Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hacken honored to collaborate with Joseph Koo

2007 June 19

Yesterday TVB and CCTV's collaboration in the new drama series "The Drive of Life" held its premier broadcasting of the theme song MV, where Hacken and Mainland singer, Siu Gong, sang the Cantonese and Mandarin version of the song. Hacken being in this industry for so many years, has never collaborated with Joseph Koo. He says: "This time I am very honored, in addition CCTV, breaking its own rules, will be broadcasting the Cantonese version of the theme song. Originally the theme song was going to be recorded in Cantonese and Mandarin separately, but because it is the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, that's why one song has two languages."

~ Ming Pao] [translated by Jane, edited by kate]


littledragongirl said...

who going to sing the theme song? Waiting for that movie to come out.

Minna said...

Hacken is singing the cantonese version and Joseph Koo is singing the mandarin version. You can listen to the song and watch the MV here:


Anonymous said...

The piano version of the song... really nice!!!

Nikki said...

Good words.