Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hacken Lee: The Days When I Was A College Student (Form 4)

Form 4 -對港姐招ED (I don’t quite get what he means with ED…)

If you were to ask me, through these 7 years in college: which period of time is the most relaxing and interesting, and also allows me to have a freestyle life? Certainly, they are the Form 4 and Form 6 years, as these 2 years have a gap towards the School Cert and A-Level examinations. Therefore, we students (especially for someone active like me) can actively participate in any activities – especially joint-school events.

The first ever Joint School Function that I attended was called Gavotte ’84, the joint school musical night. It’s an annual competition held on tradition, and our competitor was Marymount Secondary School, which we were familiar with. I was in charge of the Chinese Solo, and I sang Alan’s Misty Love – also the song which I sang 1 year later for the competition. Other events include group singing, drama, imitating and so on. Of course, there were guests as well. They were Priscilla Chan who was still appearing as a student, and the judges consisted of Lau Tin Lan and the very popular Anita Mui.

Probably because I was in a “monk school” for quite a long time, I wasn’t very natural when I met the female students of the other school. I sweat, my face became red and I kept visiting the washroom. I wasn’t fluent with my speech, and other symptoms developed soon. Fortunately for me, it only lasted for a short period of time (well, it lasted a month) but it was long enough for my female partner to have a deep impression on me.

Let me tell you readers something. I had a good friend back then who had a beautiful girlfriend who was from Diocesan Girls’ School. (Till now, I still cannot understand how he could get to know a girl from a school on the opposite side across the sea) She had long, straight hair, big bright eyes, a tall figure, long legs and had no make up on. My eyes became alert when I first saw her but sadly, she’s already my good friend’s girlfriend. If not…if not I am sure to woo (court) her. Later on, this beautiful and adorable sister (she’s older than me by a year) went to England to study. From then, we lost contact till a few years ago, I saw a familiar girl from the TV who was crowned Miss Hong Kong. I then realize that the straight hair lady back then had become the grown up and generous Yeung Po Ling (I had only been calling her Pauline). She became a beauty indeed. The world is small indeed, when we met each other and reminisce, we felt it was very interesting too.

[Source:] [translated by Hianez]
hey, wikipedia says Karen Mok is from DGS too. Wow, other artiste from Hacken’s school include: hacken himself, Jackie chan’s son, Joe Nieh- Vivian Chow’s boyfriend and son of a famous writer -hianez)
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haha, funny how hacken was nervous around girls!! wow, he had a crush on a future miss HK!! i dunno who she is though!! she must be very pretty! =) ]

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