Friday, September 7, 2007

Hacken's wife shopping at the supermarket

East Week Volume 208
August 22, 2007

Though Emily has taken lots of medicine, she still appears skinny for a pregnant lady of at least 7 months. On the 14th of August, for Little Hacken, she finally stepped out of the house to shop for high calcium milk. She tried to hide from the reporters but on hearing them calling her “mummy”, she smiled and said “I’m just here to buy some necessities.”

She shopped around mainly for food items that’d ensure the health of her baby. They (Emily and her maid) left the supermarket with a trolley full of things, driving home in the Porsche Jeep (worth 80 million) that Hacken gave her.

Emily’s friends revealed that she kept vomiting what she ate during the early weeks of her pregnancy. That’s why Hacken’s family members kept giving her medicine as they were afraid that she would not be able to breastfeed the baby later on.

And being a good hubby, Hacken returns home by 12am---he has become a family man.

[translated by Hianez]


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Who else is have a hard time getting a job out of college?
For those of you who have graduated with a Bachelor's degree, did you feel like it was a waste of time? Maybe for not every degree but definitely mine. I graduated with a BA in Communication and cannot find a job in my field because they are just not hiring right now, which is somewhat understandable because of the economy but you would think I could get at least an office job as a receptionist or an office assistant right? Wrong. Not even jobs that just require a HS diploma will not hire me. A girl I know, who knew the manager who was interviewing me said she didn't hire me for a office assistant position because she thought I would last for only a short while until I found a job in my field, and she didn't want to waste time or money training me when I would eventually leave anyways! So she decided to hire a girl straight out of high school. (So am I suppose to leave out the fact that I have a Bachelor's degree when applying for these kind of jobs???) Then, I try to apply to jobs which are a little higher paid. They wont hire me because I have no experience.

I just feel like I should have just found a job right out of high school and work my way up now. I am definitely NOT saying, "you shouldn't go to college", I am just saying make sure you pick a good enough major which is going to give you the experience you need to get you to a good job such as education or business. I wish someone had told me that because when your young and fresh out of high school the only thing SOME kids think about is how much fun your going to have in college and now worry about the major that much. Also, it is very important to work while you are going to college and get a little experience.

I just really think they need to get rid of some majors that are completely worthless also.

Thank goodness I had grants pay for all my college classes and I didn't take out any loans because I will be &&***!

Sorry for such a long post but I just needed to vent and see if there are any other people like me out there?? For those who got a great job right out of college Kudos to you!

* 2 days ago
* - 2 days left to answer.


Keep applying. However, in the meantime, are should look for opportunities to volunteer in fields that might relate to your education....... it can be anything.........even if its volunteering in a would look good on your resume. The employment offices always have workshops for all different types of degrees, go to them, and all add all this to your resume, at least you can show that you are putting an effort.. you may also apply to tutor kids in schools as a volunteer.
You never know who would help you with a job or refer you a job.
Good Luck to you




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