Thursday, April 26, 2007

*GOSSIP* news about hacken & emily "expecting a baby"

[source:, u can go there 2 see more pics from this magazine]

scans credit to esthy@baidu forums

This week's Next Weekly published a front page cover screaming that Emily was pregnant. I'm not bothering translating the entire article as most of it is justifying why she's pregnant...(with the proof being that lui fong's concert, emily had her hand hovering near her stomach in one photo, and hacken was watching that she didn't hurt herself when they were going into the concert).

Seems the media is pretty crazy...

ent.tom reports: Hacken's assistant has denied these reports. "Emily is not pregnant, this news is crazy. Hacken is concentrating on his album." (But the gossip says Hacken has requested 6 months leave from the company for the baby?) "There's no such thing, he's currently recording, and the company will release his album in June" (So has Hacken rejected all other work?) "No! Hacken recently went to China to film ads. He hasn't appeared lately beacuse he's busy working, the entire magazine article is a joke"

So, word from the official camp is another fabricated story to make hacken fans buy the magazine. =)


more news from different newspapers about Hacken's assistant's response to the news
(translated by Tirami):

Mingpao says: Hacken's assistant replied to the magazine's allegations, saying the CD was always due to be released mid-year, and the release date hasn't been brought forward. When reporters asked how Hacken's mood was lately, his assistant said, Hacken is simply concentrating on recording his CD, his mood is very well, he is not planning to take time off, and he has always been prepared to eventually have children. (note: i THINK the newspaper is implying that his assitant is implying she's pregnant...but then, they didn't quote this conversation, they paraphrased...which might mean it's half-made up.)

Sun says: Hacken's assitant said: "Emily is not pregnant, this news is ridiculous!! He's just concentrating on his CD"

Apple says: Hacken's assistant said: "the CD has always been scheduled for June or July, and Hacken doesn't like turning down jobs (eg hosting MTF, which the magazine alleged he did because he wanted to stay with Emily). Even when he married, he still kept working!" But as for the pregnancy reports, Hacken's assistant wasn't clear.

Dushi news says : As Hacken's mobile went to messagebank, his assistant was contacted and said Hacken was currently recording for the album. However, his assistant conceded Hacken was always ready to be a dad at anytime - just that he (the assistant) had not heard any good news yet.

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