Monday, June 18, 2007

Short hair and pregnancy exposed, Emily takes in herbs

2007 June 15
忽然一周 Vol.620
(not sure what’s the English title for this magazine…)

Short hair and pregnancy exposed, Emily takes in herbs

Emily got pregnant during the Lunar New Year and the baby is due to arrive in October. However, Hacken kept denying his wife’s pregnancy.

To deliver a healthy baby for Hacken, Emily had been visiting the Chinese doctor since last year. After she was pregnant, she kept the habit of taking in Chinese medicinal herbs too. She takes up to 4 bowls a day, and cut away her long hair which she kept for more than 10 years.

Hacken accompanied his wife to go shopping on one occasion, and helped her around. They went to lots of famous brands, from Gucci to LV, and then to Chanel. From the looks of it, Emily is pregnant though she wore a loose shirt.

Later on, they spotted the reporters. To avoid them, they had borrowed a friend’s car earlier on. He told his friend privately “There’s been lots of paparazzi outside recently but I don't let them take pictures of what’s in my house. I know all of their positions.” As for Emily, she listens to Hacken and stays at home.

Hacken bought a 4 carat earring at Chanel, and a pair of shades worth four thousand for Emily.

Hacken is busy promoting his new song Where Have All The Flowers Gone, and has changed the release date of his album from October to July. He can then have time to accompany his wife when the baby is born.

[translated by Hianez]
[even when they're home, have 2 hide from reporters taking pics of them!! wow, if this is true, 4 more months and they'll be parents!! -kate]

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