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Hacken used the excuse of visiting friends in the TV studio to pursue Emily Lo

2007 June 25

Hacken’s sister-in-name reveals his romance: Hacken uses the excuse of visiting friends filming on set to woo Emily Lo

Fifth volume: Hacken Lee

Xiaomei, whose original name is Leung Mei Mei, emerged as a female lyricist in the mid 1980s. She used to direct the Jade Solid Gold programme and had written lyrics for Luo Wen, Leslie Cheung, Beyond, Wang Jie, Hacken Lee and other singers. Some of the songs became classics and pop songs. With the song "幾 許 風 雨", she won the best lyricist award in RTHK Chinese Songs Award Ceremony, and is the first female lyricist to have received the award. In 1993, Xiaomei became the manager of Aaron Kwok till today.

While arranging the bookshelves at home, she accidentally came across Hacken’s wedding photos album taken last year. As she browsed through, she was shocked to realize that Hacken had indeed grown up and had become a husband, and is close to the point of becoming a father. She cannot conceal her laughter, “Time has passed us silently!” she said. (That line is part of the lyrics from Alan Tam’s song which Hacken also sang before, titled “Speechless Appreciation”)

She has known Hacken for at least 18 years. Their friendship was built up when they filmed music videos and composed songs. Back then, the singers, those working behind the scenes and the media were able to build quite good friendships. Most of them were able to and they talked about anything in the world. Maybe during that time, everything came about in a much more innocent way. Unlike now, things just come and go and brush through everybody, and people are calculative. People do not spend much time together, not to mention talking heart to heart.

Visits as guest and learns how to compose lyrics

Hacken had quite a lot of opportunities to work with her when he first entered the industry, they had an exceptional good relationship too. He liked to address her as his “

“Big Sister”. They had the best chemistry when Hacken mentioned he wanted to be a creative singer. Whenever he wants to learn how to compose lyrics, he would catch hold of her and consult. In fact, she is considered as Hacken’s mentor in lyrics composition. And because of this, the young Hacken always came to her house. They would edit the lyrics and chat. They had a very good relationship, and her mother frequently treats Hacken to a dish of mushroom and abalone.

Youngsters can never drift apart from romance during their growing years, this includes Hacken. Frankly speaking, Xiaomei was once his love consultant. She knew about many
of his relationships, from his little puppy love to serious ones. The one relationship that left the deepest impression on her is of course, his loved one today – Emily Lo.

Very excited when Emily won the Miss HK Pageant

In her eyes, it was love at first sight for Hacken, and she’s the only one that he loves deeply! In 1992, Xiaomei was in charge of filming the promotion for the Miss HK Pageant and the popular Emily was included. And during that time, Hacken always came to the studio to visit her. As their relationship was good, it was common for them to visit each other, and she did not suspect anything. However, the group of camera men always laughed, saying “Your ‘little brother’ dotes on you a lot, he always buys you food and visits you!” And from their comments, she became alert. This “little brother” had something strange about him. So, she dragged him out and asked “Which one do you like?” Hacken laughed without speaking. When she happened to capture Emily in the camera, Hacken revealed “This one’s quite good!” And the clever Xiaomei knew it.

When Emily won the competition, Hacken was even happier than when he had received an award himself, when he saw Xiaomei at the backstage. So, she concluded that her “little brother” was in love! And later on, they really developed sweetly. The 2 of them would dine and chat at her sometimes, or go fishing and BBQ. They included Xiaomei as the light bulb as this made them seemed more like friends on an outing, outsiders would not notice. And she helped him happily, and even wrote the song “Only want you to reply” for him.

After 15 years, Hacken and Emily met with many difficulties and tests. Such as how singers should avoid dating, Hacken’s low and high tides in his career, the pressure from the media, and much more. Together, they faced everything together!


Hosting and acting to open another path

At the end of it, they crossed every hurdle. The princess and prince had quite a perfect conclusion. Everybody could see it.

In 2002, Hacken returned to the Hong Kong Coliseum once again. He called Xiaomei and told her that she must attend. That night, when she entered the coliseum, she could find no empty seats. And Hacken’s father played the er hu (a Chinese musical instrument) and received applauds from the audience. This made Hacken present the confidence he possessed. She felt very comforting. This also meant that her “little brother” has overcome the hurdles and had grown up!

Not forgetting his first time receiving the Best Male Singer award

In that same year, Hacken received the Best Male Singer award for the first time. When he left the coliseum that night, the first one that he called was Xiaomei. Immediately, she congratulated him “Congratulations, you made it!” Over the other side, Hacken replied
”Yeah, I’m very happy!” Hacken had taste the highs and lows in his life, and has yet to pass 39 years of age. He will have an even greater tomorrow. He is now a husband today, but in her heart, he is still her “little brother” from back then.

Hacken is straightforward, but kind. Back then, some of Xiaomei’s friends from the media told her this “Tell your ‘little brother’ not to have such a cocky attitude!” Frankly speaking, he is like a master, he has been living in a world of love and concern. Recently, it is rumored that he is going to be a father soon. She wanted to send him an SMS but did not do so at the end. Because if everything goes well, she believes that he will tell her personally!

Hacken! Xiaomei is waiting for your good news! She promises to keep it a secret!

This excerpt comes from Xiaomei herself.

[sources:, ~Apple Daily]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate] [whoa, i never knew hacken had such a close friend for so many years!! luckily he wanted to learn more about music and writing lyrics, else he would not be such close friends with her! Xiaomei
sounds like a very good teacher and friend!! :) lol, so funny & clever, how hacken used the excuse of visiting her 2 see emily! wow, she helped them keep their relationship a secret, too!! hacken is lucky 2 have such a nice "big sister", who is so talented and always happy 2 help him!! :) -Kate]

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4 months pregnant; Hacken and family celebrates together

2007 June 21

Vol. 902 Next Magazine

This year soon-to-be father, Hacken, is always low-key, though he is excited and anxious for his wife, Emily, who is pregnant. He still has not officially announced the good news, rather promoting his new album in July over the BB (baby).

But, Mrs. Lee is 4 months pregnant, it is apparent that her figure is changing and a little stomach is showing. So that the BB have enough nutrition, Mrs. Lee also cut her 15 years of long hair style. It is obvious that staying pretty is only her second priority, BB is first. This loving mother, besides consulting Hacken's younger sister, is learning to understand BB's behavior. Sunday was Father's Day (June 17th), and with a big stomach, she went with soon-to-be father, Hacken, his father and mother, younger sister and brother-in-law and sons, to Tsim Sha Tsui to have Italian cuisine. Three generations together to celebrate Father's Day must make Hacken have an exceptional feeling.

Feeling ill

Since the marriage and success to have BB, after attending Liu Fong's concert in March, never made public appearance since, at home awaiting the BB.

Even good news have to be secretive, the couple is very low-key, actually ever since Mrs. Lee is pregnant, the first three months, she wasn't feeling good and was ill, and therefore most of the time is spent at home to get res. And of course, the couple following the Chinese tradition, have sealed their mouths, to avoid the BB being jealous.

Soon-to-be father Hacken of course is so anxious that after work he hurries home to his wife, making sure his wife does not get overworked. But after the first 3 months, the feeling of being ill slowly decreases, Mrs. Emily is much more active, all the close friends are getting together to see the soon-to-be mother. Alan, Nat and wife, Liza, and others are very caring towards Hacken's BB, often making phone calls to ask about them, and also teaching Mrs. Lee to listen to music and read books for pre-natal care.

Becoming a Driver

Since the last time going with Hacken shopping for earrings and sunglasses, in the recent (17th) evening, pregnant Mrs. Lee once again comes out to accompany her husband, Hacken, and father-in-law to celebrate Father's day. Because their escort driver had the night off, Hacken became the driver. 9am in the morning he drove his wife to their father's residence.

Actually since the pregnancy, (we know that) Mrs. Lee is not knowledgeable about pregnancy, (because she,) besides buying a lot of books for reference, often visits father/mother-in-law's home, consuls with Hacken's younger sister, and plays with the sister's children, showing lots of motherly love.

That night at 7pm, Hacken drove his family to Tsim Sha Tsui for Italian cuisine. Soon-to-be father, this father's day definitely means a lot to Hacken, the dinner lasting over 3 hours, his feeling is very happy. By 10pm that night, Hacken first drives his parents home, then drives home for his wife to rest.

Concert resumes work

Loving husband, Hacken, in order to care for his pregnant wife, changes the album release date from October this year to July, also refusing the offer to host Minutes to Fame and two other commercials.

After the release of this album, after all the promotion work, Hacken will stop work for half a year to be with his wife, and to welcome their first child. Although the record company keeps encouraging Hacken to record a Mandarin album during the later half of the year, he is persistent to postpone all the work until the new year, before resuming work for his solo concert.

[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]
[wow, if hacken really is planning to take half a year off to spend time w/emily and the baby, that is good news!! he finally gets some time to rest and re-charge for 2008. and of course, getting to spend time with his first baby and family is awesome!!! :) -kate]

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Hacken avoids talking about BB

2007 June 22

Hacken denies being a father, cares less about the paparazzi

The night before, Hacken and Eason Chan did the recording for Jade Solid Gold. Since the reports of Emily's pregnancy, Hacken never officially replied to the reports. The day before, once again they were photographed in a tea house with Hacken's parents, saying they were "three generations together", Hacken expresses that he does not mind, he even jokes saying that in the future he will use the paparazzi to help him promote his new album.

Hacken expresses that he does not mind being followed by reporters, and he will not be moving, but he says the reports have to be written honestly. Hacken creatively jokes, next time I go out, I will wear t-shirts with my album cover printed on the shirts and the escort van will be covered with the album posters, taking advantage for promotion.

So were you and the family really three generations together? Hacken thinks and then replies, "That day, it was me and my dad, my younger sister's kids were there too."

[Source:, ~ Ming Pao]
[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]

Hacken admits "three generations" together for holiday

2007 June 21

Hacken admits "three generations" celebrate Father's Day

A couple days ago, Hacken was followed by reporters and it was said that Emily, who is 4 months pregnant, went to the tea house (for dim sum) with Hacken and his parents for Father's Day. It was said that they are "Three Generations Together." Hacken expresses that the magazine is being straightforward, with no exaggerated reporting. This time he did not mind because even celebrities live a normal lifestyle. Reporter asked, "so are you admitting that it is "three generations together?" Hacken says, him and dad, that day my younger sister's children were there too, so yes, you can say it is "three generations together." In addition, it was asked if Hacken will consider moving homes? Hacken feels that he shouldn't move to avoid the paparazzi, it is impossible, that they are confined at home. He jokingly said that next time they go out, they should wear t-shirts with the new cd cover printed on the shirt, the escort van should be covered with the new cd's posters, using it as an opportunity for promotion. In the years past, Jacky Cheung was successful in avoiding the paparazzi, only announcing the birth of his youngest daughter after she was born. The reporter suggested that Hacken consult with Jacky to learn the secrets, but Hacken feels that it (was different) a few years ago! Now most cell phones have the ability to take pictures and videos, so it is very hard to avoid. When asked if Hacken is doing all the preparation work to keep the secrecy of his wife giving birth, he says: "I don't know how to answer you anymore."

[Sources:, ~ Headline News]
[translated by Jane, edited by kate]
[LOL, that's a good idea!! "
they should wear t-shirts with the new cd cover printed on the shirt, the escort van should be covered with the new cd's posters, using it as an opportunity for promotion. -kate]

Hacken refuses to admit giving 4 carat earring to Emily

June 16, 2007

Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Twins and the others attend the praying ceremony for Po Leung Charity show

Headlines of a magazine revealed that Hacken bought a 4 carat earring for his wife, Emily Lo while they were shopping. The magazine also revealed that Emily cut her hair because she is pregnant. From related reports, Hacken cleared up the incident. The reports said that the diamond earring he bought is what he wore to the ceremony today. He had bought the earring for himself instead of his wife. Hacken expressed that if he was to buy a 4 carat diamond from Chanel, it would be very expensive. He knows that he is just a normal human being and found the reports to be very exaggerated. When confronted on his wife’s pregnancy, Hacken refused to answer, only saying “The due date is in July (referring to his new album), please look for Alan if you have any queries.” On the reports saying Emily had cut her hair because she is pregnant, Hacken said “For women’s hair, when they feel it's long they would feel like cutting it. When it’s short, they will feel like letting it grow longer. When it’s straight, they want it to be wavy. Every woman is like that.” He also says that it is normal for her to cut her hair short, it’s a normal thing for women. And she did so that it would be more convenient when she’s doing exercises and listening to his new album. (I guess the long hair won’t block her ears that much…)

Also, it is rumoured that Sammi Cheng wants to join Hacken’s recording company to avoid Miriam.

Regarding the news on Emily taking in Chinese medicinal herbs and the baby’s due date being in mid-October, as well as the 4 carat earring, Hacken said “First of all I’d like to thank the magazine for dedicating its cover to me, maybe they know that I’m promoting my new song. My wife had always bought things for me. The earring that I bought only cost four thousand. To buy a 4 carat diamond earring at Chanel would require a lot more money. The reports are indeed very exaggerated.” How about the news on Emily taking in Chinese herbs? Hacken refuses to answer. Regarding the due date of the baby? Hacken laughs, saying that when his album is released in July, we will know.

Hacken admits that he had visited the Chinese doctor but it was five years ago when he was down with a cold. After that, he did not return to the doctor. “Yes, I did see a Chinese doctor to better my health but it wasn’t the same Doctor Yip that I went to before. I do not wish for the doctor to become unhappy,” he said.

Tungstar, Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Takung Pao]
[translated by Hianez, edited by kate]

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Hacken honored to collaborate with Joseph Koo

2007 June 19

Yesterday TVB and CCTV's collaboration in the new drama series "The Drive of Life" held its premier broadcasting of the theme song MV, where Hacken and Mainland singer, Siu Gong, sang the Cantonese and Mandarin version of the song. Hacken being in this industry for so many years, has never collaborated with Joseph Koo. He says: "This time I am very honored, in addition CCTV, breaking its own rules, will be broadcasting the Cantonese version of the theme song. Originally the theme song was going to be recorded in Cantonese and Mandarin separately, but because it is the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, that's why one song has two languages."

~ Ming Pao] [translated by Jane, edited by kate]

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Vivian Chow & Hacken Lee – A Strong Friendship Forever

[for more pics from this article, go here:]

TV News Weekly Issue 1000

Date: 25th June 1994 to 1st July 1994

Vivian Chow & Hacken Lee – A Strong Friendship Forever

Vivian Chow & Hacken Lee
Both have their loves!!
They are like brother and sisters who have grown up together. Both celebrate TV News Weekly’s 1000th birthday!

Hacken tells a story – from chubby girl to “jade” lady
Vivian talks about Hacken – a true talent

When Hacken met Vivian, they “cocked non-stop like chickens” – their conversation was never ending. Hacken once mentioned that Vivian’s is one of his close friends in the entertainment circle. Hmm, how does Vivian looks at her relationship with Hacken?

“Hacken is the best male friend I have in the entertainment circle. He entered the showbiz earlier compared to me. Moreover, we were from the same record company. We overcame many similar incidents and situations!”

Hacken loves to play and is active. However, when it comes to something serious, one person can console to him.

“Because I seal my lips well! Knowing my friend’s problems for myself is enough; I will never let the secrets out.”

With the chemistry between Vivian and Hacken, fate did not seem to have created a chance for them to further their relationship. Or, could it be that they have once started in the past, but ended after that?

“No, no. It has always been a brother-sister relationship, there’s no sparks between us.” Hacken said immediately.

“Yes, feelings are something that’s amazing. Having it or not, I believe my instincts.”

From the start, Vivian said that Hacken is like a good brother, it’s impossible for “love” to happen between them.

“Yes we do love each other, but in the brother and sister sense!”

Seeing Vivian grow up and mature, Hacken says that the Vivian in his eyes is still quite similar to who she is in the past.

“When people enter the showbiz, gradually, they will know how to dress up and present their best image.”
Vivian was given the title “Leader of Jade ladies”, to this, Hacken refers Vivian:

“Only recently has she been given that title. When I know her in the past, she was a chubby lady.”

Hacken remembers Vivian’s chubbiness deeply.

“Everyone is like that – for beauty they will do anything to lose weight.”

“I did not slim down to look pretty. The reality is that I’ve lots of mental stress that caused me to lose weight.” Vivian speaks for herself.

Hacken has reviewed the Vivian of the past. So how does Vivian view her “brother” Hacken?

“He’s good at singing and has good vocals. He’s truly talented.”

Also, she works best with Hacken on stage.

“When I first stepped on stage, I was very afraid. It all depended on Hacken to lead me and make me feel better.”

[translated by: Hianez, edited by kate]
[wow, hacken & vivian have been friends since they started were so young! funny how he knew her when she was still chubby. haha. didn't know hacken started singing be4 she did! but she definitely got much more popular!! -kate]

Short hair and pregnancy exposed, Emily takes in herbs

2007 June 15
忽然一周 Vol.620
(not sure what’s the English title for this magazine…)

Short hair and pregnancy exposed, Emily takes in herbs

Emily got pregnant during the Lunar New Year and the baby is due to arrive in October. However, Hacken kept denying his wife’s pregnancy.

To deliver a healthy baby for Hacken, Emily had been visiting the Chinese doctor since last year. After she was pregnant, she kept the habit of taking in Chinese medicinal herbs too. She takes up to 4 bowls a day, and cut away her long hair which she kept for more than 10 years.

Hacken accompanied his wife to go shopping on one occasion, and helped her around. They went to lots of famous brands, from Gucci to LV, and then to Chanel. From the looks of it, Emily is pregnant though she wore a loose shirt.

Later on, they spotted the reporters. To avoid them, they had borrowed a friend’s car earlier on. He told his friend privately “There’s been lots of paparazzi outside recently but I don't let them take pictures of what’s in my house. I know all of their positions.” As for Emily, she listens to Hacken and stays at home.

Hacken bought a 4 carat earring at Chanel, and a pair of shades worth four thousand for Emily.

Hacken is busy promoting his new song Where Have All The Flowers Gone, and has changed the release date of his album from October to July. He can then have time to accompany his wife when the baby is born.

[translated by Hianez]
[even when they're home, have 2 hide from reporters taking pics of them!! wow, if this is true, 4 more months and they'll be parents!! -kate]

Before the operation, Hacken bears with it

2007 June 13
Vol.198 (East Week Magazine)

On June 3, before the operation, Hacken bears with it

Last Friday when Hacken was at TV City for recording, he left for home immediately after attending interviews from the various media. He switched off the lights and slept.

When Hacken was attending the Roadshow, he needed to rest due to his illness. After the Roadshow, he had an operation secretly to remove the gallstones.

The after effects of the operation

Hacken Lee, who insisted on attending the recording last Friday, claims that he had removed all gallstones. After removing the gallbladder, the after effects set in immediately. Hacken says “I’ve always had gastric pains. 2 months ago, I was suffering from severe abdomen pains. After I see a doctor, I found out that there are gallstones in my body. The doctor says my case is different from Lydia Sum’s, my gallstones are smaller, if not they’d not have fell into the gallbladder and I would not have sensed any pain. It was a good thing that this was discovered early.” There were about 30 gallstones in his body. Emily was so worried for Hacken that she cried.

It is also evident that Hacken had lost weight after the operation. Being active by nature, his assistants had to help him now and he kept taking soup to regain his energy. Hacken says that he can only take in non-oily food for now. He feels that his stomach is full of air since after the operation till now.

Hacken’s father-in-law is believed to owe 4 months’ rent of for his restaurant.

[translated by Hianez]

Form 7 – Looking Back: Hacken Lee talks about his life as a young student & singer

Form 7 – Looking Back

Form 7 was the dullest year in of my college life. 6 years of exciting school life seemed to have come to an end – because all Form 7 students will be facing the A Levels examinations. And the A Levels is like the emperor, it holds the future of every Form 7 student. Whether they can enter university or other institutions depends on the A Levels results.

During that period, I faced expressionless people whenever I entered the classroom. The playful ones or those who liked to know new girlfriends, and those who were much involved in CCAs and those who loved sports all threw their loves aside. And those lazy ones, who did not perform well, became hardworking too. The whole classroom was filled with a war spirit; everyone was ready to take each other’s lives out. There wasn’t a choice; this is the education system of Hong Kong.

I released my first album then : Who Is Willing to Part – an album which took half a year (recording, preparation, making). It felt like “ten months pregnant”, I was very excited. I liked singing since young and was quite crazy. I sang day and night, the tune would not leave my mouth. To me, being able to release an album is like dreaming.

Following the release of my album, many times I had to leave for interviews at the record company right after school. Either that, I had to go to the radio station, photo shoots, attend various shows and more. I spent quite a lot of time doing these and it directly affected my results.That’s why Form 7 is the year where I had the worst results. My A Level results were disappointing too, I was far from the entrance of university.

The results were fixed. Those who scored well felt happy of course, seeing my friends being able to enter university, I felt happy for them. However, failers like us would still feel slightly sour in our hearts, we can only face the reality. Some who were insistent decided to retake the examinations – there’s always hope tomorrow. And some decided to work. And I decided to continue with my singing career which has just begun. Everyone strived hard and had different routes but the friendship remains. I believe that each student will still find it hard to forget these 7 years. There were many happy moments in the school, and the teachers and Father as well. They taught us a lot of life lessons during these 7 years. I thank them sincerely here.

The 7 entries of “My Days As A College Student” has finally come to an end. I would first like to apologize to Mr. Ngai as he always had to chase me for scripts. Also, I have to thank all readers for supporting me. I wish that there will still be a chance to communicate with you guys in Yes! Magazine. Bye!

[source: Hacken Zone]
[translated by Hianez]
[wah, the
A Levels examinations puts so much pressure on every1, like going to war! lucky it's not so hard 2 get in college where i live! i thought i read or heard somewhere hacken did go to 1 year of a university though?? but he quit after they didn't let him change his major to something else (his major was chinese history?? i can't remember). -kate]

Form 6 – Turning Point: Hacken Lee talks about his life as a young singer

(not sure the exact year Hacken wrote this, but should be the early '90s)

Form 6 – Turning Point

First of all, I must apologize to all readers of YES! Magazine, Mr. Ngai and Mr. Shao. The initial agreement of writing 7 entries of “My Days As A College Student” stopped at the 5th entry, I’m very sorry. I’ve been filming day and night that I am unable to take time out. Now that I’ve finished filming, I rejoin the team and add more “stuff” into my entries as a form of making up.

Form 6 – I made one of my great lifetime experiences – joining the “Xin Xiu” competition.

I recall that Leslie Cheung was the one who “ding” me away. It was my first time entering such a grand competition and getting to meet with people of different status. It enlarged my social circle. In my studying life, I’ve been seeing the same group of people all day and had few chances of knowing new friends.

From the competition, I got to know Vivian Chow, the Grasshoppers, Alex To, William So, Kong Yan Yin, Chan Ya Lun, Wu Guo Jin and more – who were also contestants at that time. Though most of them did not make it (like me), we became good friends. The broadcast where I had to face thousand of audiences left a deep impression on me. (I hereby include the promotional poster for the competition; please keep a look out for Cai Yi Jie’s explosive image!)

From what I remember, I felt dead when I went on stage. Adding to the fact that I was wearing checkered suit and red scarf, I felt as nervous as a robot. Everybody laughed when I appeared, and this increased my nervousness. It wasn’t easy for the 4 minutes to pass (I sang Love’s Origin), but this experience was enough for me to remember it for a lifetime.

Gaining experience from this competition, I realized that we should never force things to come our way. I relaxed myself and with the “If victory comes, be happy. If failures comes by, we can feel happy too” attitude, I entered the 19 vicinity competition. Who knew that I succeeded and became the champion. Hence, I signed a singing contract and became a singer.

Honestly speaking, singing did affect my studies. I kept thinking of singing, recording, going to the TV station…how could I do well in my studies?

However, I do not regret. I think, if I did not enter any competition back then I could be in US now studying interior design. I would not be working at the TV station day and night. The satisfaction, friends and support from fans that I get today are not something an overseas student can get.

Insist on your dreams, create the future. I’m willing to strive with readers of Yes! Magazine.

[source: Hacken Zone]
[translated by Hianez]

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Luck follows Hacken Lee as he enters the hospital for operation

2007 June 10

Hacken returns to work and admits that he’s now someone without gallstones

Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung and Leo Ku went for a program recording for the show “International Children’s Fund LOVEDAY Musical Night”. Hacken checked into the hospital secretly before this for a gallbladder operation. He was back at work after resting for a few days and admitted that he’s now someone that is without gallstones

He said that he felt abdomen pains 2 months before and thought that it was only gastric pain. He asked the doctor to do an X-ray scan only to realize that there are gallstones. On the first day, the operation removed a gallstone that was the size of a sesame seed.
He laughs that his body now has a “3 of Circles” (one of the mahjong tiles). He is thankful towards the nurses and Professor Lu who performed the operation but he’s certainly not used to staying in the hospital, especially not being able to wear clothes inside after changing. He feels cold below. He laughs that being an artiste, this isn’t too good! Is his wife Emily Lo worried? He says it’s alright, the doctor said that the elderly, women and the obese tend to have gallstones. But for his case, it should be inherited as both his parents have it too.

To avoid being interviewed, he left the hospital after resting for one night when the operation was over. How does he feel after the operation? He says “I’m not used to not having gallstones, there’s no toilet for me in the morning while sometimes I will visit it very often. My family is indeed without gallstones!”

He didn’t look alert while filming after his operation. When his illness had just started, he thought that he had eaten something wrong, resulting in a stomachache or perhaps he wasn’t familiar with the surroundings. Later, when he felt strange after waking up, he visited the doctor and found out that he had gallstones and needs to go for an operation immediately. He says “The doctor says I am very fortunate. Because the gallstones were all like the size of sesame seeds, that’s why I felt the pain. If they were huge, I might not have even felt them till I am dead!” Hacken praised the doctors and nurses to be very good people. As he needs to record next week, and this time his whole body has to be numb, a hose has to be inserted through his throat. Hence, the nurse avoided his vocal chords to prevent (affecting) his singing. During his stay at the hospital, Hacken had a very deep impression on having to be naked (underneath the hospital gown) before the operation and be surrounded by nurses. As he is an artiste, he felt embarrassed.

Mingpao, Apple Daily, Takung Pao]
[translated by: Hianez, edited by kate]
[wow, luckily the gallstones R so small! haha. hacken's a mahjong tile! OH! was wondering why he got it if he eats right. so the condition can be inherited! yep, being in the hospital & not being able 2 wear anything underneath the hospital gown is really embarassing!! -kate]

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hacken Assures He is Fine After Secret Gallbladder Operation

June 8th

Hacken managed to successfuly avoid the media and secretly admitted himself into hospital for a gallbladder operation. He left a message on his website to assure fans that he is alright and will answer the press' questions at the Love Day event tonight.

Hacken left a message at his website yesterday, disclosing that he was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital on Monday and received a gallbladder operation. On top of that, he succcessfully managed to avoid the paparazzi (referred 2 them as 'doggies' =P) and is now recuperating at home. In his message, he indicated that he had been having stomachaches since April, and initially thought it was just gastric.

It was only after he had an ultrasound that he discovered that it was gallstones. Hacken indicated that because he was busy with work, he had been putting the operation off until the pain got worse.

Hacken also openly thanked the doctor who did the surgery for him and all the nurses at the hospital. He also asks fans not to worry and indicates that he should be attending the UNICEF event.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hacken Lee's new MV for his song, Where have all the flowers gone?

u can watch it here

or here
(the newest video there!)

if u don't understand Cantonese, u can read the translated to English lyrics here!

wow, i really like this MV!
the start, w/hacken standing alone...the shots of the small sky surrounded by the high buildings...
the flowers/fish in the trash bags...
but the parts hacken is frowning like he's mad at us is kinda funny,
though i know it's not supposed 2 be!! haha.

(1995 news) Hacken Lee and Nnadia Chan – A close brother-sister relationship

TV News Weekly

Issue 1033
Date: 11/2/95 – 17/2/95

Hacken Lee and Nnadia Chan – A close brother-sister relationship

Working together to open up their singing career

Hacken Lee and Nnadia Chan are both singers under the company “Xing Guang”. Within the year, it has been rumoured that problems have occurred in the internal departments of the company. After human resource problems have been settled, problems with finance shot up. This gives off feelings of instability and insecurity.

However, when Hacken and Nnadia were interviewed, both of them agreed that the status of the company did not give them psychological pressure. Instead, they will work hard to open up their singing career, and believe that the company will provide them with utmost support.

To reach the top, Hacken does not relax his efforts

Awards are the most important things that provide improvement and encourage development
Never thought of giving up!

Take Hacken’s situation as an example! He is one of the company’s singer who is able to achieve sales. The company has high hopes towards him.

Recently, in order to produce Hacken’s album, the company used over millions to have him record his songs in a U.S. studio. They hope to improve the quality of the album.

In the year 1995, Hacken has thoughts of opening a concert.

“I don’t wish to put pressure upon myself. I had 8 concerts last time, I’ll be happy if I can have more this time.”

Neither did Hacken promote himself extensively, nor does he appear in the newspapers regularly.

However, his solo concert is able to draw quite a large number of audiences. He is a truly talented singer. Without much exaggerated arrangements, he sings devotedly. This is already an enjoyment, and lets audiences feel that they’ve been “rewarded”.

That’s why choosing the right songs in Hacken’s album is an important thing.

As everyone patronizes, Hacken’s record sales shines.

Hacken is yet to be satisfied with his current results.

“I still wish to continue to reach the peak, I think I ought to do this!”

Currently, he is named as The Fifth King. He is not far from the Four Heavenly Kings, all he needs is a little more effort to bring him to another high peak. He does not deny that to achieve fame and success, he does not relax.

Although this is so, many singers fear that awards might bring them pressure. In other words, they’re just vying for a piece of metal. Winning or losing is not important.

However, Hacken believes that to performers, awards are the most important things that provide improvement and encourage development. That’s the reason for not relaxing.

“On the surface it’s just a statue but it actually represents hard work and success. It’s a precious thing.”

Awards mean recognition from the audience, that’s why Hacken never gave up his efforts.

“I still hope to continue receiving awards. Though it’s just a piece of material, I still have a competitive mindset.”

Hacken hopes that when the year 1995 begins, “Xing Guang”, under the hard work of “brothers and sisters”, will be able to open up more markets.

He believes that each of his colleagues have their good points, that’s why the company signed them up. He hopes for everyone to have great results.

Just like towards Nnadia Chan, he expresses praises for her. Both of them want to achieve good results in the music industry.

[wow, hacken's way of thinking has certainly changed! these days, he always says awards are not that important...
maybe he just means it would be nice to win and be encouraged in that way, but if he doesn't, it also
does not mean he's no good. & also to calm down fans that are awards-crazy, always talking about what he
should do to have more chances of winning awards. haha. -kate]

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hacken, Alan Tam, and Miriam Yeung sing "Celebrating the Return to China" Together

hacken lee @ blogger , posted by peggy jean]

Roadshow's "Celebrating the return to China - hearts linked together evening" was held on 3rd of June in HK. It started with a Buddhist ceremony in the afternoon where Alan Tam and Dodo Cheng made an appearance. This year is the 10th anniversary of the return to China, and lots of artistes took part, acting and singing to celebrate the strength of these 10 years. In the evening Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Leo Koo etc sang their classic songs, creating an explosive atmosphere.

Credits: Tungstar, Xinliang