Sunday, September 16, 2007

A precious chance for Hacken Lee to duet with Shirley Kwan

September 12, 2007

Hacken seeks advice from Kay Tse

Hacken Lee, Shirley Kwan, Kay Tse, and Hins Cheung rehearsed for the NOKIA 903 Concert yesterday. Hacken, who is going to become a father, sought advice anxiously from Kay who has just become a mummy. He asked several questions, including: Did you give birth naturally or did it by operation? Did you throw tantrums after that? Seems like he’s making preparations.

Did he ask about changing diapers? “That is not a problem; I have 5 dogs at home. Moreover, this is not under my area of responsibility. I’m supposed to go make money.” While asking the questions, he accidentally revealed that his baby will be born in the Chinese New Year.

Hacken has not cooperated with Shirley Kwan for more than 10 years. When he asked her to be a guest at his concert, she was not in Hong Kong. He praises her for being a good partner and he admires her voice too. He recalls how all the singers used to be alike at that time but Shirley had her own style. It’s a precious chance for them this time.

For his concert next year, he has not thought about who to invite as guests and knows that many artistes will not be in Hong Kong during that period. However, he has to train up earlier as being older means needing more time to build up his muscles. “I’m the breadwinner; hence I need to have concerts.” Hacken says. Will his child be a distraction? “By that time, I’ll be rehearsing.”

Will his son be about a month old when it comes to his concert? He tries to hide things by saying “How should I tell you? Well, let’s not think about such stuff.”

Hacken’s concert will start on the second day of the Chinese New Year 2008. Usually, singers start to rehearse one month before the concert. In other words, Hacken’s baby is due around January. (since he revealed that he’ll be rehearsing when the reporter asked him if his child will be a distraction, lol! He gave the answer indirectly…!)

Shirley Kwan reveals “The 3 of them are great singers. Singing with professionals like them gives me huge pressure. I have to learn from my juniors.”

There was a reporter who joked to Hacken that he’ll naturally slim down when he helps to take care of his baby. Hacken continues to keep mum about his family.

Captions on the picture showing the back of Hacken’s T-shirt bearing 2 Chinese characters: Hacken’s shirt has the words “Colourful Male” printed on the back – seems like he wants to announce that Emily is bearing a male child.

(To minna: hacken has 5 dogs at home now…since she asked about it on the thread earlier!)

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[translated by Hianez]
[though hacken said he will be rehearsing and won’t be distracted by the baby, it could still mean the baby is due earlier! The baby can be a distraction anytime after it’s born, not just when it has just been born. Right? i'm hoping the baby can be born be4 hacken turns 40, like he wanted! :) -kate]

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