Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hacken avoids talking about BB

2007 June 22

Hacken denies being a father, cares less about the paparazzi

The night before, Hacken and Eason Chan did the recording for Jade Solid Gold. Since the reports of Emily's pregnancy, Hacken never officially replied to the reports. The day before, once again they were photographed in a tea house with Hacken's parents, saying they were "three generations together", Hacken expresses that he does not mind, he even jokes saying that in the future he will use the paparazzi to help him promote his new album.

Hacken expresses that he does not mind being followed by reporters, and he will not be moving, but he says the reports have to be written honestly. Hacken creatively jokes, next time I go out, I will wear t-shirts with my album cover printed on the shirts and the escort van will be covered with the album posters, taking advantage for promotion.

So were you and the family really three generations together? Hacken thinks and then replies, "That day, it was me and my dad, my younger sister's kids were there too."

[Source:, ~ Ming Pao]
[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]

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