Monday, June 18, 2007

Form 7 – Looking Back: Hacken Lee talks about his life as a young student & singer

Form 7 – Looking Back

Form 7 was the dullest year in of my college life. 6 years of exciting school life seemed to have come to an end – because all Form 7 students will be facing the A Levels examinations. And the A Levels is like the emperor, it holds the future of every Form 7 student. Whether they can enter university or other institutions depends on the A Levels results.

During that period, I faced expressionless people whenever I entered the classroom. The playful ones or those who liked to know new girlfriends, and those who were much involved in CCAs and those who loved sports all threw their loves aside. And those lazy ones, who did not perform well, became hardworking too. The whole classroom was filled with a war spirit; everyone was ready to take each other’s lives out. There wasn’t a choice; this is the education system of Hong Kong.

I released my first album then : Who Is Willing to Part – an album which took half a year (recording, preparation, making). It felt like “ten months pregnant”, I was very excited. I liked singing since young and was quite crazy. I sang day and night, the tune would not leave my mouth. To me, being able to release an album is like dreaming.

Following the release of my album, many times I had to leave for interviews at the record company right after school. Either that, I had to go to the radio station, photo shoots, attend various shows and more. I spent quite a lot of time doing these and it directly affected my results.That’s why Form 7 is the year where I had the worst results. My A Level results were disappointing too, I was far from the entrance of university.

The results were fixed. Those who scored well felt happy of course, seeing my friends being able to enter university, I felt happy for them. However, failers like us would still feel slightly sour in our hearts, we can only face the reality. Some who were insistent decided to retake the examinations – there’s always hope tomorrow. And some decided to work. And I decided to continue with my singing career which has just begun. Everyone strived hard and had different routes but the friendship remains. I believe that each student will still find it hard to forget these 7 years. There were many happy moments in the school, and the teachers and Father as well. They taught us a lot of life lessons during these 7 years. I thank them sincerely here.

The 7 entries of “My Days As A College Student” has finally come to an end. I would first like to apologize to Mr. Ngai as he always had to chase me for scripts. Also, I have to thank all readers for supporting me. I wish that there will still be a chance to communicate with you guys in Yes! Magazine. Bye!

[source: Hacken Zone]
[translated by Hianez]
[wah, the
A Levels examinations puts so much pressure on every1, like going to war! lucky it's not so hard 2 get in college where i live! i thought i read or heard somewhere hacken did go to 1 year of a university though?? but he quit after they didn't let him change his major to something else (his major was chinese history?? i can't remember). -kate]

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