Monday, April 30, 2007

Hacken has fun when responding to rumors of his wife being pregnant

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There have been rumours recently of Emily Lo being pregnant. When approached the other night (JSG awards), Hacken neither denied nor confirmed the rumours. Instead he told reporters to ask him next time. This makes one feel that the news has not been publicised as the baby is not yet 3 months and give more credibility to the reports.

The night before last, Hacken attended the first rounds of the 2007 JSG awards ceremony. The MC seized the chance to ask Hacken about the good news. Hacken didn't answer directly and instead started to promote his new album but joking that making an album was like making a little baby. The due date is around June or July. After Hacken went backstage, reporters once again asked him and he did not deny it outright. Instead he continued to joke about the day of birth being around June or July, and that the producers of his album were the doctor and anesthetist. He said "People say that making an album is like giving birth. (Are you denying it?) I'll check later. I'll go to 7-11 and buy an iceblock (pregnancy test kit) and check. I've been busy recently so haven't had time to check." When asked if Hacken was worried that the baby was not yet 3 months and that was why he wasn't denying or confirming, Hacken sighed and said that the reporters couldn't write so much in one go and to ask him next time. And this gives the rumours more credibility.

Hacken's friends are all encouraging him and he indicates that he is trying his best. He even passed the ball to Alan Tam saying that if there was good news then he would be the first one told. Hacken went on to say "Ask Alan. He's like half my dad and loves answering things for people. He's also great at it like as if he was acting a part, if I let him announce it then it would all be very happy." When it was pointed out that Hacken was taking half a year off to be with his wife, he answered that no matter when, work that has been organized must be done. He laughed that with his life, he couldn't take a holiday, and the recording and release date of the album was set a lont time ago. In other news, Kay Tse who was pregnant did not perform that night. She thanked everyone for being understanding and as she was almost approaching 8 months, she has been attending pregnancy classes and planning for the baby.

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