Monday, June 18, 2007

Before the operation, Hacken bears with it

2007 June 13
Vol.198 (East Week Magazine)

On June 3, before the operation, Hacken bears with it

Last Friday when Hacken was at TV City for recording, he left for home immediately after attending interviews from the various media. He switched off the lights and slept.

When Hacken was attending the Roadshow, he needed to rest due to his illness. After the Roadshow, he had an operation secretly to remove the gallstones.

The after effects of the operation

Hacken Lee, who insisted on attending the recording last Friday, claims that he had removed all gallstones. After removing the gallbladder, the after effects set in immediately. Hacken says “I’ve always had gastric pains. 2 months ago, I was suffering from severe abdomen pains. After I see a doctor, I found out that there are gallstones in my body. The doctor says my case is different from Lydia Sum’s, my gallstones are smaller, if not they’d not have fell into the gallbladder and I would not have sensed any pain. It was a good thing that this was discovered early.” There were about 30 gallstones in his body. Emily was so worried for Hacken that she cried.

It is also evident that Hacken had lost weight after the operation. Being active by nature, his assistants had to help him now and he kept taking soup to regain his energy. Hacken says that he can only take in non-oily food for now. He feels that his stomach is full of air since after the operation till now.

Hacken’s father-in-law is believed to owe 4 months’ rent of for his restaurant.

[translated by Hianez]

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