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Hacken Lee, Yip Weng Sie Creating New Waves for TV Serial Themesongs

April 2, 2007

Hacken is not only a 'Album Selling King', he is also the only singer, amongst all the other singers in Hongkong who has worked the most time with orchestras. Thus, when the producers of "The Drive of Life" (TVB's mega production) decided to do something different and invite famous conductor, Yip Weng Sie, together with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta to play the melody for the series' themesong, Hacken was naturally the best choice to sing the themesong.

This time, when Wing-Sie and Hacken cooperate once again, they will definitely create a new trend whereby there is a crossover between television drama themesongs and orchestra arrangements.

Although 'The Drive of Life' is still in the midst of filming, however, as this series is a grand collaboration between TVB and Central Television Station, for the best effect, even the recording and filming for the themesong has to be prepared early in the hope that there would be more time to do post-production work.

Earlier, Hacken, Wing-Sie and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta gathered at TVB City to record the song and film the MV.

- High Definition Filming -
According to sources, besides adding special effects to the theme song during post production, to attain a higher quality of the sound, the MV will also be filmed using high-definition technology just like the series. This is the first time a MV will be filmed using high definition technology.

Also, the MV will be placed not only in the production special of "The Drive of Life", but clips of the MV will also appear when the themesong is played before the start of each episode. No wonder all parties involved are so concerned about the production of the song and MV.

- Rather Honoured -

"The Drive of Life is filmed in various countries including Hong Kong, China and Canada. The series will be aired concurrently in China and Honkong. Thus, (title of the song) will have both a Cantonese and Mandarin version. The Cantonese version will be sung by Hacken Lee whilst the Mandarin version will be sung by Taiwanese 'Golden Producer', Zhou Chuan Xiong (Xiao Gang). (*Xiao Gang was the one who helped produce Hacken's mandarin album - the one who wrote 'Love can ask Whom'). The composer of the song is Joseph Koo Ka Fai. Hacken thus feels very honoured that he is chosen to sing the Cantonese version of the song.

"As Fai-gor (Joseph Koo) came out from his retirement to write this theme song for the serial, I can finally sing Fai-gor's songs. In addition, I am given the chance to work with Xiao Gang lao-shi (teacher), such an outstanding producer and singer. Although he will only record his version later as he is busy, but I am happy that I am able to appear together with him on the same song." Lastly, Hacken did not forget to thank TVB. "For this production, TVB used close to a 7-figure some to produce this song. In Hongkong, this is something that is rarely since. And this chance was actually given to me. Thus, I really feel very honoured."


Captions for the pictures... (I'm trying to go anticlockwise from the main picture)

Main picture:
Very Grand atmosphere: One of the studios in TVB City was transformed into an concert hall. Feels very much like the concert hall in the cultural centre.

Hacken and Wing-sie:
Feels like a giant - When I play golf, I would occassionally meet Yip Wing-sie. The impression I get is that she is very small sized. But today, when she stood on the conductor's podium, I felt that she was in command, like she became a giant.

Picture in the bottom left hand corner (With Lok Yi-Ling)
Personal support - TVB vice executive, Ms Lok Yi Ling and the producer of "The Drive of Life" also came down personally to the studio to give Hacken support.

Pursuing Perfection:
As it was a live recording, thus, everyone was putting in effort to achieve perfection. Hacken was carefully discussing the music arrangement of the song with Yip Weng-sie and

Reminding himself:
When encountering places where he has to pay attention, Hacken will use a pen to do markings on the scores to remind himself.

Taking photos with fans:
There are quite a few fans of Hacken who are in the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. Thus, during break, everyone was looking for Hacken to take photos with them.

Definitely Not a Game:
Usually when working, Hacken will often be seen playing games during breaks. However, today, he changed and brought an mp3 player along as he has to listen the the demo and memorize the lyrics before the recording. Hacken said "Can't treat such a big production like a game!"

Treated seriously (picture in top right hand corner of scan)
The flooring of the recording studio was newly put in place. Thus, it can be seen that much importance was placed on the production of this MV.

Exactly how friendly and cordial is Yip Weng-sie? Today, she joked around with one of the members of the orchestra as she played the violin while the other member became the conductor.

Doing everything on his own. (picture of Hacken adjusting mic stand)
Hacken does everything himself without relying on others including adjusting the height of the microphone.

[u can read the lyrics of the themesong here!

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Monday, April 02, 2007
[Drive of Life] Themesong cost nearly HKD1 million]

[source:] [translated by Gillian]
[Gillian's comments: Hmmm.. I think TVB will somehow make this a 'hit' song with all the effort they are putting in to produce this piece.
kate's comments: wow, so much thought and money put into this song and MV filming. hacken is the right choice to sing a song that's so important for a grand series like this!!
he got support from Ms Lok Yi Ling, too! wow.


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