Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hacken works hard to earn money to prevent “depression”

August 30, 2007

There have been reports of Emily having prenatal depression and often scolding Hacken. Yesterday, during a radio station interview, Hacken sighed and said that he can do nothing about such reports. “After my friend saw the reports, they send SMS's to ask if I need medicine for prenatal depression. I was alright but after seeing the reports, I really contracted "depression"! They wrote about me in such a manner. Please, have a good heart. The entertainment circle is round, why do we do this? We’re alright (him and Emily). Nothing has happened to us.”

He also defended his wife: “A scary wife? Where’s the evidence? There’s no such thing as mentioned in the reports. Those who know us will know.”

Towards the news of him expressing himself through his lyrics, hinting that there’s a red light in his marriage, Hacken clears this up. “In the new album, I wrote 2 songs – Little Baby and Fork in the Road. I’ve written over a hundred songs, it’s impossible that every song reflects my life. My friends and relatives were afraid too. Luckily, we often meet up, they know there’s no such thing.” Hacken said that his wife’s pregnancy did not affect his work. For the next 2 to 3 months he has taken up several overseas jobs. “We have to work for a living, and also to cure depression.” He’ll be going to Malaysia, Macau, and San Francisco to work.

He did not think that they’d actually go and guess the meaning of his songs. The song Fork in the Road is about problems that arise when a couple gets together. Reporters said that it represents Hacken. But of course, it’s impossible that every song reflects his life. “Just like Flying Acrobats – I didn’t work in the circus!”

Hacken doesn’t mind reports about him but hopes that there is a proper interview before the articles are published.

What kind of reactions did his wife have after seeing those reports? He said “Luckily she has high EQ, she didn’t get angry over them.”


Hacken likes to bathe with his celebrity teammates. Every one is energetic.

Hacken Lee, Edmond Leung, and Wilfred Lau teamed up together and joined a soccer match, playing against a team of DJs. Hacken said that when playing with his celebrity soccer teammates, it’s like bathing together. He revealed that he joined the celebrity team when he was 18 years old. For a long time, there weren’t new faces in the team; hence he’s one of the younger ones.

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[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

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