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Vivian Chow & Hacken Lee – A Strong Friendship Forever

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TV News Weekly Issue 1000

Date: 25th June 1994 to 1st July 1994

Vivian Chow & Hacken Lee – A Strong Friendship Forever

Vivian Chow & Hacken Lee
Both have their loves!!
They are like brother and sisters who have grown up together. Both celebrate TV News Weekly’s 1000th birthday!

Hacken tells a story – from chubby girl to “jade” lady
Vivian talks about Hacken – a true talent

When Hacken met Vivian, they “cocked non-stop like chickens” – their conversation was never ending. Hacken once mentioned that Vivian’s is one of his close friends in the entertainment circle. Hmm, how does Vivian looks at her relationship with Hacken?

“Hacken is the best male friend I have in the entertainment circle. He entered the showbiz earlier compared to me. Moreover, we were from the same record company. We overcame many similar incidents and situations!”

Hacken loves to play and is active. However, when it comes to something serious, one person can console to him.

“Because I seal my lips well! Knowing my friend’s problems for myself is enough; I will never let the secrets out.”

With the chemistry between Vivian and Hacken, fate did not seem to have created a chance for them to further their relationship. Or, could it be that they have once started in the past, but ended after that?

“No, no. It has always been a brother-sister relationship, there’s no sparks between us.” Hacken said immediately.

“Yes, feelings are something that’s amazing. Having it or not, I believe my instincts.”

From the start, Vivian said that Hacken is like a good brother, it’s impossible for “love” to happen between them.

“Yes we do love each other, but in the brother and sister sense!”

Seeing Vivian grow up and mature, Hacken says that the Vivian in his eyes is still quite similar to who she is in the past.

“When people enter the showbiz, gradually, they will know how to dress up and present their best image.”
Vivian was given the title “Leader of Jade ladies”, to this, Hacken refers Vivian:

“Only recently has she been given that title. When I know her in the past, she was a chubby lady.”

Hacken remembers Vivian’s chubbiness deeply.

“Everyone is like that – for beauty they will do anything to lose weight.”

“I did not slim down to look pretty. The reality is that I’ve lots of mental stress that caused me to lose weight.” Vivian speaks for herself.

Hacken has reviewed the Vivian of the past. So how does Vivian view her “brother” Hacken?

“He’s good at singing and has good vocals. He’s truly talented.”

Also, she works best with Hacken on stage.

“When I first stepped on stage, I was very afraid. It all depended on Hacken to lead me and make me feel better.”

[translated by: Hianez, edited by kate]
[wow, hacken & vivian have been friends since they started were so young! funny how he knew her when she was still chubby. haha. didn't know hacken started singing be4 she did! but she definitely got much more popular!! -kate]

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