Friday, April 27, 2007

Hacken denies wife is pregnant and continues to work

[source:,, There's recently been reports after Hacken Lee and Emily Lo tied the knot after a 15year relationship, his wife is now pregnant. This has made Hacken extremely nervous and he has decided to stop work for half a year to be with his wife. But yesterday, Hacken's assistant claimed that there was no such thing. So is Hacken worried about his baby not being 3 months yet and is concealing the news? Or is it just something the media concocted? Now we can only wait until Emily reveals herself before we can have an answer.

Yesterday the reports said that the newly married couple haven't yet told anyone but recently they have been successful (in getting pregnant). Reports go on to say that Emily was preparing well before the wedding. A year before marrying Hacken, she found a Chinese herbalist to make sure her body was in good health. And Hacken being excited about his wife getting pregnant has taken half a year off work to be with her.

Reports also indicated that Hacken was willing to give up several hundred thousand dollars of opportunities and decided to stop work for half a year. And even the album that was scheduled for October this year has been brought forward to be released in June. Even though he was invited to host "Minutes to Fame", because he needed more time for recording, he declined the job. Emily being pregnant could be possible as she usually accompanies Hacken when he goes to recording. These last two weeks, apart from work Hacken has always been at home with his wife. Last Saturday, Hacken went to the recording studio in Jordan and Emily was nowhere to be seen. This makes one wonder if Emily is trying to avoid the media.

To work out whether there was any truth to these reports, SingTao decided to call Hacken's assistant. The assistant said "Emily is not pregnant. The media is making up rubbish. Hacken is concentrating on recording his new album. (Reports say that because his wife is pregnant, Hacken has brought the release date forward to June?) Hacken is not stopping work, at the moment he is recording. And the album was meant to be scheduled for release in June in the first place. (Did Hacken decline job offeres?) No, Hacken recently went to mainland to film commercials. It's because he's been busy behind the scenes, that's why there's less appearances lately. These reports don't even have photos, what a joke!"

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