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Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung expose Michelle Yip’s lover

Three Weekly Magazine
19 August, 2000

TVB’s drama Street Fighters has received great viewership, receiving an average of 34 points in the first week of airing, peaking at 37 points. It performed better than the major drama, The Legendary Four Aces (average 31 points, peaking at 34 points).

Hacken Lee, Edmond Leung, Michelle Yip and the other casts deserve the credit. Though this drama had just started airing, many viewers are concerned about who Ah Hey (Michelle Yips’s role) will choose to be with in the end. Two guys are fighting over a girl – will Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung bring up an exciting fight? Also, Hacken revealed Michelle’s lover in the interview!

Viewers like the plot in Street Fighters. Besides Gigi Wong’s search for her son, the relationship between Hacken, Edmond and Michelle in the show is another highlight. On this issue, the 3 of them were secretive about it. But when it comes to revealing stuff about each other, they were very eager.

The Monkey Spirit (Ma Lau Jing) and Microwave Oven (Mei Bor Lo)

Hacken says : Be it I’m the character in my show or myself in real life, I would not want to be with Michelle or Ah Hey in the end because I’m not the Monkey Spirit (Dicky Cheung). She will not like me.” (Dicky Cheung is referred to as the Monkey Spirit because of his role as Sun Wu Kong aka Monkey God which is actually in the form of a monkey spirit!)

Michelle attacks him: Hey, what about your Microwave Oven which has heated up the food already? (She is referring to Emily Lo, whose surname bears the same tone of the ‘Lo’ in the Cantonese term of microwave oven ‘Mei Bor Lo’).

Hacken: Chey! (an expression) People already know of it, and I admit it too! Your other half is ‘fresher’!

Michelle: Say it in any way you want to but thanks for helping me do some promotion.

Edmond (in a formal manner): Earlier on, the producer as well as the ending which has leaked revealed that Michelle will end up with Hacken…

Hacken adds on: She’s like a human-ball, being passed around by both of us.

“People will have to see for themselves the ending. In my stand, of course I’d like to be with her. Only a few episodes have aired, our relationship takes on quite a good path later on.” Edmond Leung tries to be secretive.

Feeling attached to Temple Street

Almost 3 months were spent filming the show, and the cast mixed well with the people living at Temple Street.

Michelle: Revisiting Temple Street today, I feel very close to it. Lots of things feel very familiar and I feel strange too. After all, this isn’t the place I was born and I don’t know why I have such feelings. Coming to Temple Street, you have to try the hawker stalls! The food taste great and Tin Hau Temple has its own character.

Edmond: The unique thing about Temple Street isn’t the night market, but it’s around 4pm to 5pm in the afternoon. A lot of people start to set up their stalls, it’s quite a scene.

The other lead character, Hacken Lee, is believed to have spent the most time in Temple Street. He was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and sees Temple Street in another light.

“Initially I was shocked by Temple Street as by Hong Kong standards, it’s quite a complicated place. We were told that not to bring reporters in case of troublesome matters. We were also warned to tolerate and take extra caution. But after filming for 3 months, I don’t feel that there’s a problem. It’s better than filming elsewhere. Maybe because we kept filming at the same locations and people got used to seeing us. When we first came here, they might have felt that this was something new and came around to take a peak. After that, they carried on with their lives. They would not ask us to take photos or sign (autographs) for them.”

“Shooting at night is more trouble and it’s also harder to control. The crowd increased, and many tourists flood the place. About 200 people crowd around, it’s hard to walk. Normally, they don’t treat us as artiste. When we went to eat and shop, there’s nothing special. But some shops offer us a discount when we patronize – only about 2 to 3 shops. They were either those that sell food or VCDs.”

Pork Chop Udon

The scene which left the deepest impression and is most unforgettable is the scene where Gigi Wong Suk Yee slapped Hacken Lee.

“That scene was about Gigi mistaking me for having stolen her money when I was taking the blame for Sister Luo Lan. Gigi treated me like her son and seeing that I was so immature, she slapped me. We didn’t have to retake the scene; I took this slap just as it came down. I thought, if we were to do it with the help of the camera angle, we would have to retake the scene. Hence, we rehearsed the scene well. It was a hard slap. She’s the only woman who has ever hit me. Just like this….I ‘died at her hands’.”

“There was another scene which was very funny. Gigi Wong was afraid that I would not have a girlfriend. Hence, she introduced several women to me. Secretly, I named the group of women Pork Chop Udon and I didn’t tell them about it. Only when we were ready to shoot did I reveal this term. Everybody started laughing till they were unable to speak. Initially, I was able to control myself. But as you know, laughter is contagious. Finally, the laughter became too overwhelming and we had to move on to filming the second scene first. When we went back to filming the first scene, at the part where Pork Chop Udon comes in, everybody laughed again.” Hacken said laughingly.

Edmond Leung: He brings up the Pork Chop Udon every time, but I wasn’t in that scene, so I don’t know how it was like. Honestly, I’m anticipating that episode……

“Soon! Soon! It’s either episode 12 or 13!” says Hacken.

Edmond: “There was one scene towards the end which was quite rushed. We only had about 1 to 2 hours of sleep each day. There was once where Hacken and I didn’t sleep for 3 days. When we were shooting the last scene for that day, we both felt very dull. The script only consisted of 2 pages but we kept retaking it. Either I forgot my lines or Hacken couldn’t remember what he had to say next. Just shooting that scene took hours, what a tragedy!”

Hacken, Edmond and Michelle: Scenes you must not miss in Street Fighters

Michelle: Of course it’s the last episode. The high tide usually comes in and then goes down. And only till the end will you know whom I’ve chosen. Also, when I went steady with Edmond in the middle of the show and Hacken being jealous was quite fun too.

Edmond: Scenes with Gigi Wong are great, meaning every episode is great.

Hacken: There was one scene which was quite fun. Temple Street’s Lucky 5 (Mmm Siu Fook – as they were called in the show) went to TVB to be temporary actors. We shot that scene several times as it kept raining that day. They acted as beggars and their clothes were dirty and smelly and were even drenched in rainwater. Anyone who sees them will ask them to get lost.

[Source: Hackenation (under the Special section)]
[translated by: Hianez]

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