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(1995 news) Hacken Lee and Nnadia Chan – A close brother-sister relationship

TV News Weekly

Issue 1033
Date: 11/2/95 – 17/2/95

Hacken Lee and Nnadia Chan – A close brother-sister relationship

Working together to open up their singing career

Hacken Lee and Nnadia Chan are both singers under the company “Xing Guang”. Within the year, it has been rumoured that problems have occurred in the internal departments of the company. After human resource problems have been settled, problems with finance shot up. This gives off feelings of instability and insecurity.

However, when Hacken and Nnadia were interviewed, both of them agreed that the status of the company did not give them psychological pressure. Instead, they will work hard to open up their singing career, and believe that the company will provide them with utmost support.

To reach the top, Hacken does not relax his efforts

Awards are the most important things that provide improvement and encourage development
Never thought of giving up!

Take Hacken’s situation as an example! He is one of the company’s singer who is able to achieve sales. The company has high hopes towards him.

Recently, in order to produce Hacken’s album, the company used over millions to have him record his songs in a U.S. studio. They hope to improve the quality of the album.

In the year 1995, Hacken has thoughts of opening a concert.

“I don’t wish to put pressure upon myself. I had 8 concerts last time, I’ll be happy if I can have more this time.”

Neither did Hacken promote himself extensively, nor does he appear in the newspapers regularly.

However, his solo concert is able to draw quite a large number of audiences. He is a truly talented singer. Without much exaggerated arrangements, he sings devotedly. This is already an enjoyment, and lets audiences feel that they’ve been “rewarded”.

That’s why choosing the right songs in Hacken’s album is an important thing.

As everyone patronizes, Hacken’s record sales shines.

Hacken is yet to be satisfied with his current results.

“I still wish to continue to reach the peak, I think I ought to do this!”

Currently, he is named as The Fifth King. He is not far from the Four Heavenly Kings, all he needs is a little more effort to bring him to another high peak. He does not deny that to achieve fame and success, he does not relax.

Although this is so, many singers fear that awards might bring them pressure. In other words, they’re just vying for a piece of metal. Winning or losing is not important.

However, Hacken believes that to performers, awards are the most important things that provide improvement and encourage development. That’s the reason for not relaxing.

“On the surface it’s just a statue but it actually represents hard work and success. It’s a precious thing.”

Awards mean recognition from the audience, that’s why Hacken never gave up his efforts.

“I still hope to continue receiving awards. Though it’s just a piece of material, I still have a competitive mindset.”

Hacken hopes that when the year 1995 begins, “Xing Guang”, under the hard work of “brothers and sisters”, will be able to open up more markets.

He believes that each of his colleagues have their good points, that’s why the company signed them up. He hopes for everyone to have great results.

Just like towards Nnadia Chan, he expresses praises for her. Both of them want to achieve good results in the music industry.

[wow, hacken's way of thinking has certainly changed! these days, he always says awards are not that important...
maybe he just means it would be nice to win and be encouraged in that way, but if he doesn't, it also
does not mean he's no good. & also to calm down fans that are awards-crazy, always talking about what he
should do to have more chances of winning awards. haha. -kate]

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