Friday, April 13, 2007

Hacken Lee: The Days When I Was A College Student (5)

Form 5 – Working hard only at the last minute

The relaxing days of Form 4 will soon be fading away and a harsh year will soon emerge. I believe that every student is bound to have a taste of the examinations, and few actually like it. Moreover, it’s the scary Form 5 examinations.

Watching the days pass by signal the arrival of the examinations. Every one of us felt more than nervous each day. The days were getting more depressing. The examination was like a judgement which will decide every Form 5 student’s fate. Each student faced it with a different attitude, it can be roughly divided into 4 categories:

The 1st category:
“Couldn’t be bothered type” – These type of students are usually those with poorer results. They deem the examinations as crap; they will not spend more time on their books and will not let it affect their every day life. They carry out the “still continue to watch movie, play soccer” way of life and care very little about the examinations. Fortunately, they only occupy a small amount of the total. If not, we really have to thank god.

The 2nd category:
“Hug the Buddha’s leg at the last minute” – as the saying goes, these type of students do not work hard usually. Depending on their cleverness, they only strive when the examinations are about to arrive and burn the midnight oil. And I’m an example of this type of student. They (actually, it should be me) might not get very good grades, but with their cleverness they might receive some good surprises during the release of the results.

The 3rd category:
“The nervous master” – Such students have already prepared since Form 4, or even Form 3. The more serious ones might feel mentally week and cannot eat or drink during the period of the exams.

The 4th category:
“The victor” – In every school, there’s usually one or two of such genius. They are far ahead of their classmates in normal times. To them, the examination is just a performance. Under normal circumstances, 7 or 8 A's is certainly not a problem.

Also, can you guess what was the first thing we did when we first received our entry proof? Yes, it is to look at where we got posted to and check if we got posted to some famous girls’ school. Such teenager feelings I’m sure most students have also experienced it, so did I!

[translated by Hianez]
[kate's comments: haha! very funny article!! i think i was between the 2nd and 3rd category type student!]

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