Saturday, June 16, 2007

Luck follows Hacken Lee as he enters the hospital for operation

2007 June 10

Hacken returns to work and admits that he’s now someone without gallstones

Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung and Leo Ku went for a program recording for the show “International Children’s Fund LOVEDAY Musical Night”. Hacken checked into the hospital secretly before this for a gallbladder operation. He was back at work after resting for a few days and admitted that he’s now someone that is without gallstones

He said that he felt abdomen pains 2 months before and thought that it was only gastric pain. He asked the doctor to do an X-ray scan only to realize that there are gallstones. On the first day, the operation removed a gallstone that was the size of a sesame seed.
He laughs that his body now has a “3 of Circles” (one of the mahjong tiles). He is thankful towards the nurses and Professor Lu who performed the operation but he’s certainly not used to staying in the hospital, especially not being able to wear clothes inside after changing. He feels cold below. He laughs that being an artiste, this isn’t too good! Is his wife Emily Lo worried? He says it’s alright, the doctor said that the elderly, women and the obese tend to have gallstones. But for his case, it should be inherited as both his parents have it too.

To avoid being interviewed, he left the hospital after resting for one night when the operation was over. How does he feel after the operation? He says “I’m not used to not having gallstones, there’s no toilet for me in the morning while sometimes I will visit it very often. My family is indeed without gallstones!”

He didn’t look alert while filming after his operation. When his illness had just started, he thought that he had eaten something wrong, resulting in a stomachache or perhaps he wasn’t familiar with the surroundings. Later, when he felt strange after waking up, he visited the doctor and found out that he had gallstones and needs to go for an operation immediately. He says “The doctor says I am very fortunate. Because the gallstones were all like the size of sesame seeds, that’s why I felt the pain. If they were huge, I might not have even felt them till I am dead!” Hacken praised the doctors and nurses to be very good people. As he needs to record next week, and this time his whole body has to be numb, a hose has to be inserted through his throat. Hence, the nurse avoided his vocal chords to prevent (affecting) his singing. During his stay at the hospital, Hacken had a very deep impression on having to be naked (underneath the hospital gown) before the operation and be surrounded by nurses. As he is an artiste, he felt embarrassed.

Mingpao, Apple Daily, Takung Pao]
[translated by: Hianez, edited by kate]
[wow, luckily the gallstones R so small! haha. hacken's a mahjong tile! OH! was wondering why he got it if he eats right. so the condition can be inherited! yep, being in the hospital & not being able 2 wear anything underneath the hospital gown is really embarassing!! -kate]

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