Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hacken refuses to admit giving 4 carat earring to Emily

June 16, 2007

Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Twins and the others attend the praying ceremony for Po Leung Charity show

Headlines of a magazine revealed that Hacken bought a 4 carat earring for his wife, Emily Lo while they were shopping. The magazine also revealed that Emily cut her hair because she is pregnant. From related reports, Hacken cleared up the incident. The reports said that the diamond earring he bought is what he wore to the ceremony today. He had bought the earring for himself instead of his wife. Hacken expressed that if he was to buy a 4 carat diamond from Chanel, it would be very expensive. He knows that he is just a normal human being and found the reports to be very exaggerated. When confronted on his wife’s pregnancy, Hacken refused to answer, only saying “The due date is in July (referring to his new album), please look for Alan if you have any queries.” On the reports saying Emily had cut her hair because she is pregnant, Hacken said “For women’s hair, when they feel it's long they would feel like cutting it. When it’s short, they will feel like letting it grow longer. When it’s straight, they want it to be wavy. Every woman is like that.” He also says that it is normal for her to cut her hair short, it’s a normal thing for women. And she did so that it would be more convenient when she’s doing exercises and listening to his new album. (I guess the long hair won’t block her ears that much…)

Also, it is rumoured that Sammi Cheng wants to join Hacken’s recording company to avoid Miriam.

Regarding the news on Emily taking in Chinese medicinal herbs and the baby’s due date being in mid-October, as well as the 4 carat earring, Hacken said “First of all I’d like to thank the magazine for dedicating its cover to me, maybe they know that I’m promoting my new song. My wife had always bought things for me. The earring that I bought only cost four thousand. To buy a 4 carat diamond earring at Chanel would require a lot more money. The reports are indeed very exaggerated.” How about the news on Emily taking in Chinese herbs? Hacken refuses to answer. Regarding the due date of the baby? Hacken laughs, saying that when his album is released in July, we will know.

Hacken admits that he had visited the Chinese doctor but it was five years ago when he was down with a cold. After that, he did not return to the doctor. “Yes, I did see a Chinese doctor to better my health but it wasn’t the same Doctor Yip that I went to before. I do not wish for the doctor to become unhappy,” he said.

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[translated by Hianez, edited by kate]

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