Friday, June 8, 2007

Hacken Assures He is Fine After Secret Gallbladder Operation

June 8th

Hacken managed to successfuly avoid the media and secretly admitted himself into hospital for a gallbladder operation. He left a message on his website to assure fans that he is alright and will answer the press' questions at the Love Day event tonight.

Hacken left a message at his website yesterday, disclosing that he was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital on Monday and received a gallbladder operation. On top of that, he succcessfully managed to avoid the paparazzi (referred 2 them as 'doggies' =P) and is now recuperating at home. In his message, he indicated that he had been having stomachaches since April, and initially thought it was just gastric.

It was only after he had an ultrasound that he discovered that it was gallstones. Hacken indicated that because he was busy with work, he had been putting the operation off until the pain got worse.

Hacken also openly thanked the doctor who did the surgery for him and all the nurses at the hospital. He also asks fans not to worry and indicates that he should be attending the UNICEF event.

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Gillian] [wow, i'm glad he's ok now! lucky he was not followed by the reporters! :) thanks 2 Gillian for this news, and correctly translating the UNICEF event. wasn't sure what event he was going to! -kate ]


littledragongirl said...

what happen to Hacken?

kate said...

he had a gallbladder operation. something was wrong w/his gallbladder, so they had 2 remove it! it's not a serious surgery.

littledragongirl said...

I watch E-buzz today and they interview hacken about what happen and the surgery. I see his face is good. Glad that he is ok.

kate said...

really? haven't seen the interview! i think i will soon.
yeah, glad he's ok now!
but f/now on, he has 2 avoid eating fatty foods.