Monday, June 25, 2007

4 months pregnant; Hacken and family celebrates together

2007 June 21

Vol. 902 Next Magazine

This year soon-to-be father, Hacken, is always low-key, though he is excited and anxious for his wife, Emily, who is pregnant. He still has not officially announced the good news, rather promoting his new album in July over the BB (baby).

But, Mrs. Lee is 4 months pregnant, it is apparent that her figure is changing and a little stomach is showing. So that the BB have enough nutrition, Mrs. Lee also cut her 15 years of long hair style. It is obvious that staying pretty is only her second priority, BB is first. This loving mother, besides consulting Hacken's younger sister, is learning to understand BB's behavior. Sunday was Father's Day (June 17th), and with a big stomach, she went with soon-to-be father, Hacken, his father and mother, younger sister and brother-in-law and sons, to Tsim Sha Tsui to have Italian cuisine. Three generations together to celebrate Father's Day must make Hacken have an exceptional feeling.

Feeling ill

Since the marriage and success to have BB, after attending Liu Fong's concert in March, never made public appearance since, at home awaiting the BB.

Even good news have to be secretive, the couple is very low-key, actually ever since Mrs. Lee is pregnant, the first three months, she wasn't feeling good and was ill, and therefore most of the time is spent at home to get res. And of course, the couple following the Chinese tradition, have sealed their mouths, to avoid the BB being jealous.

Soon-to-be father Hacken of course is so anxious that after work he hurries home to his wife, making sure his wife does not get overworked. But after the first 3 months, the feeling of being ill slowly decreases, Mrs. Emily is much more active, all the close friends are getting together to see the soon-to-be mother. Alan, Nat and wife, Liza, and others are very caring towards Hacken's BB, often making phone calls to ask about them, and also teaching Mrs. Lee to listen to music and read books for pre-natal care.

Becoming a Driver

Since the last time going with Hacken shopping for earrings and sunglasses, in the recent (17th) evening, pregnant Mrs. Lee once again comes out to accompany her husband, Hacken, and father-in-law to celebrate Father's day. Because their escort driver had the night off, Hacken became the driver. 9am in the morning he drove his wife to their father's residence.

Actually since the pregnancy, (we know that) Mrs. Lee is not knowledgeable about pregnancy, (because she,) besides buying a lot of books for reference, often visits father/mother-in-law's home, consuls with Hacken's younger sister, and plays with the sister's children, showing lots of motherly love.

That night at 7pm, Hacken drove his family to Tsim Sha Tsui for Italian cuisine. Soon-to-be father, this father's day definitely means a lot to Hacken, the dinner lasting over 3 hours, his feeling is very happy. By 10pm that night, Hacken first drives his parents home, then drives home for his wife to rest.

Concert resumes work

Loving husband, Hacken, in order to care for his pregnant wife, changes the album release date from October this year to July, also refusing the offer to host Minutes to Fame and two other commercials.

After the release of this album, after all the promotion work, Hacken will stop work for half a year to be with his wife, and to welcome their first child. Although the record company keeps encouraging Hacken to record a Mandarin album during the later half of the year, he is persistent to postpone all the work until the new year, before resuming work for his solo concert.

[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]
[wow, if hacken really is planning to take half a year off to spend time w/emily and the baby, that is good news!! he finally gets some time to rest and re-charge for 2008. and of course, getting to spend time with his first baby and family is awesome!!! :) -kate]

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Minna said...

I wonder how the "doggies" find out all about these news when Hacken didnt mention anything about it.

It would be nice taking half the year off to spend time with his wife. He is such a good husband!!