Lee

August 24, 2007

Jeff Chang and Hacken Lee sang together in yesterday’s JSG show. Afraid that he’d forget the lyrics, Jeff purposely wrote the lyrics on his arm.

[sources:, mingpao]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

Hacken to give Alan an “exploding” sweater

August 23, 2007

Yesterday was Alan’s birthday and Hacken said he did not know whether he’s in Hong Kong but he’ll leave his phone on and wait for him to call. Hacken already bought a sweater bearing the image of anexplosion for him as sales for his Mandarin album might “explode”. (haha! =P)

Did he buy any children's clothing for Alan’s son? Hacken said that he’s not the one to do this.

Right now, Hacken has already started preparing for his concert which will open during the lunar new year. On the news that Eason Chan added 10 more shows to his concert, Hacken is happy for him, as they both belong to the same company. How many shows will he have? He says that he will certainly not match Jacky Cheung’s number, as he is his senior. He’ll also go watch Jacky’s concert to gain some experience.

[sources:, mingpao]

[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

Hacken is tricked into tasting a roasted sock!

August 23, 2007

Harlem Yu and Patrick Tang are hosts for TVB’s variety programme, A Battle of Tastes (not the actual title in English, I just translated it!) and during recording yesterday, they invited Hacken Lee, Charlene Choi, Bernice Liu and Cheung Tat Ming as guests. They had to use their sense of hearing, touch, smell, taste, and so on to guess certain foods. At the end, Hacken forcefully tasted the roasted sock.

In the past, when Hacken ate prawns and crabs, he had difficulty in breathing and his lips swelled up. However, he has recovered and there is nothing he cannot eat.

During the game where they were blindfolded and had to use their sense of smell to differentiate foods, Harlem Yu changed the foods. Poor Hacken had to force himself to taste the roasted sock and he licked it. Harlem said “This sock has been worn by athletes, there’s good DNA in it, very good for the body!” After Hacken had tasted the sock, Harlem then told him the bitter truth (Hacken didn't really have to taste the sock, because he had guessed right). Hacken requested to add HK$2000 to the HK$5000 he had won (because he had to taste the sock!).

Harlem later apologized to Hacken and told him that the producer had told him to do so.

In the last round, they had to open a bag of chips in order to beat their opponents. At the end, Hacken and Bernice won HK$42,000 of prize money and HK$10,000 worth of prizes. They won’t have the feeling of “being wronged” after all.

After the incident, Hacken revealed “It doesn’t matter! Just a game! The producer earlier announced that everything is clean. The money will be used to treat friends.” Charlene exposed the news that they had all earlier agreed on dividing the money among themselves.

mingpao, singpao, oriental daily,]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

A clash of schedules – Hacken Lee unable to perform at casino

August 22, 2007

Recently, it has been reported that due to his having to accompany his wife, Hacken Lee has rejected to perform at a casino (the Venetian, at Macao). Hacken clarifies that there are no special reasons for him doing so, it just happens to clash with his schedule. However, his salary for the performance was earlier revealed, and Hacken said that he did not know whether that’s the actual figure. He feels that this is still a commercial secret, so it’s not too good to reveal it.

[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]