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Hacken Lee – Prenatal depression

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Express News Weekly Issue 471
28 August, 2007

Marriage Danger
Hacken Lee – Prenatal depression
Hinting about his marriage through lyrics

Becoming a father soon, Hacken Lee ought to be happy. However, Hacken is now facing troublesome issues!

Emily Lo has often been described as ‘heaty’, and after she got pregnant this year, her temper grew worse: Most people think that it’s because pregnant women get emotional easily and tend to throw tantrums. Naturally, their husbands become their target. Facing his wife’s temper, Hacken keeps mum and doesn’t get angry over it.

Having to tolerate everything, Hacken seemed to have developed signs of ‘prenatal depression’. He wrote the lyrics for his song Fork In The Road, and mentioned the sufferings of a man: “When love turns speechless, there will be no quarrels. I’m afraid that I cannot avoid the diversion……” from the lyrics, it seems to be hinting that there’s something wrong with their relationship.

Decoding the lyrics

In Fork In The Road, Hacken describes a once nourished love that has turned bland. For example: “Only half of the bed remains everyday, striving hard for half a lifetime only for work”, “When love turns speechless, there will be no quarrels”. Each line leaves a deep impression, but at the same time, he also wrote “I’ve never noticed that you only eat from lunch boxes, beauty wears away with time” which seems to express his guilt for not accompanying his wife due to his work. Also, to welcome his newborn baby, he wrote the song Little Baby. In it, “From young, I will teach you how to play soccer, teach you singing and tell you not to be lazy” – it’s a song filled with fatherly love. Both songs contains different feelings, it’s ironic indeed. Hacken spent only one night writing the song Little Baby.

There have been reports which said that Emily Lo left her apartment one day and drove away to somewhere near the hills to avoid her family. When asked if such a thing has happened, Hacken insisted “Our home is currently being renovated, it’s inconvenient for some women (like pregnant ladies), that’s why she left for awhile. We’ve been together for over 10 years; there hasn’t been such a problem.”

Protecting his wife in an embarrassed manner

In March, Emily accompanied Hacken to watch Lui Fong’s concert. Since then, she has not faced the public. In the past few months, to keep the media away and also to let Emily have ease during her pregnancy, Hacken borrowed his friend’s car for traveling. Recently, reporters have spotted the couple at Lang Ham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tshui. Emily, who has been pregnant for about 7 months, still looks skinny. It’s rumored that Hacken decided to let the reporters take photos of them on that day. But on seeing the reporters and their cameras, Emily had a change of expressions. Wide-eyed, she told Hacken to stop the reporters. Hacken, who had been friendly; shielded his wife from the reporters on receiving her orders.

All these years, Hacken had been giving in to Emily. The problem is, being a father for the first time, he is sure to face a certain level of stress. No matter how high his tolerance level may be, having to face his wife’s temper frequently is sure to make things unbearable. As his wife is pregnant, he can’t possibly argue with her. Hence, he can only express his depression through his lyrics.

It’s also rumored that Emily’s temper is the result of the rumors between Hacken Lee and Kenix Kwok which spread before their marriage. In July 2006, there were reports saying Hacken and Kenix (Frankie Lam’s wife) met secretly, and had given her tickets to his concert. It was said that Emily became extremely angry and kept crying and shouting at Hacken till next morning. Though the incident ended after some time, Emily tends to think towards one side after being pregnant and soon, she brings up the past. Hence, quarrels kept occurring, resulting in Hacken’s depression.

Hacken entered the hospital in May this year and had an operation in June. Shortly after, he went back to work. It can be seen that Hacken works hard for his family. Being so busy, how can he find the time to have affairs? Let’s hope that Emily can cool down, and welcome the newborn baby with happiness!

[translated by Hianez]

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