Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hacken Lee overwhelmed by emotions as he performs with Shirley Kwan

September 14, 2007

Kay Tse performed in public for the first time after giving birth, in last night’s Nokia Love Music Enjoy Music 903 Concert. One of her costumes gave her figure away, it was no wonder than Hacken, Shirley, and Hins laughed at her for being fat.

Hacken and Shirley were rumoured to be a couple in the past. Though both of them have not collaborated in a long time, they were great partners on stage. While singing with Shirley, he revealed “My relationship with Shirley is complicated. We belonged to the same company and were very good friends and neighbours, but we also quarreled and ignored each other. Tonight, I finally have the chance to sing with her. I wonder when will we have the chance again.” And they held each others’ hand, it was a warm scene. They held each other by the shoulder as well.

However, both of them denied that they quarreled when questioned by reporters. “Just joking, don’t be serious!” said Hacken. And Shirley replied “There was no such thing! Quarreling with him? That person’s surname is Lo, (Emily Lo) not me.”

Also, Hacken added “I hope Shirley won’t choose to hide anymore. Recently, friends have asked me whose voice I hope to hear and my answer is Shirley’s.”

Hacken recalls the times when he was in PolyGram where all the singers were like a family. Once, during the Mid Autumn Festival, several young singers got together and went to the beach to have fun. Shirley adds on “Let’s bring the younger ones out to have fun together next time!” Hacken replies “I need a few more months’ time.”

When asked if he will have fun at the beach for this coming Mid Autumn Festival, he jokes at himself being old. Shirley reveals that Hacken has to accompany his wife. At the same time, Hacken invited her to be a guest at his concert. She agreed, and said she wants to sing for half of the show time.

As the concert began, the four of them began with some stand-up comedy. Hins told Hacken “I have lots of partners tonight; I can form a group with another. I can pair up with Kay because we grew up listening to your songs……”

On hearing this, Shirley walked towards both Hins and Kay and stood beside them, saying “I belong to their group too, because I grew up listening to your black vinyl records!”

Hacken then pulled Shirley and Hins to one side, and said “We can form a group too, because we’re slimmer than Kay. She can ‘pressurize’ the stage!” He also laughs, saying that he’s the idol-type singer while the other 3 are singers with strength.

Besides the dancing and singing on stage, there were also lots of humour. First, fans of Hacken gave him a huge banana cushion containing the meaning of “Chew Hei Put Put” (which means fresh and energetic). Hins revealed that Shirley wishes to adopt him as her godson. “I wanted to present her with tea on stage but she said we have to choose a good day to do it. She was so serious about it!”

Fans made use of the chance to give their idols gifts. Hins and Kay received flowers but Hacken got the most gifts. Besides the banana cushion, he received fruit baskets, mooncakes and more.

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[translated by Hianez]

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