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Hacken has fun when responding to rumors of his wife being pregnant

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There have been rumours recently of Emily Lo being pregnant. When approached the other night (JSG awards), Hacken neither denied nor confirmed the rumours. Instead he told reporters to ask him next time. This makes one feel that the news has not been publicised as the baby is not yet 3 months and give more credibility to the reports.

The night before last, Hacken attended the first rounds of the 2007 JSG awards ceremony. The MC seized the chance to ask Hacken about the good news. Hacken didn't answer directly and instead started to promote his new album but joking that making an album was like making a little baby. The due date is around June or July. After Hacken went backstage, reporters once again asked him and he did not deny it outright. Instead he continued to joke about the day of birth being around June or July, and that the producers of his album were the doctor and anesthetist. He said "People say that making an album is like giving birth. (Are you denying it?) I'll check later. I'll go to 7-11 and buy an iceblock (pregnancy test kit) and check. I've been busy recently so haven't had time to check." When asked if Hacken was worried that the baby was not yet 3 months and that was why he wasn't denying or confirming, Hacken sighed and said that the reporters couldn't write so much in one go and to ask him next time. And this gives the rumours more credibility.

Hacken's friends are all encouraging him and he indicates that he is trying his best. He even passed the ball to Alan Tam saying that if there was good news then he would be the first one told. Hacken went on to say "Ask Alan. He's like half my dad and loves answering things for people. He's also great at it like as if he was acting a part, if I let him announce it then it would all be very happy." When it was pointed out that Hacken was taking half a year off to be with his wife, he answered that no matter when, work that has been organized must be done. He laughed that with his life, he couldn't take a holiday, and the recording and release date of the album was set a lont time ago. In other news, Kay Tse who was pregnant did not perform that night. She thanked everyone for being understanding and as she was almost approaching 8 months, she has been attending pregnancy classes and planning for the baby.

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Hacken denies wife is pregnant and continues to work

[source:,, There's recently been reports after Hacken Lee and Emily Lo tied the knot after a 15year relationship, his wife is now pregnant. This has made Hacken extremely nervous and he has decided to stop work for half a year to be with his wife. But yesterday, Hacken's assistant claimed that there was no such thing. So is Hacken worried about his baby not being 3 months yet and is concealing the news? Or is it just something the media concocted? Now we can only wait until Emily reveals herself before we can have an answer.

Yesterday the reports said that the newly married couple haven't yet told anyone but recently they have been successful (in getting pregnant). Reports go on to say that Emily was preparing well before the wedding. A year before marrying Hacken, she found a Chinese herbalist to make sure her body was in good health. And Hacken being excited about his wife getting pregnant has taken half a year off work to be with her.

Reports also indicated that Hacken was willing to give up several hundred thousand dollars of opportunities and decided to stop work for half a year. And even the album that was scheduled for October this year has been brought forward to be released in June. Even though he was invited to host "Minutes to Fame", because he needed more time for recording, he declined the job. Emily being pregnant could be possible as she usually accompanies Hacken when he goes to recording. These last two weeks, apart from work Hacken has always been at home with his wife. Last Saturday, Hacken went to the recording studio in Jordan and Emily was nowhere to be seen. This makes one wonder if Emily is trying to avoid the media.

To work out whether there was any truth to these reports, SingTao decided to call Hacken's assistant. The assistant said "Emily is not pregnant. The media is making up rubbish. Hacken is concentrating on recording his new album. (Reports say that because his wife is pregnant, Hacken has brought the release date forward to June?) Hacken is not stopping work, at the moment he is recording. And the album was meant to be scheduled for release in June in the first place. (Did Hacken decline job offeres?) No, Hacken recently went to mainland to film commercials. It's because he's been busy behind the scenes, that's why there's less appearances lately. These reports don't even have photos, what a joke!"

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Hacken Lee talks about being a good husband

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Television Weekly Issue 923

Date: 7/16 – 7/22
Year: 1995

Hacken Lee talks about being a good husband

A little excerpt:
He feels that a true man must be felt from the bones. In his heart,
there’s no one clear definition to define a good husband. The relationship between a man and a woman is a strange one, there’s no one formula to calculate the end result.

After his trip back from America, the skinny Hacken Lee has turned into a moutstachy man. Although there were both good and bad comments towards his new image, he still told me happily “Though I did not purposely grew my hair and my beard, I just thought it was convenient, I now feel that this is the real Hacken Lee. I’m actually someone who doesn’t trim; sometimes I wonder: If I wasn’t a celebrity; I would dress like this every day. I’m not like Tony Leung. I believe that if Tony Leung is unable to become a celebrity, he will still spend money and dress safely.

Hacken, who has a manly appearance today, feels that a moustache is not the key indicator of a true man; he believes that if a man has nothing to hide, and does not hurt people unknowingly, he can be called a true man.

“A true man must be felt from the bones, of course not acting sissy is also the most basic factor!” he said seriously.

Having entered the entertainment circle till now, he has almost been to all over the world, and has also received western education when he was young. However, all of this has not altered this belief:
“The man controls the outside, the woman controls the inside” – a traditional Chinese belief. (something like the man takes care of the bigger things while the woman takes care of smaller things like the household – hianez)

“In my heart, there’s no one clear definition to define a good husband. Just like some men who like to beat their wives, and some wives who feel that they can take it. Such husbands won’t be considered bad; but I feel that once a man meets a woman that he feels is worth treasured, he will protect her no matter what, and give her all forms of care and concern, and a sense of security is most necessary…… I am considered a traditional man, if I get married in the future, I might not want my wife to be working.”

“Haha! I did not know that you were such a chauvinist!” the reporter said.

“Then you have misunderstood, because this act is not considered as chauvinistic! Actually, the relationship between a man and a woman is a strange one, there’s no one formula to calculate the end result. Just like some women who like to control others, and some who likes to be controlled. No matter what, you cannot confirm if she’s a “small woman” or a “big woman”. The problem lies with whether her other half can accept her attitude.”

Throughout the whole interview, Hacken kept stressing that there’s no right or wrong in any form of relationship. In his eyes, each person is like a different medicinal solution. Mixing one solution into another will cause different chemical reactions. Only the person who drank the solution will know exactly what has happened.

“So, the golden couple in people’s eyes separating one day is not a huge commotion. Also, 2 people who come from different parts of the world getting married shouldn’t be termed strange by others.” Hacken says honestly that he is still not 100% confident to take the role of someone’s “good husband” in real life. (hint: “good husband” refers to what hacken has said, the one who cares for the woman, gives her a sense of security……etc). However, towards his role of a father in the future, he has visions already.

“I won’t want to have a huge gap between myself and my children. If possible, avoid the age gap! That’s why I prefer to act as friends with
children. Occasional conversations are a must.”

Hacken also expressed that work, family and love has no order for him, because such issues are not related to each other at all. Being a matured man, when working he will focus on work but when he goes back home at night, he will put away all work related issues and accompany his family and children wholeheartedly. Even if important work issues crop up, he will try his best to avoid raising it up at home to prevent his family’s emotions from being affected. If the Hacken Lee who is married can accomplish all this, I’m afraid he can be termed “The greatest man”!

[source:] [translated by Hianez]

(wow, after having thinking all these years WHY hacken grew his hair long and also a beard, the reason was so simple: because it was convenient. I like a lot of hacken’s own opinion in this article, especially his views on relationships. The one about medicinal solution is interesting too, and also quite true. These were his views like 10 years ago…and seems like he’s really going to become “The greatest man”!!!!!!!! hehe, I wonder if this is why Emily is not working at all? I don’t think she has been working all these years lol…except as hacken’s fashion consultant. Such a loving husband. I’m into tears already!! No wonder Vivian wants to marry him, oops, I mean marry someone like hacken! This gives me idea to start a new thread at the forum: your most desired husband =P
I love hacken more after the article! And I’m loving him more =) – hianez)

(of course, hacken is the perfect husband (and daddy, later on!)!!! :) emily did work as a golf teacher for a while, i think... but even without work, hacken has said before, she's very busy helping him with clothes and other matters! wow, hacken is still such a traditional guy, in terms of the way he thinks of marriage....but he's also pretty open-minded....funny combination. -kate)

*GOSSIP* news about hacken & emily "expecting a baby"

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scans credit to esthy@baidu forums

This week's Next Weekly published a front page cover screaming that Emily was pregnant. I'm not bothering translating the entire article as most of it is justifying why she's pregnant...(with the proof being that lui fong's concert, emily had her hand hovering near her stomach in one photo, and hacken was watching that she didn't hurt herself when they were going into the concert).

Seems the media is pretty crazy...

ent.tom reports: Hacken's assistant has denied these reports. "Emily is not pregnant, this news is crazy. Hacken is concentrating on his album." (But the gossip says Hacken has requested 6 months leave from the company for the baby?) "There's no such thing, he's currently recording, and the company will release his album in June" (So has Hacken rejected all other work?) "No! Hacken recently went to China to film ads. He hasn't appeared lately beacuse he's busy working, the entire magazine article is a joke"

So, word from the official camp is another fabricated story to make hacken fans buy the magazine. =)


more news from different newspapers about Hacken's assistant's response to the news
(translated by Tirami):

Mingpao says: Hacken's assistant replied to the magazine's allegations, saying the CD was always due to be released mid-year, and the release date hasn't been brought forward. When reporters asked how Hacken's mood was lately, his assistant said, Hacken is simply concentrating on recording his CD, his mood is very well, he is not planning to take time off, and he has always been prepared to eventually have children. (note: i THINK the newspaper is implying that his assitant is implying she's pregnant...but then, they didn't quote this conversation, they paraphrased...which might mean it's half-made up.)

Sun says: Hacken's assitant said: "Emily is not pregnant, this news is ridiculous!! He's just concentrating on his CD"

Apple says: Hacken's assistant said: "the CD has always been scheduled for June or July, and Hacken doesn't like turning down jobs (eg hosting MTF, which the magazine alleged he did because he wanted to stay with Emily). Even when he married, he still kept working!" But as for the pregnancy reports, Hacken's assistant wasn't clear.

Dushi news says : As Hacken's mobile went to messagebank, his assistant was contacted and said Hacken was currently recording for the album. However, his assistant conceded Hacken was always ready to be a dad at anytime - just that he (the assistant) had not heard any good news yet.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Hacken is busy working on his new CD, so there has been no news of him attending any functions lately.

If you can't wait for his new CD and you have not bought his CDs Concert Hall and Concert Hall II, you can buy them together in a limited edition set here. It was released on March 28, 2007.

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Hacken Lee: The Days When I Was A College Student (5)

Form 5 – Working hard only at the last minute

The relaxing days of Form 4 will soon be fading away and a harsh year will soon emerge. I believe that every student is bound to have a taste of the examinations, and few actually like it. Moreover, it’s the scary Form 5 examinations.

Watching the days pass by signal the arrival of the examinations. Every one of us felt more than nervous each day. The days were getting more depressing. The examination was like a judgement which will decide every Form 5 student’s fate. Each student faced it with a different attitude, it can be roughly divided into 4 categories:

The 1st category:
“Couldn’t be bothered type” – These type of students are usually those with poorer results. They deem the examinations as crap; they will not spend more time on their books and will not let it affect their every day life. They carry out the “still continue to watch movie, play soccer” way of life and care very little about the examinations. Fortunately, they only occupy a small amount of the total. If not, we really have to thank god.

The 2nd category:
“Hug the Buddha’s leg at the last minute” – as the saying goes, these type of students do not work hard usually. Depending on their cleverness, they only strive when the examinations are about to arrive and burn the midnight oil. And I’m an example of this type of student. They (actually, it should be me) might not get very good grades, but with their cleverness they might receive some good surprises during the release of the results.

The 3rd category:
“The nervous master” – Such students have already prepared since Form 4, or even Form 3. The more serious ones might feel mentally week and cannot eat or drink during the period of the exams.

The 4th category:
“The victor” – In every school, there’s usually one or two of such genius. They are far ahead of their classmates in normal times. To them, the examination is just a performance. Under normal circumstances, 7 or 8 A's is certainly not a problem.

Also, can you guess what was the first thing we did when we first received our entry proof? Yes, it is to look at where we got posted to and check if we got posted to some famous girls’ school. Such teenager feelings I’m sure most students have also experienced it, so did I!

[translated by Hianez]
[kate's comments: haha! very funny article!! i think i was between the 2nd and 3rd category type student!]

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Hacken Lee: The Days When I Was A College Student (Form 4)

Form 4 -對港姐招ED (I don’t quite get what he means with ED…)

If you were to ask me, through these 7 years in college: which period of time is the most relaxing and interesting, and also allows me to have a freestyle life? Certainly, they are the Form 4 and Form 6 years, as these 2 years have a gap towards the School Cert and A-Level examinations. Therefore, we students (especially for someone active like me) can actively participate in any activities – especially joint-school events.

The first ever Joint School Function that I attended was called Gavotte ’84, the joint school musical night. It’s an annual competition held on tradition, and our competitor was Marymount Secondary School, which we were familiar with. I was in charge of the Chinese Solo, and I sang Alan’s Misty Love – also the song which I sang 1 year later for the competition. Other events include group singing, drama, imitating and so on. Of course, there were guests as well. They were Priscilla Chan who was still appearing as a student, and the judges consisted of Lau Tin Lan and the very popular Anita Mui.

Probably because I was in a “monk school” for quite a long time, I wasn’t very natural when I met the female students of the other school. I sweat, my face became red and I kept visiting the washroom. I wasn’t fluent with my speech, and other symptoms developed soon. Fortunately for me, it only lasted for a short period of time (well, it lasted a month) but it was long enough for my female partner to have a deep impression on me.

Let me tell you readers something. I had a good friend back then who had a beautiful girlfriend who was from Diocesan Girls’ School. (Till now, I still cannot understand how he could get to know a girl from a school on the opposite side across the sea) She had long, straight hair, big bright eyes, a tall figure, long legs and had no make up on. My eyes became alert when I first saw her but sadly, she’s already my good friend’s girlfriend. If not…if not I am sure to woo (court) her. Later on, this beautiful and adorable sister (she’s older than me by a year) went to England to study. From then, we lost contact till a few years ago, I saw a familiar girl from the TV who was crowned Miss Hong Kong. I then realize that the straight hair lady back then had become the grown up and generous Yeung Po Ling (I had only been calling her Pauline). She became a beauty indeed. The world is small indeed, when we met each other and reminisce, we felt it was very interesting too.

[Source:] [translated by Hianez]
hey, wikipedia says Karen Mok is from DGS too. Wow, other artiste from Hacken’s school include: hacken himself, Jackie chan’s son, Joe Nieh- Vivian Chow’s boyfriend and son of a famous writer -hianez)
[kate's comments:
haha, funny how hacken was nervous around girls!! wow, he had a crush on a future miss HK!! i dunno who she is though!! she must be very pretty! =) ]

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Hacken Lee, Yip Weng Sie Creating New Waves for TV Serial Themesongs

April 2, 2007

Hacken is not only a 'Album Selling King', he is also the only singer, amongst all the other singers in Hongkong who has worked the most time with orchestras. Thus, when the producers of "The Drive of Life" (TVB's mega production) decided to do something different and invite famous conductor, Yip Weng Sie, together with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta to play the melody for the series' themesong, Hacken was naturally the best choice to sing the themesong.

This time, when Wing-Sie and Hacken cooperate once again, they will definitely create a new trend whereby there is a crossover between television drama themesongs and orchestra arrangements.

Although 'The Drive of Life' is still in the midst of filming, however, as this series is a grand collaboration between TVB and Central Television Station, for the best effect, even the recording and filming for the themesong has to be prepared early in the hope that there would be more time to do post-production work.

Earlier, Hacken, Wing-Sie and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta gathered at TVB City to record the song and film the MV.

- High Definition Filming -
According to sources, besides adding special effects to the theme song during post production, to attain a higher quality of the sound, the MV will also be filmed using high-definition technology just like the series. This is the first time a MV will be filmed using high definition technology.

Also, the MV will be placed not only in the production special of "The Drive of Life", but clips of the MV will also appear when the themesong is played before the start of each episode. No wonder all parties involved are so concerned about the production of the song and MV.

- Rather Honoured -

"The Drive of Life is filmed in various countries including Hong Kong, China and Canada. The series will be aired concurrently in China and Honkong. Thus, (title of the song) will have both a Cantonese and Mandarin version. The Cantonese version will be sung by Hacken Lee whilst the Mandarin version will be sung by Taiwanese 'Golden Producer', Zhou Chuan Xiong (Xiao Gang). (*Xiao Gang was the one who helped produce Hacken's mandarin album - the one who wrote 'Love can ask Whom'). The composer of the song is Joseph Koo Ka Fai. Hacken thus feels very honoured that he is chosen to sing the Cantonese version of the song.

"As Fai-gor (Joseph Koo) came out from his retirement to write this theme song for the serial, I can finally sing Fai-gor's songs. In addition, I am given the chance to work with Xiao Gang lao-shi (teacher), such an outstanding producer and singer. Although he will only record his version later as he is busy, but I am happy that I am able to appear together with him on the same song." Lastly, Hacken did not forget to thank TVB. "For this production, TVB used close to a 7-figure some to produce this song. In Hongkong, this is something that is rarely since. And this chance was actually given to me. Thus, I really feel very honoured."


Captions for the pictures... (I'm trying to go anticlockwise from the main picture)

Main picture:
Very Grand atmosphere: One of the studios in TVB City was transformed into an concert hall. Feels very much like the concert hall in the cultural centre.

Hacken and Wing-sie:
Feels like a giant - When I play golf, I would occassionally meet Yip Wing-sie. The impression I get is that she is very small sized. But today, when she stood on the conductor's podium, I felt that she was in command, like she became a giant.

Picture in the bottom left hand corner (With Lok Yi-Ling)
Personal support - TVB vice executive, Ms Lok Yi Ling and the producer of "The Drive of Life" also came down personally to the studio to give Hacken support.

Pursuing Perfection:
As it was a live recording, thus, everyone was putting in effort to achieve perfection. Hacken was carefully discussing the music arrangement of the song with Yip Weng-sie and

Reminding himself:
When encountering places where he has to pay attention, Hacken will use a pen to do markings on the scores to remind himself.

Taking photos with fans:
There are quite a few fans of Hacken who are in the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. Thus, during break, everyone was looking for Hacken to take photos with them.

Definitely Not a Game:
Usually when working, Hacken will often be seen playing games during breaks. However, today, he changed and brought an mp3 player along as he has to listen the the demo and memorize the lyrics before the recording. Hacken said "Can't treat such a big production like a game!"

Treated seriously (picture in top right hand corner of scan)
The flooring of the recording studio was newly put in place. Thus, it can be seen that much importance was placed on the production of this MV.

Exactly how friendly and cordial is Yip Weng-sie? Today, she joked around with one of the members of the orchestra as she played the violin while the other member became the conductor.

Doing everything on his own. (picture of Hacken adjusting mic stand)
Hacken does everything himself without relying on others including adjusting the height of the microphone.

[u can read the lyrics of the themesong here!

in the post:
Monday, April 02, 2007
[Drive of Life] Themesong cost nearly HKD1 million]

[source:] [translated by Gillian]
[Gillian's comments: Hmmm.. I think TVB will somehow make this a 'hit' song with all the effort they are putting in to produce this piece.
kate's comments: wow, so much thought and money put into this song and MV filming. hacken is the right choice to sing a song that's so important for a grand series like this!!
he got support from Ms Lok Yi Ling, too! wow.

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The mother of Aaron Kwok's manager, Xiao Mei passed away.

(caption under the picture: Hacken has a sorrowful expression.)

April 2, 2007

The mother of Aaron Kwok's manager, Xiao Mei passed away. As she has a lot of friends in the industry, a lot of them sent wreaths including Hacken, Alan Tam, Aaron Kwok, Leo Ku, Kelly Chan, Ekin Cheng, Chi Lam and Anita Yuen.

[translated by Gillian]